Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

A Chapter by Ki

By Carly, from Luna's perspective

"Listen, and listen good. Your life depends on it. I'm a demon. I survive on the blood of mammals, preferably humans. Your kind refers to us as vampires. We're always looking to multiply. I've been watching you two. You're strong, populat with the kids. Persuasive. We need to increase the population of our kind and lessen that of humans. I need you two to do that for me, okay?" She said, her voice pronouncing each word precisely. She was talking to me. I was human. My life was in danger. I was only thirteen.
I wasn't the only one, though, sitting on his couch at eleven. I was with Xander. We were at his house, not expecting this. We were scared. Before I knew it, she was grabbing me by the waist and plunging her white sharp teeth into my pale skin, her venom running through me. The pain was bewildering. I screamed. Loudly. She moved to Xander next, but I didn't want her to. Xander, my best friend. My sweet, honest, innocent best friend. It all happened so quickly. He also screamed. The scream that haunts my mind everyday.
He hated being a vampire. He doesn't like to be a monster. I, however, loved it. Every morning, I barley have to brush my hair, I'm so beautiful. No acne, no need for makeup, just one look and you see flawlessness. Perfect body, not too skinny. And aside from all the looks, I have way better senses. Better hearing, better sight, better taste, and better smell. I can smell everything.
Most popular kids at our school, Northbury High, are vampires. Most people also like it, but some also hate it. It depends. We have a layer on the outskirts of town at an old abandoned church. Thats where I am heading right now.
I have with me Jared and a local boy, Donald. Donald is temporarily knocked out, by the pleasures of me.
"What are we going to do with him?" asked Jared. He was one of my friends, also. He was one of the stronger vampires.
"Oh... I don't know. Play with him. Scare him," I said with a grin. Jared gave me a smile in return.
"I like it. The look on his face will be priceless," he said, still smiling. My phone rang. I handed the left half of Donalds body (the one I was holding) to Jared. He took it without a problem.
The text was from Joli. Ugh. Probably wondering where her precious little boyfriend is. She has been my friend for about four years. I wasn't really her friend, though.
       --- Luna! Donalds gone! He was with me this morning! What's going to happen??
I rolled my eyes and texted her back.
       ---I don't know! Omg, I heard! How can you live! I'm so sorry, Joli.
I was a good actress. She has been buying it for about... four years.
       --- Thanks.
She replied almost immediately. I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and took Donald again.
"Are we changing him?" Jared asked. I was kind of in charge of this, along with Donald, so everyone asked us these types of questions.
"I don't think so. Seems kind of suspicious how he left without a reason, then came back totally fine. Plus, we have enough for now. We can save him for later," I told him. He nodded in agreement.
We reached the church and stepped up the stairs. The first thing I saw was Xander. He was also beautiful. He had chin length, wavy bonde hair and deep blue eyes. His jaw line was tight and he was very muscular. I practically dropped Donald and ran in for a big hug from him.
"We're on our way," he said.

© 2011 Ki

Author's Note

One spelling error. And the edited speech in the beginning will be changed later.

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Added on January 8, 2011
Last Updated on February 22, 2011
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