Got the job

Got the job

A Chapter by Hazel Stone


“G-good evening sir” I tried smiling sweetly, he stared at me still not saying a word he only stared at me. “Do you have any idea why you’re here Miss Boyer?” he asked his voice so deep, I gulped down the lump in my throat, nodding. “Why” he said, AHH what do I say its as if I forgot how to speak I don’t know what to say nerves have gotten the best of me.


“I’m here to get a photography job” I say shyly, he glances down oh no he’s got a notepad, he wrote something down on it and looked back up at me. “Your name is Winnie” I glanced down that name hasn’t been used in it seems forever. ‘Yes, but please call me Evelyn” I sigh, he nods writing that down to.


“do you work better with or without people” He asks his eyes still looking down, I gulp “with” I croak. His pen falls and he sits back in his chair.  “Your father’s name was Adam, correct?” I nod. “Your shy like him and you look like him a lot. I knew your parents a while ago I must know how are they” I was slightly confused by his change of topic so quickly but I stared down at my hand running up and down my lap which I did when I was nervous.


“Uhm, there uh dead” saying those words again hurt so badly and I felt my eyes sting with tears. “I’m very sorry Winnie, I had no idea they passed away” I shrug and sniff.


“They talked about you a lot…Winnie” he says, I glanced at him sharply I specifically told him not to call me that. “Evelyn” he corrects himself. “Whelp, no reason to be terrified I’m only here to help see if your ready or not for your future. You seem like your mother very mature, kind hearted ready for this but it seems I must be harsher seems how this opportunity is a much more advanced job then your mothers first” He picked his glass and sipped from it, I literally had my mouth hanging open this guy seriously had no idea what ‘there dead’ means.


“About the career…” I say wanting so badly for the conversation about my parents to end. I hated being reminded that they were no longer here. “Oh yes of course” he smiles and I fake smile back. “The name is Eddy but you can call me Edd.Now I’ll just go over simple rules and then you have the rest of the week doing this job after all we’ll see how you do at this video shoot. I can assure you all Photoshop privileges are given we hope you use that program with maturity. And bye the end of the week you have to turn in the pictures that you complete we’ll analyze them pass them on to London photography company and then they’ll make their decision” he lets out a breath, and I smile excitedly, I can’t believe this is real.


“Now the rules part, you are absolutely positively not allowed to speak to anyone except me Mr. Anderson and Kadeline” He gets really serious and I nod. “Who are they?” I ask softly. “Mr. Anderson will guide you through how the first day works so he’s… your boss, and Kadeline is pretty much in charge of the whole set she manages the boys so like manager in charge of me even” He sits back waiting for a reaction.


“Bye boys who exactly do you mean?” I say even softer, he glances at me then around the room leans over and whispers, “One Direction” I laugh out loud and he stare at me. “Why are you whispering” I whisper yell to him. “Because any fan that gets this information can get to them in Zero point two seconds” he answers. He suddenly gapes and stares at me “are you a huge fan?” he asks. I shake my head I hadn’t even heard of them.


He sighs with relief, “Here’s the address” he hands me a card that I glance at, oh man three hours from my house. “A hotel has been set up for you so you’re close by” He says as if reading my thoughts. I smile and whisper “Thank you”. It was the only thing I could say. “Now” he says loudly, “We can eat”.


As soon as I got into the apartment I shut the Door, I leaned against the door sighing. “Well Hello there” Evan says, I look over at him. “I got the job” I say walking over and falling on to the couch. “that’s awesome” he says, “and so did I at a theatre” he smiles, I look at him then notice something.


“Where’s Katy?” I ask. “Oh I put her in my bed since your couch is like a wooden bench” He answers, I roll my eyes. “Well I have toget some rest for tommarrow cause it’s a big day, and by the way the apartment is yours for three days don’t” I pause searching for words ‘Don’t Burn the place down” I say and he throws his head back laughing.

“Don’t worry I’ll order my food” he says probably not joking, “Either that or you’ll be eating pancakes in the time being” I joke, he shrugs.  “Well that’s like all that’s in there, your pantry is a ghost town” I stay quiet smiling a little then I’m reminded of something.


“Evan” I call, he looks at me. “How come you watch creepy stuff you know like paranormal stuff” I ask quietly. He turns away shrugging “I don’t know I guess its like a hope that Mom and Dad’s spirit are still here and you can communicate with them” he says softly then looking back at me. I stay quiet, I only believed that they were in heaven.

“How was it in uh a foster home?” he asks, I shrug memories form that place aren’t always that big remember it as like some were to be locked up in. I stand looking at him, “I’m going to bed” I say quietly I get up and walk in my room shutting the door. I lay in my bed and wipe a tear away, I had no idea why I was being such a baby. I close my eyes and fade away into sleep.


“You’re ridiculous” My mother spat. “And so are you” my father says back. “Dad!” I shout. “Quiet Winnie” he shouts to me and I sit back in my seat. “I signed her up because I was sick of hearing the piano in my house” My mother says. “You, You were getting mad at me when I wasn’t spending enough ‘Quality time’ with our daughter and then now you do this”


“I told I was sick of hearing it and I meant do something like  take her to the movies” My mother shouts, My Father huffs in anger.”I can’t believe you right now” he snaps my mother’s head turns her mouth open ready to shout. Until jerked to the left into the wood. I screamed loudly as wind shield exploded glass shattering and the car had flipped. I screamed in fear loudly so scared.


“Evelyn wake up” I was jerked awake to Evan standing over me and Katy standing behind him with wide eyes. “it was only a dream it wasn’t real” Evan says softly. I was drenched with sweat and was breathing very hard, my heart was pounding in my chest so hard. I ran my hand through my hair trying to calm down. I looked at the clock  3:30. “I didn’t mean to wake you up” I say out of breath.


“Its okay, you were screaming and may I tell you it scared the living daylights out of me” Evan says still watching me. “Is this every night?” he asks and I nod same nightmare but scarier each time. “I-I’m fine” I stutter.

“Are you sure” Katy asks and I look to her and nod. “Just fine really” I assure them. With concerned looks they slowly step out of my room I shut the  door and lock it. Hot tears stream down my face and I run both my hand through my hair. I run to my closet and pull out some converse and slip them on. I leave the house minutes later and walk for a long time until I come to a lonely road I take a short cut through the woods. I walk and pick some roses walking to the meadow an owl who’s in the distance and I quietly walk through the grass coming into a path  I walked up and stoped in front of the grave stones, I bend over and place the roses down. When I was younger  I would leave the foster home every night after a nightmare come here lay next to the grave stones and talk just about everything out, I don’t know why but it helped me because it was like they were right there next to me quietly listening.


I stepped away from them and walked down the next path, I came to the house and I quietly opened the French doors and enter. The house was the same. Same piano, Same cinnamon smell, Same candles and same everything. I walked into the room and sigh and the same piano. I close my eyes.


“Okay close your eyes” I do while smiling. “Picture the perfect scene” and I do. It was dark and the stars lights reflect of the piano a gust of wind blows through my hair and I sit down at the piano smiling at my beautiful black dress. My fingers trail across the keys. “Now what is the sound that fits it” my father’s soft voice asks. “Moonlight sonata” I say as my fingers move in to a rhythm. The beautiful sound is all that’s being able to hear. When I’m done I open one eye and peak out at my father he smiles.

“It was beautiful Winnie”


I open my eyes and sit at the piano. “picture the perfect scene” I whisper quietly and I do. I picture the piano and me  an early morning sitting right hear my father the orange sunlight seeping through the curtains, then I play a lullaby.

© 2013 Hazel Stone

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Added on November 29, 2013
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Hazel Stone
Hazel Stone

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