Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Ki

By Michiko/Ki, from Xander's perspective

My new life began when I was 14. Luna has been my best friend forever. People think it's weird for a boy and girl to be friends, but it's never been awkward for us. Our mothers have been friends since high school. Luna is like my sister. Our friendship has just been so natural. She's beautiful. She has long, straight, black hair and catlike gray eyes. She's fierce, and oozes confidence. You could say we sort of rule the school. I'm a natural leader. So is she. I have wavy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. A look that apparently, makes girls go crazy. But I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time... My dad left us when I was 10. He was an alcoholic, and he never cared about me or Mom. But I still loved him, and it left my heart wounded when he left, it'll never heal. Luna really helped me get through that time. But it's still hard. Mom and I fight. A lot. It started when I was 14. We were in 8th, Luna and I. We were probably the most popular people at our middle school. Everything was perfect. Luna and I were home alone. Mom was out with friends. It was pretty late, probably around 11. We heard a strange noise downstairs. Then, before we even had time to do anything, she appeared at our door. She was a young adult, probably about 20. She never told us her name. She was breathtaking, silky smooth pale skin, violet eyes and thick mahogany hair. We were scared. I was about to scream, when, so fast you couldn't even see her move, she was at my side, covering my mouth. Luna screamed, and the woman grabbed her and held her mouth too. "Listen, and listen good. Your life depends on it. I'm a demon. I survive off the blood of mammals, preferably humans. Your kind refers to us as vampires. You two are chosen to defeat the Hunters. You WILL defeat them. It is your destiny. You must fulfill this, it will save our kind." she murmured, her voice calm and sweet as honey. She thrust me aside, hard, and I believe I was only semi-conscious. I heard a strange noise, and Luna screamed bloody murder. I tried to call out her name, but I couldn't speak. Suddenly her agony ended and the crazy woman approached me, picking me up. She put her arms around my neck and smiled, a terrible wicked smile. I was sobbing, trying to cry out. Luna was still unconscious, dead or hurt, I didn't know. The woman then bit me. Hard. In the neck. It was unbearable pain. It seeped in to every part of me, sucking out my humanity. I probably cried out, I couldn't tell. I was trapped in the darkness, the darkness that would soon end me. I wished the whole time that I was dead. After a period of time (though I have no idea how long) I woke up. Luna was next to me, also awake. She looked different. Demonic. Pale. Even more goreous. I soon learned that I looked this way too. We were vampires. Luna loved it. It gave her an unfathomable amount of power, which she adored. Me? It gave me a completely different view on everything in my life. It messed with my head. It made me hate humanity, I wanted to destroy it. I was filled with hate. I hated everything and everyone except Luna. The lady came again a few hours later. She explained that we still needed human food to survive, but mammal blood as well. She said to start out with animals, and work our way up to humans once we could handle the power. That time had come. *** Luna and Jared (one of the members of our army) went out to capture the boy, Donald. We thought it would be could to devour his soul first. He was a strong boy. His body would then take on a new, demon soul. He would be one of us. It made me laugh to think how the humans would react. The news would be all over it. His stupid human girlfriend Joli would be hysterical. It overjoyed. My thoughts were interrupted by Joel. He was a popular in our school, but not much of an addition to our army. He was a bother. "Master, when will the boy be here?" he asked, his eyes wild with hunger. I flung him to the ground. "I told you to stop asking that, you moron. Go hunt a rabbit or something. Leave my sight!" I bellowed. He whimpered, but did as I said. He had to, I was his master. His king. And Luna was his queen. We created him, he had to do as we ordered him to. They all did. It was a large group. Lots of the "popular" children from our high school. And several people who were slightly older, perhaps a few years our of high school. Together, we would conquer. We would take over. We would end this horrible race of humans. We (the army, Luna, and I) have our lair in the old abandoned church on the outskirts of town. No one really comes here. We are here mostly every day. Plotting. Suddenly, Luna and Jared returned. Not alone. The boy, Donald, was with them, unconscious. Luna looked incredibly pleased. As did Jared. I went over and grinned and gave Luna a bear hug. "We're on our way." I said.

© 2011 Ki

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Added on January 5, 2011
Last Updated on February 22, 2011
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