What Do You Mean? ~ Chapter 3

What Do You Mean? ~ Chapter 3

A Chapter by Jan

After a while, might as well!


Great, another day at school... at least I will see my friends!


As I was doing my normal morning routine, I felt... uneasy... As if something bad was going to happen. I brushed off the feeling and just turned on my mp3. I always listen to music, its my world! (Besides my friends and anime >w<) I was prepared to go to school and left with my mom in the car. She drove up to the school and said to me," Be good, alright?" "Yes mom." I replied and exited the car.


"Oh, and we're moving." She said casually but, hastily.


I held the door open and turned to her with the most serious face," What?" "We're moving" she replied


I felt the tip of my nose tingle, I knew what that meant. I was about to cry, then on cue my eyes began to burn. I slammed the car door and turned away from her and sped my way onto the school campus, pass everyone around me while keeping my head down.


How could she just say it so casually!? What the- UGH!!! I mentally kept screaming at myself and didn't notice where I was going until I bumped into someone. "Hey watch it!" they shouted


I looked up to see Zayn," Why are you crying cry baby?" he mocked


I had enough of this... my jaw was tightened, my fist was balled up, and I was in no mood to be played with. In a blink of an eye, Zayn was on the floor holding his cheek and staring at me wide eyed. I came back into reality and saw what I just did, I punched my bully.


I walked off avoiding eye contact with everyone with tears running down my face, until I felt someone stop me and hug me. I sobbed more and looked up to see one of my best friends... Kadessa!


"I heard what happened..." she mumbled while rubbing my back


"W-What?" I managed to say.


"I was behind you when your mom said you were moving..." she said while trying to hold back her own tears


I collapsed to the floor (her following me) and just... cried. Not much else I could do really. "I also saw what you did to that jerk... good job." She giggled trying to make me feel better. I giggled and wiped my tears away.


"You ruined the moment." I laughed


~Time Skip because I'm lazy~


I walked out of the chattering locker room to my number. I have been sort of quiet ever since the incident this morning so, everyone was concerned because I'm usually so loud and crazy. I took a glance at my number to see someone sitting on it. Great, do I have to beat up another guy to get off my number? I walked over with a scold on my face.


"Hey, get off my number!" I demanded at him. He turned around and it was the guy I punched earlier with a bandage. He looked up at me with a glare but, it was to funny since the Band-Aid was right under his eye.


"Look what you did!" Zayn shouted at me," How dare you do this to me!"


"Oh, so I punch you once and it's not good but if you repeatedly hurt me mentally and physically then it's okay!?" I shouted back, the look on his face was shocked then turned angry.


" Yes because you have some sort of witchcraft! You're a stupid witch!" By this time, there were people surrounding us.


I stared at him with so much pain and anger that I started to cry," At least I'm not a cold heartless jerk..." I turned and walked off.

© 2013 Jan

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Ooohhh MORE I DEMAND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! 😝

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Yay!!!!!!!!!!… I mean good job.

10 Years Ago

I did it!!!

10 Years Ago

You tell him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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