Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

A Chapter by The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

The (hopefully) epic ending.

Jared stared down the gun sights at the young black man kneeling on the floor. There was no pride or feeling of power. Even though he had total control over another man's fate, his mind was filled with sadness. All three of these men were a shame. They thought they could make their lives better with violence. What ever happened to the Angels' message to love one another? They should be punished for their sins.
He shifted his focus to the gun in his hand. Jared didn't know much about guns, but there was a feeling, a certainty, that this was the same weapon that had taken his life once, and had almost taken Emily's too. Suddenly, this cheap, basic pistol had much anti-sentimental value. It would be the perfect tool to perform the execution. Jared took a deep breath to gather his determination, then exhaled slowly, cutting off his breath halfway through. The moment was now.
"Jared..." a weak voice broke his concentration. Jared took his eyes off the helpless man and turned his head toward Emily.
Emily. How he had longed to see her face.  Ever since he had died, the only thing he had wanted was to see her again. And now he had it. Something in him broke at the sight of her tear-stained face. Suddenly, another man's death had lost its value.
Jared looked back at the kneeling man with his fearful expression. He didn't need to die. He would suffer enough with the punishment the government would give him. Jared swung his arm, the pistol cracking against the man's temple, sending him into unconsciousness. He then flung the weapon into the far corner. He hoped he would never see it again.
Dropping to his knees in front of Emily, he whispered, "Yes, it's me, Jared."
Emily's eyes and mouth widened in shock. "But... but you... you died." She could barely form a sentence.
"I came back. For you." Jared smiled. "I'm an Angel now.If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. It was my feelings for you that kept me alive."
"No," she whispered. "That's not it."
Jared's smile faded and he looked deep into her eyes.
"It was you. You gave up everything for a hope, a wish that I would love you. That's why you're an Angel."
Not knowing what to think, Jared looked down at the floor. "But," she said, "you got your wish. After all you've done, I can't help it..." She paused.
Jared looked back up and saw only her lips. "I love you."
Standing up to his feet, he fought hard to refrain from jumping for joy. He walked around the chair and untied her bonds. As he helped her to her feet, she exclaimed, "You're bleeding!"
Looking down, Jared noticed the wounds in his chest where he had been shot. "They don't hurt," he told her. "It will take more than a few bullets to kill an Angel." Emily said nothing in reply. "Come on," Jared spoke softly,"Let's leave this dark place before the police arrive."

Stepping onto the street, the two of them were completely alone. This was the rough part of town and all of the streetlights were broken. The sun had completely set and a full moon illuminated the sky. For the street, the only light came from a nearby house with all of its windows lit.
"What are you going to do now?" Emily asked.
"I'm not sure," he said, "Maybe I'll try living again. There aren't a lot of rules for being an Angel."
He gazed up into the heavens, at the clouds with their silver linings of moonlight. "Or maybe I'll reach out, and become a guardian angel for those who need it. The world is full of people that need saving.
People like you." He unexpectedly turned away from the sky and looked directly at Emily, startling her. "But for now, I will be your Angel."
Emily stared at his face, speechless, her mouth slightly open. Her mind was full of thoughts, full of feelings, but she was unable to put them to words. She didn't care, enjoying this moment of
emotional bliss.
"Here, let me take you home." Jared said as he tightly wrapped his arms around her body and held her close, pressing her face into his chest, now unwounded. Nostalgia swept over Emily; this was exactly the same as when he gave up his life for her. Tears formed in her eyes at the thought. He loved her, and she loved him back. Turning her face to look up, she saw identical tears escaping his own closed eyes. Tears of love.
With a ruffling sound, great, shining wings spread from Jared's back, tearing his shirt open. Emily gasped in awe at the sight. The radiating light reached far down the street, touching the decrepit buildings and giving them new life. In the lit house, a woman opened up her window, gawking in amazement. Music reached them from inside, sending out its tendrils to where they stood.

Standing in the light of your halo
I've got my angel now.
"Hold on tight," Jared whispered, and the pair was lifted up into the air, leaving the streets behind. Locked in embrace, they soared off over the city.

© 2011 The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

Author's Note

The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
The song is Halo by Beyonce. I'm not really a fan of it, but when I heard it, I felt it just HAD to be included.
So, it ends here. Unless I get a brilliant idea for some way to continue it, I think I will leave it here.

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This one i like the best.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Good ending. Good overall. Interesting enough to keep me reading, and I get bored easily. I really like it! (:

Posted 13 Years Ago

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The Dudeman (Kenneth T)
The Dudeman (Kenneth T)

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