first day!

first day!

A Chapter by Hazel Stone


I glanced through the list of items to do as I paced back and forth. “hm, so other than waking all off you up, tomorrow  should be one of those easy days… sort off” I say turning my ipad off and setting it on the counter.i look up at them, they have sat quietly for a while now almost  ten minutes. I move away from the counter and in front of the sofa.

“Anything that needs to be said?” I ask, no answer. I sigh “alright I’m done” they all get up darting in different directions. Liam lays back against the sofa closing his eyes. “A night to relax, finally” he sighs with a slight smile I sit down in the space next to him.

“I don’t mean to bore you guys its just, managements just so-“ I glare at the wall not wanting to finish my sentence. Liam laughs softly “I know what you mean, and remind you you’re”-“Part of management yeah yeah” I interrupt him.

“care for a soda” Louis asks from the kitchen, I look at Liam who shakes his head. Then I look back at Louis he shrugs and walks past into one of the many bedrooms. I stand and walk to the door slipping my shoes on. “You’re not staying” Liam asks quietly. “No I’ve got a lot to do tonight, to help set for tomorrow” I say he waves his hand in the air. “Get some rest” I call out for any one. “AND don’t wander out” I yell as I open the door pause and run back in to grab my Ipad. “Night” I look up to see Niall coming from the kitchen area, I smile wave and leave there room shutting the door quietly. I walk down the hall and look down from the balcony to the lobby, I pull my cell phone out calling Paul. He didn’t answer, I sigh. I walk quickly back to my room pulling out my card key. As soon as I entered my room I pull out my laptop and get online,.

I wake up and look around, I was still in the bed laptop burning me, I push it off my lap and yawn look at the clock I woke up on tme to. I take a quick shower , and put on some nice cloths. I walk down to the boys room and open the door with my spare key card.  “morning” I whisper to Louis who sits half awake half asleep. “Do you mind helping me wake them up?” I ask he shrugs, “I guess I’ll wake one of them up” I narrow my eyes. “Which one” I ask.

“Don’t get your hopes up I’m not waking Zayn up” He says, I groan loudly . Louis laughs, I roll my eyes and walk off to the hallway, and open the first door I tiptoe in and rush to the bed. “Liam” I whisper yell, he rolls over on his stomach. “Liam” I shake his shoulder. He rolls over and sits up yawning. Hmm” he hums. ‘Get up” I tell him he nods and I leave the room.

“one up, three more to go” I sigh opening the door to the next room. “Get up!” I shout yanking the curtains back sun light filling the room. “Oh my gosh, pull the curtains back the sun is blinding” Nialls Irish accent fills the room. “It woke me up” he pouts sitting up. I laugh “it was suppose to” he flops back on the bed pretending to snore loudly. I walk over and pull his arm. “Get uuup”  I whine he yanks his arm away and I fall down. “Fine I’ll let the boys eat the bacon I made” at my words he jumps out of the bed and runs past me, I felt some what sorry for him cause its was a lie. I get up and leave the room with a frown Harry who was awake now looks at me.

“I didn’t make bacon” my eyes on the floor, he laughs lightly and walks past me. I skip towards Zayns bedroom I walk in and walk to his bed. “Zayn” I say shaking his shoulder. “Get up sleeping beauty” I say he still is asleep I sigh, honestly it gets harder and harder to wake him up. “Wake up” I snap louder but he only turns pulling the blankets over his head. I walk out of the room voting on asking the boys how to wake him up.  I walk into the living room area Niall sat on the couch looking at me.

“You lied” He grumbles clearly upset from what I said. “How do wake him up” I complain, Niall stands stretching. “Easy solution, you just don’t” he says walking to the small kitchen. I laugh lightly, truth was I would let him sleep all day but we have a tight schedule. Louis stands in front of me holding out a blow horn, I look at him.

“Now that’s plan mean” I laugh, he shrugs. “But it would be hilarious” he says then laughing at the thought. I snatch it from him, it would be worth it. I walked back in the room were he lay still asleep.I climb up on the bed stand and pushed down on the button I jumped at how loud it was .Zayn jolted awake causeing me to fall. “What the He-“ he paused and looked at me. “Kaddy” he said confused “Why would you do that?” he asks, I feel disappointment in my self but then after staring at each other for a while we are both laughing are heads off.

“All right now get ready we’ve got to get ready” I say pausing “So we can dance all night to the best song ever” I sing skipping out of the room. “You guys should ask uncle si to sign me up, I’m a natural”  I joke as I bend over to pick some trash up from the living room area. “Just kidding” I laugh.

“Alrighty then” Niall says quietly. I toss a white teddy bear at him from the floor, and he laughs. “You could break records” he says, I laugh “No I got you guys to do that for me” I laugh, I enter the small kitchen where Harry stand placing some food that he had made on a plate. Trying to be slick I pull a spoon off the counter  to eat some. He catches my wrist. “Nice try” he smirks.

“You saw that coming didn’t you?” I ask, he nods while letting go off my wrist. I decide on grabbing a water from the fridge and going back to the living room. “Alright hurry it up, we’ve got two hours to get to take pictures with fans get through crowds and be at the studio!” I shout.



I enter the large studio wandering around for a bit before looking for where I was really suppose to be. The whole studio was set up just like a company productions. I was guessing it was all part of the plan. “Hello” a voice shirped, I looked behind me to a girl who was about the same age as me her brown hair was neatly done with curls and she held a clipboard.

“Hi” I smiled, she glanced down at her clipboard. “Hello I am Kadeline Brant, I’m sure you had to have here of me” She said I nodded. “And you are” she waited for my answer . “Evelyn Boyer” I announce she looks back at the clipboard search through some name tags. “I only have a Winnie Boyer” she says looking at me holding it up. I grit my teeth.

“Yeah that’s my real name” I say taking it from her, she smiles at me. “It’s a really pretty name you should use it” she turns and walks away and pauses. “Other photographers are in that room they will no were the cameras are and I was told to tell if you break them your fired” she said pointing to a room behind me before I could say thanks she was gone. So I decide walking to that room is the best way to start…Making friends. Curse my shyness.I walk only to see people a lot older than me I soon find a camera sitting on the table and pick it up. This camera was so much bigger than my parents cameras would be and it was heavy.


Later that day I was familiar with the other photographers, one my age going for the same job would talk to me on and on, bragging about how awesome her life was and that her parents spent more than $2000 dollars for her to be here, so that she could be close to the boys of one Direction. I grew to hate her.

“Ugh” The girl Talia whines. “I so hate this job” she complains again. I level my camera up so that I could snap a picture. “Yup you have only said that seventy times” I say irritated. “You better shut up” she snaps at me angrily, it was a big mistake cause I stood.

“Why don’t you tell yourself that, because I don’t know about them but I’m sure sick of hearing you talk about your perfect life you little spoiled brat, because guess what not everyone has what you have” I snarl, she is now quiet only staring at me.Jee that felt good, I thought.

“Is there a problem here” A voice asks and I look at the girl I saw earlier Kadeline. “Sorry I just was being really selfish” Talias voice was below a whisper. Kadeline nods slowly and walks away. “look I’m sorry its just”-“No I, I get it” she cuts me off looking up at “I’m really sorry I didn’t know I was being such a-a Brat” She walks away and gulp. First day of work went perfect.


I sit on the counter going on about my first day to Evan. “So you nearly punched a girl in the face” he laughs shaking his head. “You see she apologized” I say looking at the people in the theatre rushing around. “Can you get down I’m going to get fired” he asks and I push myself down. “So I’m moving in with Katy” he announces, I shrug.

“About time you’re a slob anyways” I say he looks at me offended. “I have to stay after hours and scrub gum out from under the table , cause I told an employee to clean the bathroom and I was supposed to so yeah” he says his head tilted sideways. “Your a baddy” I smirk and he smiles. “I know I am” he says wiping the counters down I snatch a candy and open it.

“I’m not paying for that” Evan tells me. I shrug pulling out a dollar bill and handing it to him he snatches it from me. “a dollar fifty smart one” he says still holding out his hand I sigh handing him another dollar, “Keep the change” I snap.

“Will do” he laughs.

© 2013 Hazel Stone

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Ahhhhh! So sassy!!! Lolz!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Lol, blowhorn time :) *insert devious/devilish smile and villanous hand rubbing*

Posted 10 Years Ago

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