Through The Eyes, Chapter 4

Through The Eyes, Chapter 4

A Chapter by SpiritedTales

Back to school.

Back at school already, I thought to myself while I picked through my locker for my binder. I have History with a Ms. Kobayashi in room... 53 .I grabbed my binder from the bottom of my bag and closed my locker door, but I jumped when I heard,"WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL KAZ!!!"

"Hojo.... Don't ever that.. again..," I coughed. Hojo smiled while he picked my binder from the floor and handed it to me.

"Your way to easy," he said, "What if I was stalker?"

I snatched the binder away from him and replied," Then I would have to hurt you.

As I started to walk away, Hojo followed me, with his hands in his light brown hoody, I looked at him and said," Aren't you bringing your binder?"

Hojo just laughed," Dude! First day back! No one brings books on the first day! The teacher isn't giving us any homework you silly," he explained.

"Fine, if she does your giving me 10$ for Ramen." I offered.

Hojo grinned. "You're on".

We made our way into the classroom, looking at the seating plan at the front and going to out assigned seats. I was at the back of the room, while Hojo, (not surprisingly,) was at the front of my row. A few people were already here, one of them asked me about what I did for the week off, I told him about the mountain trip. Meanwhile Hojo was arm wrestling another student.

"Ahah come on dude! Your bigger than me! Put your unseen muscle into it!" he taunted. The unfortunate student was sweating and was trying so hard, while Hojo was sitting there with his head in his other hand.

"Hojo, what are you doing?" I called to him, He turned his head, still in the arm wrestle.

"Playing" he replied. I shook my head.

"You better not hurt his arm, he won't be able to work at all today, just win or something."

Hojo shrugged and looked at his opponent, "Tough luck", he whispered as he slammed his opponents arm on the hard wood desk. Then a green haired woman made her way in the room.

"Hello everyone! I am Ms. Kobayashi, and I will be your History teacher for the remainder of the semester," She said, giving a light bow to us to show respect.

"Hello Ms. Kobayashi," the class murmured.

"Right, well today we have a transfer student from Sapporo. Everyone please welcome Masumi Kai into the class," the teacher said, looking at the door to see a young girl with blue hair come inside. She walked to the front of the room, turned to the class, winked playfully and said, "Whats up home-skillets!"

"ACK!" I heard Hojo say, when I looked at him he put his head down really fast.Whats up with him?

"Umm, well, please take a seat behind ...errr..." Ms.Kobayashi looked at the plan, "Behind Mr. Kasaya Please."

Masumi walked past Hojo, giving him a weird look in the process, and sat behind him.

"Ok class, today we jump right into the work! Please take out your History text book and turn to page 12," Ms.Kobayashi instructed,writing the page number on the board. I grabbed my book and turned to the assigned page and looked at it. We are studying Shoguns? That's kinda interesting. Aren't Shoguns ancestral warlords who..

"Mr.Kasaya? Where are your books?" I heard the teacher ask, breaking my thoughts. "Ermmm not here?" He said, looking up and giving a charming "i-didn't-do-it" smile.

"Right.. stay after class... Ohh? You too Ms.Kai? What about your books?" Masumi looked up and smiled.

"Eheheh... not here?", Ms.Kobayashi stared at both Hojo and Masumi.

"Well, how about you two take some notes today, oh and please stay after class as well."
Ms.Kobayashi said nicely. Both Hojo and Masumi dropped their heads, both grumbling.

The Bell goes off.

"Ok class, please finish up page 18's questions for tomorrow!" Ms.Kobayashi called out, sitting on her desk and laying the textbook beside her. I got up and Hojo looked at me, he grinned and held up 10$. I smiled and took it as I walked past.

[Enter Hojo]

"Mr.Kasaya, what makes you think that on the first day, you can come to class with nothing?" Kobayashi questioned, sitting cross-legged on the desk.

"Errm, I don't know?" I said, still keeping my head low from the girl behind me, "And Ms.Kai. Being able to skip a year would make you thought as smart, but you're showing lack of responsibility. Should I ask why you didn't bring your books?" the teacher continued, looking at Masumi for an response.

She sat up a bit and smiled. "Nope, you wouldn't believe it if I told you."

Kobayashi sighed and said, "Well, I'm paring you two up for an assignment now, 'cause both of you didn't bring your books today. I want you two to research on any person that had any relations to a Shogun, I know there's one in your family Kasaya, so you both should probably go with that.You have 2 days. Dismissed."

Kobayashi got up, got her books, gave us a light bow and walked out of the classroom. I stood firmly in place at the desk, while Masumi got up and stood infront of me.

"So your last name is Kasaya? Whats your first name?" she asked. I said, "Hojo," but she didn't hear me.

"Whazzat? Take your head out of your arms, dummy" she giggled. I looked up.
"Hojo" I said loudly. As soon as she saw my face, her eyes narrowed.


"Well this isn't my cup of tea either!" I screamed back, but saying otherwise in my mind. Masumi shook her head violently.

"I'm not doing this project with you! I'm doing it myself!" She stated, starting to run out.

"You can't," I said, slowly getting up. She stopped abruptly and turned around.


"My family has the shogun ancestor yours probably doesn't, so I guess you do," I stated, she thought for awhile.

"AHH NO!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOO! I'LL FIND AN ESSAY ON THE COMPUTER OR SOMETHING! JUST NOT WITH YOU!" She yelled. I thought for a moment, but got then I got greatest idea.

"You know what? I'll arm wrestle you! If I win, you do the project with me, If I lose, you can do whatever you want." I offered, puling a seat in front of my desk and sitting in my seat.

"Pfft whatever! I'm outta here," She said, turning around.

"Ya, you would lose anyway, 'cause your a girl." I said out loud, smiling at the upcoming reaction. She slowly turned around with narrow slits for eyes, walked up silently and sat on the chair in front of me.

"Prepare to get pwned!" She claimed. We clasp hands and counted down, " 3....2...1... GO!".

I was ready for the amount of strength is girl had, and I knew she was athletic, but damn! We were both there struggling, sweating, with our arms shaking on the desk.
"I... wont... lose... to... an... idiot," she managed to say.

"Dream... on!" I gasped. Her arm started to give in a bit and started to go back. YES, I thought, I am so winning! I smiled.


I looked up and looked at the girl, my eyes widened. IS it just me or did she get cuter since the summer?? While I was away in lala land, she slammed my hand down on the desk and jumped up cheering.

"YES!! In your FACE, idiot!"

I sat there still wide-eyed. I looked down at my hand, it was trembling. Wtf , God damn you Heart! You made me lose, I thought angrily.

"Well I'll see you later," she said walking towards the door again. I looked at her and said, "What?"

She turned and looked at me with a smile,"Were doing the project together you idiot! So bring some books on your idiotic family tommorow!" She winked coquettishly and walked out the class. I hit my head against the desk.

"God d****t!I lost to a girl.." I groaned. I got up and strolled out the class, with my hands in my pocket.

[Enter Kazuo]

Ahh, well now that Hojo is in detention, I s'pose I'll head to my next class, hmm which is...Geography. I walked along the hall, searching for the room. 20...21...23...24... ahh, 25. I walked in and to only see one girl in the class. I close the door and say a quick "Hello."

The girl looked up and said, "Oh Hi Kazuo." I strain my eyes to see that its Eriko!
"Oh hey Eriko, didn't know we had a class together," I replied.

She smiled. "What happens happens, I guess."

I looked for a seating plan but didn't see one posted on the board or front desk.I turned and sat one seat away from her, she looked at me with a confused look.

"Ohh there's a seating plan?" she said.

I looked at her and said a quick "no."

She looked down at her desk and said a quiet," Oh... ok..."

I look up and started to say, "Want me to sit with you?" but when I did I saw some shivering black figure right behind her holding a knife. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed staring behind her. Eriko looked at me with a very confused look and said,"What?"

The figure swung the knife down at Eriko, I got out of the chair and grabbed Eriko and pulled her out of the desk just in time before the knife hit the desk. I stood there holding Eriko in my arms staring at the knife, Eriko looked up and said, "Ummmm... Kazuo... Can you put me down?"

I looked down,"Oh! sorry"

I put her down,walked to the desk and stared at the knife.

"Uhh Kazuo, what are you looking at?" Eriko said slowly walking to my side. I looked up.

"You cant see it? You cant see this knife?" I said, pointing to the knife. Eriko looked down at the spot where I was pointing to and said, "Uhh no, there's nothing there.."
I looked at the knife, and slowly went to grab the knife, but it vanished into thin air when I touched it.

"What? How?" I stammered, still looking at where the knife used to be. Eriko now had a worried face on.

"Umm Kazuo are you okay? You don't look well... Want me to get someone to call home for you?" She asked, touching my arm. I looked at Eriko, took a deep breath, and smiled.

"No that's fine, I guess maybe its from me hanging around Hojo to much. I'll be fine. Really," I said softly, moving back to my seat, and sitting down. She sat down, propped her elbow on the desk and rested her chin on her hand. I was thinking about what happened earlier, and how the knife was there, but vanished, and even with it there, Eriko couldn't see it... Something's wrong with me....

© 2010 SpiritedTales

Author's Note

Remember, I have not localized this story yet. Japanese names and terms are still used.

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