Verse 7: Astrological

Verse 7: Astrological

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese



Inspiration is lost somewhere in corner of world. 

Muse has given-in to sadness declares her will. 

Darkness falls to gain back what is rightly so given. 

Color is or what color maybe to actions of mine. 

Render nothing, but solitude to think with a mind. 

Colors of red bleed to say ability is profound. 

Grounded at times to battle is carefree action. 

Pieces lay before me to follow trail of her existence. 

Droplets turn black dry out to seasonal with the wind. 

Gather each of them pocket away her dying life.


Where has she gone to disappear into the night? 

Moon looks on without guidance to dim a crescent. 

Sun will vaporize remains by astrological dawn. 

Hazel follicles turn onyx with each tick of the clock. 

Lips of purple convey time is precious to the search. 

Worthy of only one can claim discovery. 

Take away pain to return back years of trust. 

East or west has no venture to exalt her interest in leaving. 

North or south makes for an enduring test to the last. 

Hardest task is choosing path of least resistance.


Tell me then the brightest star looks to lead farther. 

Truth is simplicity that stares at you in the eyes. 

Would you have met me, only a while ago? 

On some common ground accepts an invitation. 

To live, laugh and love like the days of old. 

Only now, truth remains to unfold for the better. 

Alternatively, is the matter for a worst of circumstances. 

Part ways to actions are a constant flow. 

Bleed away tears cleanse the formidable. 

Echoes are a last vibration to confusion.


Sadness speaks not an answer to excommunicate. 

Happiness issued longer a trial of sorrow. 

Each saline crystal takes on a new atmosphere of regret. 

Finds is a clue to the hidden task calls silent gesture. 

Quarter halo sends a light to guide the length of distance. 

Mixture turns a blend of tears with dye to exalt out. 

Gloom sets pace of acquirement to destination. 

Yin and yang mold an haute couture to signify life. 

Carries is a distinctive nature none other of imprint. 

Burden nonetheless to continue an endless line to follow. 


Still there is a platonic love for her universe. 

Universal as this seems to say in wiser words. 

Focus wise scribe of diction to penetrate. 

Look forward to the realm no one sees, only you. 

No other allowed passage to enter or exit. 

Exquisite is a price to have for the cost of nothing. 

Everything has a measure untouched to actions.

Calculations to the facts are greater at times of sorrow. 

Tomorrow will not grant a simple illustration of worth. 

Comfort passing breath of the wind for a lasting trek.


Following sun at peak point holds a virtue to task. 

Dries out pursuits to solving all is not lost. 

Continues is barren cycle to walk a road of hostility. 

Rivers lengths twist to turn direction without a straight line. 

Mountains peaks rise confront China wall to resistance.

Forests thicken to Amazon loses all balance of thought. 

Deserts drifting sand blind eyes with mirage of illusion. 

Fair wind comes to close silence in the distance. 

Dark skies merge with cumulus to a tremendous storm. 

Droplets pour down rain to catch last drop of red.


Lightning strikes no more, but a sound rings in thunder. 

Looks up at the clearing of half-moon resurrects. 

Downward seeing color changes black in palm of hand. 

Running thin is not waters of plenty only residue. 

Thirst is a taste for infectious relief to find sorrow. 

Hunger claims not emptiness retreat to swallow. 

Dying of death raises emission conflicts both sides. 

Sacrificial tension releases even in attempts of resolve. 

Grips center of heart with a pressure to give life. 

Eyes close slowly to sleep into night’s enduring pass. 


Luna comes and Ra rises to the passing of dreams. 

Claims to this venture will not be an ease of finale. 

Rest now, gain strength for the task at hand cries out. 

Relieves for a moment, forget reality of devoted action. 

Opens is a corridor of glimpse life before nautical dawn. 

Call voice to the distant bellows of yearning for peace. 

Time offers rejuvenation to inhale a moment of paradise. 

Long to exhale a passive inhibition of last execution. 

Exist now is lapse of hours to surrender nothing. 

Awake to delusion of a realm exists in sanctum.


Slumber negates, but answers not the question at civil dawn. 

Gibbous comes to act that time is a limited search of the clock. 

Destination controls the fathoms of rescue are within reach. 

Ocean currents dissolve a pace to cover imperial nautical miles. 

Shift increasing tides to the Northern Lights of creative spectrum. 

Change in weather makes for a bitter chill of descending temperature. 

Polar breeze turns condition to white tundra of vegetation. 

White flakes of snow wisp abundantly to harden surface. 

Touches skin melts into fingertips to bleed color of life. 

Freezes with frigid, but limbo speaks to say there is existence.


Numbness begins to settle-in dermis of truth or dare defies. 

Mother earth continues whether or not triumph can overcome. 

Turn back executive order further warn of futile attempt. 

Truth tells to kneel down with acceptance for the fight is over. 

Dare defies an action worthy of life for honor is courage to the end. 

Choice strikes gavel of justice with intentions to move on. 

Forward steps ensue task will not render a favorable return. 

Pride either way values to give back her life for a sign of hope. 

Serum of phial cleanses Muse for an option takes on a new moon. 

Faith never dies, but loves until last inscription of thought to words.

© 2016 Glen Yumang Manese

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