Verse 2:  A Letter to the President

Verse 2: A Letter to the President

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Make America Great Again! | Donald J Trump for President 2016


A Letter to the President


What judgment do we measure a great leader?

Do we take those of legacies to instill a focal point?

Do we really learn from their mistakes to take all action?

In this subjective matter, gives blame for an error.

Mistake is costly division to turn the backs of a nation.

Even-in likelihood event an elected official becomes president.

Solution is a universal issue to those called we the people.

Undivided citizen of men and women are United States of America.

Beliefs of one can truly solve our crisis in making a happier tomorrow.

Leader looks at the past reflects better answers for an immediate future.

Reality hits like a storm to undertake the powers of a presidency.

Give a definitive answer to the problems laying in full view.

Sleeping children will rise no matter to weather conditions.

Growing adults cannot with means of untidy predicaments.

Foundation is family, religion and governmental stability.

Protection of freedom is a dutifully unconditional military.

A leader at firsthand is willing to experience the battlefield.

In full support of those under such situations of complete, sacrifice.

A private, after all is first to carry on the mission to a way of life.

True values a country continues without the burden of strife.

Focuses on decisions of president amass in constant struggle.

Ultimate utilization of honor is the orders of Commander-in-Chief.

We first wake to feed sustenance to the children.

Core values are the institution of a strong family.

Neglect questioned to an intellectual mind of a child.

They are our next generation to uphold a standard of living.

Faith-hope-love lies in the prayers of each night's comfort.

In knowing necessities out-weight an instrument of want.

A provision is an economical and welfare of the United States.

In keeping close contact with the divisions of our world leaders.

Fundamental statements are not deafening after the facts of office.

Planting a new seed will blossom to pollinate.

Flower of rebirth spring a voice to insure no doubt in confidence.

In the integrity to fulfill are missing pieces left astray too long.

In the deficit to monetary and ill care health of a nation's well-being.

Conduct of business is not to benefit only a few.

While many stand sidelines without means to work.

A chessboard won with assets in the importance of movement.

Best defense looks back at the misplacement in development.

King cannot fall to the opposition with a revolving resilience.

Unity is sporadic with a remedy to recovery.

Vision of our eagle is open to the determination.

Matters rest solely in the decisions of good judgment.

In writing is this letter to the President.

A leader can claim vindication of greatness.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

Author's Note

Glen Yumang Manese
Make America Great Again! | Donald J Trump for President 2016

Time has come to unite as One Great Team. We cannot win as separate entities, fighting against our Greatest Enemy, Number One, each other. In the end, there can only be One Great President to lead us forward to the challenges of our Great Nation, The United States of America. I officially endorse, Donald J. Trump for President 2016.

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This certainly is the fulfillment of a political vision for Donald Trump supporters. At the end of the day I think Donald is a fairly good person and a true capitalist. And since America is a capitalist oligarchy and not a democracy as some tend to believe, I think he will serve his position well as a representative of American trade on a global scale. I don't get involved in the politics of it all because I tend to believe the "right wing" and the "left wing" belong to the same bird. The people as a whole might be better represented by a hard core capitalist. Because I do know this much, NOTHING is free. Someone, somewhere is going to pay.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Glen Yumang Manese

3 Years Ago

Quite a statement...I will have to agree on your note...good to hear from you...both of us agree the.. read more


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Dear sir Glen,

This piece takes me back into a deep reflection on our country – Philippines. The blaming game, the political empire, darkness that surrounds our Philippine agenda. The first opening questions put a deep connection to me:

“What judgment do we measure a great leader?
Do we take those of legacies to instill a focal point?”

How do we judge a great leader? in that matter, it is hard to answer. I always believed that I am a good follower, but I am not that good being a leader. Being a leader brings too much pressure. Perhaps that is why I am content being only the follower, being good at it is just me. I guess to me one leader can stand out if he listen to his followers. Listen to all their burden, see to what the bigger picture of the problem. I know there are priorities on being the President or being a leader, but one must not forget his/her people who put him there.

I would take my review and thoughts about this line:
“Foundation is family, religion and governmental stability.”

I see that family oriented stands a strong foundation for being a leader as you pointed out in this piece. Yes it has, always be a starting point of every person’s life. Intelligence can’t stand alone much without the love and warmth a family person have… It is something that leader should value. The very first we love in a group is our family. Family builds us of who we are today, choices comes later as we grow. Family bonds creates our building blocks of trust and relationship – how strong your family values are... reflect how strong you bond with your fellow people as well.

I also see religion plays a good guidance to our moral code. I think of myself as not a religious type, but I do have faith and understanding on what it stands for me. I always believed that religion no matter of what kind, plays a role in each of us. It does defines our moral standards. So does that defines us as a person? Now that’s a good question, somehow it does, somehow it doesn’t, I am not totally sure, I guess it depends on how you look at it. 90% of the population as I assume do practice praying/worshiping for god. So I guess religion plays a vital role in a society of our daily lives. All that is just assumptions of mine, hypothetical thoughts only. So back to the religion, it plays a good role in shaping a good leader, I think.

Governmental stability. There are many forms in the government I am unknown about or I don’t have a complete knowledge on how a government system works. I would like to take this words into a literal bases on my perspective on the stability of a government. A strong leader is as strong as his/her constituents, in my perspective both lean on each other’s back. Learning and Listening to each other side without bias. As I see now in our government my friend is that measuring the leadership of someone is based on his/her popularity. The more attention comes into your direction the greater your chances in getting elected. I guess that’s the basic needs to be elected, but in what ways, then that’s the wrong doing comes in. I am not saying that famous tv/film personalities can't run for government positing, but a strong leader must have a strong awareness of the governmental systems and as well as a strong sense of his/her moral standards accordingly to the law or standards that are beneficial to its followers. With all that, are just my thoughts.

You know what my friend, realizing how our government now a days, I believed that the stains gone deeply rooted. The root of greed still lies beneath the bottom pit of our wealth. Truth be told we are rich, but we have too many leech that keeps us at bay in the center of lies.

I believe this piece says too much, I may not grasp everything it says, it definitely shows how a strong leader should be.

Bravo sir glen, thanks for sharing your piece.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Glen Yumang Manese

7 Years Ago

Pax --- an in depth look into this write...yet I thoroughly read your thoughts ---
again...a .. read more

7 Years Ago

you are most welcome my friend, it is much profound work, sir, that I do believe i am just scratchin.. read more
In my opinion, a strong leader would uphold the constitution and look to the Bible for guidance. You mention chess. When the temperature in the kitchen heats up, it more like a game of chess. Like what we're seeing with Russia. What will America do? Nice work!

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glen Yumang Manese

7 Years Ago

Thanks for your time and review....A.H. --- I see your vantage point...if we would not just glance a.. read more

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