A Chapter by The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Jared learns about magic as he waits to go back to Earth.

He wanted to see everybody again, to tell them that he wasn't dead. He wanted to spare his community the grief, but Eddie insisted he should wait.

Eddie had introduced him to two other angels there. Both were adult men with unusual names that Jared had forgotten in minutes, and neither liked to talk much. The four of them sat down in a circle on the invisible ground and looked at each other for a few minutes.

It was Eddie that broke the uncomfortable silence. "Oi, Jared, look at this!" He cupped his hands together, closed his eyes, and looked to be concentrating very hard. Suddenly, his eyes flashed open and he tossed a small, dark shape to Jared. Jared turned it over in his hands. It was just a cheap, plastic button. Jared was puzzled as to why it was significant, but was sure Eddie would explain.

Jared looked into Eddie's eyes and listened as he slowly, savoringly, said one word, "Magic."

"Magic?" Jared asked, not sure why. The existence of magic had been proven just days after the Revelation. It was another reason the world had supposedly changed so much since that year, but the discovery magic hadn't affected Jared or anyone he knew.

"One of the perks of being an angel," Eddie said. "You can use your energy to create things out of nothing... or fly... or do all sorts of amazing things!"

"How?" Jared asked, interested.

"You'll just have to figure it out on your own," Eddie answered.

This annoyed Jared, but he was determined to succeed. He sat down a short distance away to experiment. He cupped his palms together and practically burned a hole in them with his gaze. He concentrated, stretching his mind to its limits, until a small drop of water splashed on his hands.

Jared's eyes widened until it hurt. Eddie rushed over to him cheering. "You got it! Nice! And so fast too!"

"What now?" Jared asked, "Does this mean I can go back?"

"You seem pretty intent on going back to Earth, don't you? And no, not yet. You can barely generate a drop of water, you're no where near strong enough to live on Earth. You need to practice more."

So Jared practiced. Seeing everybody again was the only thing that mattered.

Fifty hours later, Eddie gave him permission to return. During those fifty hours, he learned not only generation and flight like Eddie had promised, but also scrying, which would let him see things far away and understand them.
"You seem to be ready." Eddie said, his face somber.
Jared nodded.
"Then you can go if you want to. I don't have any authority over you, nobody does."
"Goodbye then," Jared told him.
Jared turned around and walked into the mist, his magic guiding him to Earth.

© 2010 The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Author's Note

The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
I never really wanted to write this chapter, so sorry if it seems a bit thrown-together. But it is necessary for the transition to Earth; I don't want to confuse you by using unexplained magic powers.

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You're right. Even though I haven't read the next chapter yet, I'm pretty sure this chapter is pretty necessary. Good job though. (:

Posted 13 Years Ago

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The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

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