Chapter 9

Chapter 9

A Chapter by Ki

By Michiko/Ki, from Calista's point of view

My new name is Calista. It means most beautiful. And I am. I'm the best. The leader. I don't hardly remember my first life. I was changed when I was 15. It was by a man. But not just any man. I was changed by Roman. My true love, my one and only. My life.
I suppose I'd always been beautiful... Even when I was human. Thick mahogany hair and deep violet eyes. The Change enhanced that, made me pale. Unbelievably strong, physically and emotionally. But also made me angry. At the useless human race. I see what Roman means, when he says he wants them destroyed.
I met Roman at school. He was unbearingly dashing. It was 1935 and I was rich. Rich and young. He was mysterious; I fancied him. Eventually we courted a bit... And we fell in love. One day, we were sitting on the porch at night when he asked me,
"Calista. Do you love me? Will you do anything for me?"
I smiled, naive.
"Of course, darling!"
He smiled a wicked grin and covered my mouth. He bit me on the neck. The venom spread. My first life ended, and my new life, my real life, began.
He told me of his plans. To destroy the Hunters. The humans who are trying to kill us. Demons like us. Vampires. I knew that this should be appalling information. But that venom did something to me. It made me hate those humans. I was the superior race, after all. Roman talked about recruiting a group of new Vampires to destroy the Hunters. He said that they'll do the dirty work and we'll be the rulers. We'll have everything.
Our kind ages. But very slowly. In 1935, I was 15. Now, it's 2011 and I'm 18. The venom slows down our aging process considerably. In those last years, Roman and I have traveled the world, looking for vampires to change, so they could unite to fight the Hunters. Our two main "leaders" (so think) are Alexander and Luna. We have so much faith in them. The know the Hunters. They know how to wear them down. I changed the two myself, and them left them. I came back, though. After they captured the boy, Donald. It was too soon! Foolishness! I'll have to keep an eye on them, make sure they do their job right. They are also trying to destroy the Hunters. We planted these thoughts in them. Vampires who are very old, like Roman, can appear to humans and vampires in dreams and plant thoughts in their head. He made Luna and Xander think that it was their idea, but I told them the truth. They need to know who's boss.
They only vampires on out alliance that know about us are Xander and Luna. We like to stay hidden, that's why we have Luna and Xander. Once our mission is complete, we'll dispose of them. They'll have no use.

© 2011 Ki

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Added on February 11, 2011
Last Updated on February 22, 2011
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