Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by Ki

By Michiko/Ki, from Roman's perspective

I never revealed to Calista how I had changed; exactly how old I am. I was born in 1749 in England. I was a good boy from a respected family. Roman Axel. A name that was well known. A hero's name.
As a boy, I was popular among the girls. Some of whom I fancied. We would court for a short while, and eventually they would expect me to propose. But I never would. I didn't want to be tied down anywhere, by anyone. I always knew I wanted a different life. My mum and father worked in fashion. All of the ladies in town fawned over my fabulously tailored suits. I got good marks in school. I had everything. A big, bright future with not an obstacle in sight.
That all changed June 19th, 1766. I was seventeen.y parents were having s party at our mansion. I felt trapped, so I snuck out to the creek down the road. I must have fallen asleep by the old tree, because it was very dark when I opened my eyes. There was mud caked on my trousers and shoes. I heard something move in the bushes. I jumped to run away- but It was too fast. The creature lunged at me, grabbing the back of my shirt. Before I could cry out, It pushed me on tr the ground, shoving my face in the dirt. I was starting to lose conciousness when It scooped me up. I must have fainted. When I awoke, I was in It's arms, weak and in pain. I didn't know what was happening. Why me? I was Roman Axel. Who would want to bring harm to me?! But there wasn't time to dwell. I knew I would be dead soon. I still fought It for awhile, but his grip was unbearable, superhuman. It was taking me somewhere. It was going faster than any human ever should. Finally, It stopped. And spoke.
"I'm taking you somewhere. Do as I say." the voice sounded female, but I couldn't be sure. I didn't like how It spoke to me, like it was on charge. But I said nothing. Tears were pouring down my face. There was a dull aching in my head.
We stopped at a shack. It was small and run-down. It was loud inside. It sounded like people, but they were making awful noises. Like snarling and hissing. I tried to squirm out of It's arms, but it held me bone-crushingly tight. I whimpered. She rushed me inside.
It was a room full of "people." They were monsters. It threw me in to a small, dark room. I wanted to escape. I had to get out. But there were no windows. The door was locked. I gave up. I knew I would die soon. I lay down on the cold, hard floor and sobbed. My head hurt so bad. Exhausted, I fell asleep. When I awoke, one of the monsters was pushing me down, holding down my arms and legs so I couldn't resist. I screamed, loud, and tried to bite their hand. It hissed angrily and nipped at my neck.
The worst pain imaginable. A small amount of the venom entered my bloodstream. I learned later what they were. Vampires. Demons. They didn't want to completely change me, so they would nip at me. Getting a little blood. Enough to satisfy. But not enough to kill me. A week or so of this must have gone by. I slept and was attacked by the demons. Sometimes they would slip some water or bread through a small hole in the wall. I wished I was dead.
Then one day, a young woman walked in. She looked to be about my age. I crawled to the corner of the room, moaning. I knew what would be soon to come. She looked at me gently.
"I'm not here to hurt you. I want you to survive." she said.
"You've been bit too many times. I'll have to change you fast, or you'll die." then suddenly, she was at my side. She whispered or me to close my eyes. Then she apologized. She bit me. But it wasn't like the other times. It burned through everything in my body. I could feel the change.
When I opened my eyes, I saw her. I was no longer on the dark room. We were what looked to be like a parlour. The lady smiled at me. She was breathtaking. Long, honey hair and sharp blue eyes. Tall and graceful. I should have hated her for what she did to me. But that was impossible. I knew I loved her soon as I opened my eyes. Her name was Lucy. She wasn't like the other demons. She cared about me. She still felt a human part in her. She could still feel love.
And so could I. At first we stayed in that house (in the middle of a deep wood) A's friends. We would hunt the nearby animals together. But we wouldn't hide our undying affection for one another. Me and my Lucy. In our own world.

© 2011 Ki

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