A Chapter by Laur

Here we all were; grown up as kids together and never parted. Used to play pick up soccer games and waste quarters and time at the arcade..now sipping on vodka filled cups and telling stories of the past. I looked around at all the laughter and wholesome smiles. These people are the reason I got through it all. Suddenly I felt a warm hip hit mine. Mack was pretty drunk. He held a cigar in his hand that smelled of cherry cough syrup to me. I took another sip of my drink as his body leaned against mine. His face was so gentle it seemed unreal sometimes. No matter what he has gone through, his perfect smile never faded. That was one quality I wished to posses. His broad shoulders made him seem so much more like a man than the other boys; despite his lack in height. 
"Did you want some?" He slurred and handed me the cigar.
"I don't know how.." I stared at the orange end, gleaming in the night.
"Watch me." He took it back, sticking the dark end between his peach lips. "You don't actually inhale okay Lil? Just blow it all out after." He demonstrated. The smoke filled the air in front of us. His face appeared again after about two seconds. I could see his white teeth in a bright smile as usual. His sparkling lake blue eyes shined in the thought that he taught me something. 
"I'll try." I laughed. Putting the cigar to my lips I knew if I weren't a bit buzzed, I'd have never agreed to this. Trying not to actually inhale I blew the smoke out slowly. I never thought I would like the taste by the way it smelled. 
"Good job!" he exclaimed. And in one swift motion, I felt his fingertips make contact with the small of my barely exposed back. And to be honest, I didn't mind. 
"Hey you two! Pay attention, were gonna go to the beach!" Kelsey shouted while tossing her drink by accident, letting it land in Ash's lap. Ash being her drunk self just laughed as hard as she could; her fire orange hair tossing about.
"Oh yeah, who is driving?" I laughed, scanning the five drunk faces around the fire. 
"Ethan is okay Lilly jeeeeze." Kels grabbed her hoodie and headed for the truck. 
I felt Mack's hand brush against me as he got up and held out a hand. 
"Alright adventure time." He smirked. I took his hand and pulled myself up slowly. He didn't let go though, the grasp grew a bit tighter. 
Toes in the sand, I looked out into the deep and mysterious ocean. I closed my eyes and felt the warm wind flow through my sweater and hair. Here I was again, in my sanctuary. A monotone voice interrupted it in the best way possible. Because when left alone at the beach, I reminisce. It was like I needed saving every so often. So that the sounds of the crashing waves didn't remind me of that perfect day. The day I knew you were it.  
"Are you cold?" Mack's words broke the trance. 
I could hear our friends running around and being children again behind us. 
"No I'm perfect actually." I turned to him to smile, and before another word I felt warm palms pulling my face in. There was no turning back now..
I pressed my eager lips against his. His cherry breath breathed into me as I inhaled every bit of him. His cheek bones were so firmly against mine it almost hurt but was just enough to make me want more. 
"Lets go.." He spoke into my lips. My lips that suddenly craved every bit of him. 
We headed back up to his Jeep that Ethan had drove us all in. We crammed into that thing like sardines in a can. Now it seemed as if it was going to be used for a whole other purpose. 
Mack swung the door open and got into the passenger seat. His strong arms reached for me as if I were an infant too small to get in on my own. Rather than me climbing in as well, he pulled me in and slammed the door behind me. I felt his heart beating against my chest. His pulled me closer so that my shaking thighs were on either side of his torso. How did I get here? Liquor gave me such a free spirit it was ridiculous. 
"I've wanted this for awhile.." He whispered into my hair, blowing hot air down my neck. And with each breath he sent shivers down my calves straight to my bare toes. 
"Me?" I was so lost now. We had been friends for years..I never sensed a thing. 
"Yes, all of you." His hand found its way up the back of my shorts. "Every bit." He stared into my eyes with all the confidence in the world. 
"Then take it." I whispered into his yearning lips. "Now." I could feel my pulse through my entire body. I hadn't felt that in so long. 
With no hesitation he pulled me closer. I could feel every part of him against me. His now cold hands grazed the clip on my bra, and with a snap it was gone. I tugged on his shirt and pulled it off over his head. Taking his hands in mine I slipped them up to my full chest to let him know what was under this sandy sweater. His teeth clenched onto my lip as I lead him there. 
"Oh god, you are so perfect." He let out almost in a moan. 
I started down his neck, my hair dangling in his face. Then to his chest, slow enough to be a subtle tease. And in about a minute, we were both completely naked and heading to the back seat. 
"Are you sure you want to do this?" He took one finger and dragged it down my thigh.
"Yeah.." I ran my fingers through his sandy brown hair. "I want to." I couldn't believe I was saying all this. 
And with one swift move, we were one. Moving in waves together, endlessly kissing and sighing into one another. Sweat began to form between us, but just enough that it was a turn on and not unappealing. His breathing got louder and louder. I grabbed onto the front seat to steady myself. My body was coated in shivers and a mix of feelings filled me. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I felt his hands tangled in my hair, pulling with each movement he made. My legs intertwined with him as he let out one last loud sigh on my cheek. His hot and heavy breathing stung my ear. Resting my head down on his chest I exhaled with him. This felt wrong. This was the first time I had ever let anyone else in. It had been a whole year, it was time to move on. So why did it feel like I had just cheated?

© 2014 Laur

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Well hot and heavy is one way to describe this. I love the way you describe everything you have a talent for imagery, this is awesome.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

thank you love, your comments keep me writing

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