Geisha House and I'd Like to thank all the Little People

Geisha House and I'd Like to thank all the Little People

A Chapter by Evil_Angel

Improved versions of these chapters with a few lil changes, not too much different though.

Geisha House

With all the excitement after coming home from New York, from dumping David, to landing a spot on Hot Girls That Can Cook, Hallie had completely forgotten about Julia's approaching birthday, until the night of, when Abby requested that she come along.

All of the girls, Abby, Kristen, and a few other friends along with some boys had reserved their spots at Geisha House, one of the most chic spots for sushi in L.A.

"Are you sure it will be alright with Julia?" Hallie wondered aloud.

"Yes, it will be good for you to finally go out. We've all missed you, it will be a surprise for her," Abby replied casually while twirling her long auburn hair around a curling iron. Yeah, hopefully a good surprise. Julia was just slightly on the bitchy side, not quite on Jessica's level, but seemed to have an attitude of endless PMS. Actually, Hallie kind of admired her for it.

Geisha House was the type of place you could get away with wearing jeans, a nice top, and flip flops, but being the little fashionista's that they were, Hallie put on her newly purchased Alice + Olivia black sequin one-shoulder dress, and Abby in a blue floral Shoshanna dress. The girls both looked like they stepped out of a commercial, or off a billboard and in Hallie's case that was pretty much about to come true.

Hallie hadn't informed Abby about anything yet having to do with the show. She had received a call back the next day, from a pleased Roxie informing her that they would start filming next week in front of a live studio audience, and that she needed her for a photo shoot for billboards they were going to post all across Hollywood. Barely able to contain her excitement when she heard the news, Hallie wanted to spill everything at dinner with everyone there.

The two girls left, making a quick stop at Bloomingdales to pick up a matching Juicy bracelet and necklace for Julia. They then head over to Geisha House where Abby and Hallie could already see the colorful array of dresses of their friends waiting for them at the hostess podium.

Once Abby got valet parking, and two girls stepped inside, they both looked at each other silently laughing at Julia's attempt to pull a full blown Paris Hilton with her sparkly silver short dress and matching tiara. But whatever it was her birthday, and if she wanted to stand out, more power to her.

"It's really you!" Julia squealed nearly bursting into tears, pulling Hallie into a rather forceful hug. Hallie shook her head aware that Julia was already drunk. She was never that friendly sober. Again, it being her birthday, she could look or act as ridiculous as she wanted to.

"She had quite a lot to drink before we left," Kristin explained shyly standing in the background in a berry colored Dolce and Gabbana crisscross dress. She had newly low lighted hair, that was still platinum blonde, but not as well, fake looking as it had been before.

"You look great!" Hallie declared, grabbing a hand full of Kristin's hair playfully, then throwing her arms around her, hoping that Kristin would get the message that she came in peace.

"Oh good," Kristin breathed in relief, "I'm so glad you aren't mad at me."

"I wasn't mad. I was �well you know how it is with ex-boyfriends. I value your opinion but I just wasn't ready to hear it at the time."

"I feel so awful, especially now that�well how have you been with everything?" Kristin asked seeming like she'd been dying to know for weeks.

"It's a long story," Hallie tried to say unemotionally, "It's all over with and done, it will be good being single again."

"Right," Kristin said curiously.

"I mean you totally had it right, just enjoy being young, not in some relationship, tied down. I'm going to be just like you from now on."

"Well actually-," Kristin corrected but got cut off when Julia clumsily leaned over them, shouting, "Everybody's here!" announcing it to the hostess, and the entire restaurant.

"Well actually what?" Hallie demanded.

Oh great, it was bad enough Abby had a boyfriend, and now Kristin too? Why the f**k were her friends all backing out on their strong statements to be single throughout college? Why were they doing this right when Hallie decided to join their little single crusade?

As the hostess led them to the table, Kristin began telling her how some guy Luke, she constantly kept having one night stands with, finally asked her out on an actual date, and they had hit it off. They were only in the beginnings of the relationship, and just as Kristin was trying to convince her how casual it was, the f****r showed up, wrapping his arms around Kristin's tiny waist, surprising her. She giggled with delight totally forgetting Hallie was there, and began making out while everyone was being seated. Just the thing you want to look at before you eat.

"Get a f*****g room," Julia replied belligerently, gazing down at what must have been a blurry menu. Thank god there was someone else bitter enough and drunk enough to tell them no one wanted to see them make out.

Then Hallie immediately began feeling more excluded from the stupid couple fest when she saw Ryan had been trailing behind Luke, lovingly kissed Abby on the hand and pulled out her chair for her to sit down, making Hallie feel even more nauseated.

She had gone out tonight so that she could forget about stupid relationships, and feel the joy of being single again, but here everyone was, practically doing their boyfriends in public, while Hallie sat next to the drunken birthday girl trying to read the menu to her. Oh well, Julia could just be her date for the night, at least she hadn't brought some stupid guy along. Oh dear, there's that bitter hatred of men that makes girls start playing for the other team. Hey after a couple of drinks, you never know.

"A round of sake for everyone, it's on me!" Hallie shouted to the waitress.

"As if Julia needs anymore to drink," Kristin giggled as she nibbled on her boyfriend's earlobe. Could she just f*****g cut that s**t out?

After Hallie ordered for Julia and for herself, she smiled over at the two couples across the table. She became sincerely happy for her friends, despite her own previous drama with boys. Finding love was a rare thing, in L.A., actually finding love was a rare thing period. Both couples looked so content with each other, and Hallie hoped it would last longer than what she had tried to make work.

The waitress came and placed the round of sake's on the table, everyone taking one.

"To Julia's birthday, and to the two cutest couples ever! Cheers!" Hallie toasted not sounding the least bit jealous.

"Cheers," everyone happily replied back holding up their drinks.

"Cheers," Julia groaned a few minutes too late, inhaling the shot, then her head collapsed to the table, making a loud thud, her light brown long hair fanning out all over the place, and her tiara half hanging in her hair.

"Oh no, is she alright?" Abby asked standing up leaning over the side of the table.

"Julia honey, people are starting to stare," Hallie put her head down to whisper in Julia's ear.

"Oh f**k what they think," Julia said still face down on the table, wildly waving a hand, nearly knocking the drinks over.

"I'm just going to take our birthday girl for a quick stop to the lady's room. Come on. Up you go," Hallie hoisted a stubborn Julia up by the armpits, positioning her into a somewhat standing position.

As she dragged Julia across the restaurant practically having to holding her up, her vision was immediately drawn to an absolutely gorgeous surfer looking guy sitting at the bar, who whirled around in the barstool to check her out as well. His blue eyes sparkled from across the room, and his light brown, naturally highlighted spiked hair only illuminated his eye color. He looked like he had a to-die-for surfer body underneath his nice attire of black slacks and black suit jacket over a casual t-shirt.

"Hello," he nodded to her casually as she walked by.

Hallie flashed him a quick smile, that said she would talk if she could, but she was afraid her drunk friend was about to puke all over the nice restaurant. She could still feel him staring at her as she shoved open the door to the lady's room.

First thing into the room, Julia flopped down on a red plush chase lounge, her stupid little tiara tilting crookedly in her hair.

"Ugh," she groaned, staring at Hallie with half closed brown eyes.

Hallie went to the sink, and returned back to Julia with a wet paper towel, reaching it towards Julia's face.

"No!," Julia wailed, "You're going to ruin my make up!"

"I'll put it back on for you," Hallie replied dabbing her flushed cheeks. Julia was the type of chick to get extremely red when she was drunk.

"Oh Hallie, you're such a good friend, I'm sorry if I was ever a b***h to you," she whined on, beginning to pucker up her lips as if she was about to cry. Apparently also the type of chick to get extremely emotional when drunk.

"You have your bitchiness, we all do," Hallie replied honestly. Not like Julia would remember anyway. Hallie turned over the other side of the towel to dry the water off, and drunken tears that might soon come out.

"I can't believe what happened, how are you doing? Abby says you've been going crazy," Julia stated with her eyes full of sorrow.

"Crazy over David? Not in the least, it's actually a relief not being engaged."

"You know I'm not talking about David. I'm talking about him, the man you lost."

Hallie ceased wiping Julia's face off and looked down at her shoes.

"It's not exactly something you need to hear about on your birthday," Hallie sensed the sinking feeling beginning to take over her as she thought of the last time she saw him in New York.

"What was his name again?" Julia asked embarrassed that she forgot.

Placing the damp cloth on the arm rest, Hallie took a seat next to Julia, staring straight ahead. Saying his name seemed so hard, it was like she had to concentrate to say it out loud, like she couldn't stand up and say it without collapsing.


"Yeah, Christian he was so f*****g fine, it's such a shame," she gushed practically drooling on herself.

Hallie couldn't help but laugh at that comment. He really was better looking than any other guy she'd ever seen, but that's not why she was sitting there, staring sadly into space.

"Not much I can do about it now.

"That's so wrong," Julia said shaking her head. "I mean, here I was thinking that I was the most unhappy person in the world, because I brush guys off, I don't give guys a chance, and you do the same thing, and then this happens."

Hallie was unsure what Julia meant exactly, but she figured it was pretty obvious to Julia that she was hurting.

"Then I was right all along. Love doesn't f*****g exist. If things like that happen I'd rather stay single. I wouldn't want something as heartbreaking like that to happen to me, no offense," Julia said decidedly. Then as if a wave of realization washed over her she put her hand to her mouth and stared at Hallie wide eyed. "I can't believe what I'm saying. I'm such a b***h, just letting my mouth run like that. I'm sorry Hallie, it must hurt so badly, I can't even imagine." She then reached out to embrace her friend, but missed and toppled out of her seat nearly falling to the ground.

"Easy there," Hallie turned to hold her friend up, then looked in horror as Julia clutched her stomach.

"Oh s**t, I think�.," Julia gagged.

"Come on," Hallie said quickly escorting her to the toilet. Thank God they were already in the bathroom, although she felt partially responsible since she had ordered the sake.

As Julia leaned over the toilet retching her guts out, Hallie held back her hair, lost in thought about what she said.

Did love really exist? It seemed like when anyone took the risk in trying to find it, they ended up broken hearted and cynical. Ever since her return from New York, Hallie had been trying so hard to distract herself, and convince herself that she wasn't miserable about failing to be with someone she truly loved, and being single was exactly what she wanted, if she couldn't be with Christian.

When Julia was finally finished, Hallie cleaned her up again, and carefully reapplied her makeup.

"Are you feeling better now?" Hallie asked smoothing out Julia's hair.

"Yeah, I'm just really tired," Julia replied peering through her bloodshot eyes.

"Why don't we call it a night? You can stay at my place, I'll cook you a big birthday breakfast in the morning," Hallie offered, regretting the moment she mentioned food, when Julia began to gag again.

"The going home part sounds good," Julia agreed, moving a little more stably out of the bathroom, and back through the restaurant.

As they walked by passing the bar again, the same cute guy smiled at Hallie, but she was too distracted to notice as she helped Julia back to the table.

"I'm going to take Julia home, she's feeling sleepy," Hallie informed the two couples.

"Aw, are you alright?" Abby had enough consideration to look away from her boyfriend for one moment, to see if Julia was okay, while Kristin was still playing tonsil hockey with Luke.

"I'm sorry, you kids have fun without me," Julia apologized.

Just as Hallie gathered her purse and coat, she looked up to see the sexy guy from the bar standing before her.

"Hi, I noticed you staring at me, so I just wanted to introduce myself," he said offering his hand out to Hallie's. "My name is Bryce, and my friends said that I'd be crazy not to take a chance."

Hallie admired his courage. She knew that it was intimidating to even the hottest of guys to approach a girl with her friends all around.

"I'm Hallie," she said shaking his hand.

"That's nice of you to help your friend out like that," Bryce commented, obviously noticing that Julia was wasted.

"F**k you," Julia muttered. "I'll be waiting out in the car," she staggered off out of the restaurant.

"I better go after her, it was nice meeting you," she smiled apologetically for her friend's rudeness.

"Hey wait, before you go," he said looking to Kristin to see if he could use her napkin to write his number, but Kristin was too occupied trying to act out the definition of PDA to care. "Here's my number," he said pulling out a pen, and writing neatly as he could across the napkin. "I know you girls have some rule to wait a week before you call a guy or whatever, but I'm looking forward to hearing from you," Bryce said handing the napkin to Hallie.

Hallie laughed feeling nothing but charmed by his non-cheesy and polite attempt at picking her up. Plus his blue eyes were pretty irresistible.

"Nice meeting you Bryce," she smiled tucking the napkin into her purse, and hurrying out the door to go make sure Julia hadn't wandered off somewhere. Thankfully, she saw Julia across the street in the parking lot sitting on the back of her Escalade waiting.

The cars finally came to a stop for her to cross, and Hallie hurried across the street. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something go flying out of her open tote purse, and realized that it was the napkin Bryce had just wrote his number on. It slowly floated away, and Hallie could have taken a few steps back to pick it up. Instead she stopped, and stared down at it, ignoring the impatient L.A. drivers beginning to honk at her. It was funny how he said that his friends told him he'd be crazy not to take a chance, when Julia was just telling her how taking a chance, taking a risk wasn't even worth it, how you just ended up screwed over in the end.

Hallie could still see the napkin on the ground, but instead of turning around to get it, she continued walking forward across the rest of the street, knowing that by morning she'd forget all about handsome Bryce.

"What took you so long?" Julia complained getting in the passenger seat of her car, knowing that Hallie wasn't about to let her drive. "Are you and that guy going on a date?"

"No, I don't think so," Hallie replied trying to back Julia's enormous SUV out of the tiny parking space.

It wasn't that she didn't find him intriguing, it wasn't that she was afraid of getting her heart broken again, Bryce seemed like a nice enough guy, but it was the fact that her heart belonged to someone else. And while she knew there was the possibility of never seeing Christian again, that turning down every respectable guy who asked her out was just foolish, she didn't know how to open her heart up yet, not when she felt like she was without one.

"I'm tired," Julia reiterated for the millionth time that night, leaning her head back against the leather seats.

"I know you are, I am too," Hallie sighed staring straight ahead at the road. Hallie thought Julia was so silly claiming she never wanted to find love. Whether or not she wanted it to, love would find her. Julia was very attractive, although much more attractive when she was sober. There had to be someone cool enough to put up with her occasional bitchiness, she'd find happiness eventually.

And what does every girl want when they see all their girlfriends happy and in love? They want the same exact thing, but even better. No matter what happened with Hallie's love life, she knew that back when she was with the man who still held her heart, who would always hold her heart, she was happier than any girl in the world could have ever been.

I'd Like to Thank all the Little People

"To Hot Girls!" everyone shouted in unison over the pounding music. Hallie tipped her shot of Kamikaze straight down her throat, then went back to her shameless display of white girl hip hop that one only does after three previous shots of Tequila and one deadly Long Island Iced Tea. Dressed in full Hot Girls uniform she danced back to back with her leggy blonde costar Bianca.

Everyone had a reason to dance, the ratings for the debut of the first episode had exceeded everyone's expectations, and the hype for upcoming shows was becoming so overwhelming, that the only thing Hallie could think about doing was drinking and dancing, which was perfect since the new beloved cast were automatically escorted into the VIP section of Les Deux. In fact, any night club the "Hot Girls" wanted to go to, the staff would gladly kiss their feet and beg them to sit in the VIP section for a little publicity. Of course it wasn't the first time Hallie had been let into VIP, but this time it wasn't based on her looks alone, people actually knew her and recognized her face, which wasn't hard, since just a few blocks away the "Hot Girls That Can Cook" billboard was staring down at every passing person.

Before Hallie received the message that the cast was getting together for some drinks at Les Deux, Abby made her promise that morning not to make any plans for the evening. Hallie figured that Abby would just want to hang out, and paint each other's nails or something, but after Hallie got the message from her fellow "Hot Girls" she figured all that could wait, and being in the public eye right now was much more important than a girly night in.

Hallie saw her phone flashing brightly through her Balenciaga bag for the millionth time that evening, as a blatant reminder of someone trying to reach her. Ignoring it, Hallie continued dancing, and looked down to see people clustered around trying to catch a glimpse of the newly labeled celebrities.

"Want to give them a show?" Bianca proposed over her shoulder, whipping her long natural blonde hair around.

Hallie slyly grinned and nodded agreeably. Both girls went from dancing back to back, to face each other only inches apart. Continuing to dance, Bianca grabbed Hallie's hand, dancing lower and lower to the floor practically up in Hallie's breasts. From below Hallie could see several men who had ditched the girls they were dancing with to come stare up at the show. Jaws hung open as Bianca swung her a*s back and forth, and just for added pleasure, Hallie stuck her finger in her mouth, and lightly bit down, knowing how insane it would drive every guy there. Just like she expected, they inched closer to the VIP section, looking like they were about to scale the wall like monkeys. Security quickly blocked them off, threatening to kick them out, and both girls crashed down on the plush sofa giggling hysterically.

"Good work partner", Bianca congratulated. Bianca had become Hallie's new best friend on the show. They shared a similar sense of humor and mischievousness, and so far had gotten along great. All of her cast mates were incredibly nice, but what did anyone have to be mean about when they were all becoming famous?

Hallie's phone rang yet again, this time she could somewhat hear it over the music. Without looking at the number, she picked it up, and drunkenly shouted "What?" into the receiver.

"Where are you?" Abby demanded.

"Les Deux. It's a "Hot Girls That Can Cook" requirement that we all get wasted on our day off!" Hallie explained as the other girls laughed in the background.

"What!? So you aren't coming at all? You are already hours late and now you're not going to be here at all?"

Even through her drunken state, Hallie could tell Abby was mad, but she had no explanation for her. Distracted to even try and think of one, Hallie saw Roxy McClure approaching her alongside another important looking woman.

"You're a sweetheart. I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Hallie!" Abby exclaimed before Hallie hung up on her.

"Mrs. Hurston this is our gem of the show, Ms. Hallie Harris," Roxy introduced the giraffe of a lady. Hallie knew this person had to be important by the way Roxy was acting so formal. Plus she was the only person in the club dressed in a business suit.

"Hello," Hallie blindly put forth a hand, trying her best not to appear too drunk.

"Mrs. Hurston here is the editor and chief of Magnifique magazine. She is very interested in doing a spread on you and your unique recipes."

"Are you serious? I'm a subscriber to Magnifique!"

"We think you would be perfect. We'd like to do a feature article on you. She definitely has front cover material doesn't she?" Mrs. Hurston nodded approvingly towards Roxy.

"No freaking way�," Hallie almost toppled over in her chair, partially from being drunk, partially from being surprised. Was she just hallucinating from having one too many Tequila shots or was this actually happening? Magnifique was one of the most popular magazines for college age women and up, and they were actually thinking of putting her on the cover?

"No way," Hallie repeated dazed, and imagining a fan blowing her long hair back as stylists gathered around her making sure she looked absolutely perfect.

"In a few weeks I will have one a writer contact you if that's alright. You both can meet for lunch and she will be asking you various questions relevant to our magazine. You know, about how you got started cooking, what your background is, you know, the basics. Then after that you will come to the studio for a photo shoot. Does that sound like something you can handle?"

"Yes, definitely," Hallie nodded. Even drunk Hallie knew to always say yes to magazine covers unless it was a nude magazine. Her parents would just love that.

"Here is my card, call if you have any questions," Mrs. Hurston handed it over to Hallie. "I will also be in contact with Roxy if you have anything to ask her. Well enjoy the rest of the evening ladies, you deserve it, and congrats on the success of the show!"

"Oh thank you so much!" Hallie exclaimed as if the business card she was holding was an Oscar. So she wasn't at the Academy Awards yet, but it sure felt like it.

After about two in the morning, when people began leaving the club, Hallie bid her farewell to everyone and took a taxi home. As she leaned her head back against the car seat, she closed her eyes, and imagined herself on the cover of Magnifique, with her name written across the cover. It was amazing how much her life had recently changed since the year started. Her head began spinning with the memory of her old, na�ve self.

She could see herself, dressed as Little Red Riding on Halloween night, sitting on the stairs of an alley, lost, with her head in her hands, unaware of the lurking wolf only inches away. In her vision she saw him take off the wolf mask, revealing his face, revealing his true self. She remembered not only feeling surprised, but relief. Relief that he was alive and relief that he was there with her.

The one thing she still couldn't get her head around, was how he had basically rejected her in New York, after she so embarrassingly went there to search for him. How stupid was she to go after him like that? How stupid was he to reject her? After begging her to be with him, decorating a castle full of Christmas lights, then telling her that they were too different for it to ever work?

Damn right they were different, and they would be even more opposite, now that Hallie was on the road to stardom. Not only was she on a successful television show, but soon she would grace the cover of an extremely well known magazine. He would be bound to see her on TV, or on the magazine cover at some little stand in freezing New York.

What would he say then? Would he say anything? Would she even see him again? Nausea began building up in her stomach, and Hallie took a deep breath of air to chase it away. She wasn't about to let him ruin this moment for her by thinking about him, thinking about all of the possible things that could be happening to him, good or bad. There was no point in wondering about him when he didn't want her. It wasn't like he was wondering about her enough to pick up the phone and call. Goosebumps rose up and down her arm just thinking of the sound of his voice.

"Hey lady! Wake up, we're here!"

Hallie's eyes fluttered open from her half-asleep day dream. She fished some money out of her purse, tossed it at the driver, and walked across the dark beach to her house. Bright lights radiated through the multistory glass home, which was strange since it was past two in the morning. Still tipsy, she searched forever for her house key, and slowly opened the creaking door so as not to wake Abby.

To Hallie's surprised, Abby was kneeling at the entryway picking up what looked to be deflated balloons, and throwing them in the waste bin. Abby looked up shooting Hallie a hateful stare, and then looked back down at the floor ignoring her presence.

"S**t," Hallie said in her mind. Nothing like the fury of a best friend to sober you up.

Looking past the kitchen Hallie could see a very melted and deformed ice cream cake sitting on the counter, spelling out the words Congratulations in blue icing. Hallie's heart sunk in her chest as the guilt began to take over.

"Abby, I'm so sorry, I-,"

"Did you have fun?" Abby sharply interrupted. Hallie had never seen her normally quiet best friend so pissed off, it was kind of scary.

"I thought by getting together you meant like, just a night in, you know?" Hallie stammered knowing no explanation was good enough.

"Yeah because a night in with me must suck compared to being out with a bunch of drunken w****s," Abby muttered.

"They aren't w****s, they are my friends," Hallie stated.

"I know, and I guess I'm not anymore. Same with everyone else who came?"

"Who is everyone else?" Hallie asked confused.

"I had this whole party planned out for you. Julia, Kristin, Ryan, Luke, everyone showed up. Even your parents were here. Imagine how I had to explain that the guest of honor hung up on me when I tried to call her."

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea you were planning all of this, really," Hallie pleaded.

"So next time I should tell you I'm planning some big party, that way you'll actually want to hang out with me?" Abby stood up from where she was kneeling, with fire in her hazel eyes.

"It's not like that at all, I said I was sorry, what else can I do?"

"You can stop acting like�.like a," Abby's voice trailed off.

"Like a what?" Hallie challenged, knowing that Abby wouldn't dare say it.

"Like a b***h!"

Or maybe she would say it. Still, it left Hallie shocked that Abby would even cuss, but she was absolutely right, she was acting like a b***h, and if someone as shy as Abby could say it, then it was probably true, but for some reason, Hallie was numb to her insult, and stood frozen in place.

"Just look at yourself!" Abby pointed to the entryway wall mirror.

Hallie slowly turned her head towards her reflection. Her curly hair was wildly strewn about her face, and her dark eye makeup was smeared from the sweat of dancing. It wasn't just that she looked exhausted from a night at the club. She just looked, well, trashy. Looking down at her skimpy Hot Girls That Can Cook outfit was no better. The first time she tried on the outfit she told her herself that she would never wear the clothes off set, but here she was, partying in them, basically as a walking advertisement. Still the numbness remained.

"You aren't you anymore! You aren't Hallie! The girl who loves to cook for her friends and family, not so a bunch of perverts can drool over you! I feel like you are losing yourself. Where is the old Hallie?" Abby begged nearly in tears.

"She's gone! She was nothing! She was never good enough for her parents, or for David, or for Christian, and now she's better than everybody! You want to know what I was doing tonight? I was making a name for myself. I am going to be on the cover of Magnifique, that's probably something you only dream about right? Well it's actually happening to me!"

"Good for you. In the interview you can tell them that you've become a total b***h. I need to pack. I'll be out of your way by tomorrow."

"Look I know you've had it rough, especially lately with everything that's happened, but who's been here the whole time helping you?" Abby demanded.
Big deal, Hallie thought. She had let her move back in after she turned down David. It was Hallie's house after all, not Abby's.

"Forget it!" Abby exclaimed storming upstairs.

Faint crying echoed through the house, making Hallie's numbness quickly disappear, and have to swallow the lump in her throat to keep from doing the same. She couldn't believe Abby, but mostly she couldn't believe herself, and how she was just standing there when her best friend was devastated, but what could she do about it now?

She couldn't just quit the show, nor could she take back the things she said about being better than everyone. The fame and attention "Hot Girls" offered was beginning to replace the love and affection she never received from her parents, but funny enough it had just destroyed her relationship with Abby, a girl that was her true friend, that loved her unconditionally. Well, used to.

Was it true that someone could grow out of their friends? What about best friends? Did people just move on to new friendships as their lives changed? Did that also apply to ones love life? Either way Hallie knew that she never wanted to be the way she was before, because the old Hallie never grew out of Christian West, the only guy that could ever bring her back to Earth. She would love him forever, she couldn't deny that, but maybe by being someone different, she would eventually forget, because by now she was certain he had forgotten all about her.

© 2008 Evil_Angel

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This is really good! You developed your characters very well... the dialogue was well done and realistic... not overdone. Outstanding imagery and stage setting. It's so important to catch your readers in the first chapter, which you certainly did here. I truly enjoyed this.. and am curious to see what comes next. I will be back to continue.. it looks like you have quite a few chapters completed so it may take me a bit..

Great job!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


This is really good! You developed your characters very well... the dialogue was well done and realistic... not overdone. Outstanding imagery and stage setting. It's so important to catch your readers in the first chapter, which you certainly did here. I truly enjoyed this.. and am curious to see what comes next. I will be back to continue.. it looks like you have quite a few chapters completed so it may take me a bit..

Great job!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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