Memories Lane

Memories Lane

A Poem by Rita L. Sev



While taking a familiar stroll

Along a well-worn way

I found my heart had wandered,

My thoughts had gone astray


One path led to lush, green fields

So fresh with fewer years;

And then I found a somber place,

A rain forest of tears


We never know where we might go

Traveling this terrain;

Each moment in the Past’s a pause

We take on Memories Lane


© 2016 Rita L. Sev

Author's Note

Rita L. Sev
Looking through too many old journals and photographs...

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A path "so fresh with fewer years" is where my thoughts often go, too. I love the way you express these thoughts.

Posted 1 Year Ago

One other thing, Rita, I love your Peanut Butter and Jelly Personality I see in your photo. Toodles!

PB Jacobs (The King of What?)

Posted 2 Years Ago

12:45 PM U.S. CST
"My Review of Memories Lane by Rita L. Sev, a Fellow Writer's Café Author"
by PB Jacobs (

Happy PM Rita!

Gee, there's people with pet peeve's, and then there are mealy-minded worm's. Teaching does this to a person, huh. Have you figured the kind of, to promote complimentary and professional courtesy, hardened aspects of your career personality out? I wonder about you, and this is my first impression, but you seem very intelligent, so it's all good, period.

So, you have a neat little outfit on your work, and it's in gray, oh so neatly. You have a bit of root power supremacy going on, if you ask me. Neato! Gotta love your image and smile. You might want to pop on facebook and check me out. You'll kind of and kind of not get a kick out of my entries, and yeah, I'm a just be yourself kind of World Media Liberal Artist (TES Author, and everything), as we are online (world wide web), right? I love to blabber off at the keyboard!

Oh, the review!

So, you're writing about The Feeling Personality Triad, huh? Well, personally, I tend to let my feelings run free within me, and yes, I work on my mind, here and there. Messed up mental health, messed up life experience, you see. Yeah, yeah...

Iconoclast Personality Type inner accretions can really mess with the person with untrained and uneducated awareness and understanding, and yeah, I'm typing basic stuff, but we all need to maintain a closer proximity to our own bare, yet inner reality. Some people don't bother to delve into and get thier own inner, bare reality. Bummer...

Yes, reflection and nostalgia are good, but for someone like me, I'm just not sure. I'm coming off of a bad case of Astral Utilitarian Insanity and Infestation. I'm not paranoid about thinking the wrong thing, but I don't want to stir some parts of me up, quite yet. Bummer?

Then, you work get's me to think about linear thinking and dramaturgical psycholgy, and nuisance psychology. What should really be a nuisance to someone, inwardly, and on a personal level? Hmmmm?

Dude. Keep in touch!

PB Jacobs

Posted 2 Years Ago

I love this!! If I may, when I was reading this I heard in my head a forest of a thousand tears. Still, such a smooth flow and simple relatable meaning. You go Girl! Sorry I haven't been around lately. My well has been dry for quite awhile but, of late I've been having some inspirations so I'm back.

Posted 4 Years Ago

ah, nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia Rita

Posted 4 Years Ago

love it Rita! so very true ... we do tend to collect a whole lot of stuff don't we!? nice rhyme and rhythm ..universal and personal content at the same time .. well done says i!

Posted 4 Years Ago

It's beautiful, Rita!

Particularly, the Papyrus font befits the mood perfectly, gray softens imagery, a misty ambiance (set by your word choices and arrangement) swept me into your moments — this is excellent poetry, with a deeply emotional appeal most anyone can relate to … beautifully rendered, Rita!

Lacking proper punctuation and every line capped, however, leaves me with a heavy, unfinished mind's-eye appeal.
With your easy reading (general) 8/6/8/6 Ballad flow and spot-on rhymes, this could easily be made into a well-deserved virtual masterpiece.

As much as I enjoyed this one, Rita, one is left with the sense something remains unsaid … perhaps, another verse (or two) would complete it?
What the heck, I dunno(?) — I just love it and how it touches my tender side … big thank you hug! ⁓ Richard

Posted 4 Years Ago

I had a similar experience recently, when cleaning out the garage. Perfectly penned, as always.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

4 Years Ago

Thanks, Cyntax - we recently moved to a new house, and the clearing out of our home of 24 years beca.. read more
Beautiful as always your works are immaculate.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

4 Years Ago

:) Much appreciated, Tate!
Nice nostalgic verse... indeeed as I get older I find myself looking back more and more... Ive a few akin to this here and on my website... feeling my years and Im not yet forty. Well for another five months anyway. Early onset mid life crisis I think!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Rita L. Sev

4 Years Ago

Thanks, Tomas!

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Rita L. Sev
Rita L. Sev

Philadelphia, PA

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A Poem by Rita L. Sev

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