Twilight in The Sky

Twilight in The Sky

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Sarah went a couple of days traveling by walking and rides. There were only inns that were in this side of the country. It was almost like Sarah stepped back in time. The cars and trucks resembled something like in the 1940s or 50s. Hobbies and trades seemed to consist of planes in the area. The towns around the coastal area were teeming with life. People were crowding the streets working and shopping. It shouldn’t be hard finding someone who might know about a city of the sky. Sarah thought to herself. It was hard finding someone who didn’t seem too busy to talk until she saw a florist tending to his flowers.

            “Excuse me.” Sarah called as she weaved through the crowd to get the florist.

            “Why hello there.” The man called when Sarah finally reached him. “Anything I can do for you?”

            “Yes, I was wondering if you may have heard about a city of the sky.”

            “Who hasn’t?” Sarah’s eyes widened. How easy was that?

            “So you heard of it?” The man chuckled.

            “It’s only the most popular folktale in this coastal area.”

            “Folktale?” The man nodded, sitting down, and offered Sarah a seat at a nearby table.

            “Yeah. It is said there are people that are born with wings and they in this huge castle like place that floats in the sky. People have actually tried to find it and some of them say they’ve even caught a glimpse of the place. But when they try flying towards it massive winds start up and hail the size of baseballs start flying around. Most people turn around, afraid of the plane being torn apart. But there is one person that I know of that says he didn’t turn around. He flew right thru the storm and he says that suddenly the storm cleared up. Unfortunately, when he approached it the whole entire place just disappeared. To make matters worse his plane suddenly died on him and he went into a nose dive heading straight for the beach a few ways down from here.

            “The weird thing is what he said happened next. He said that just moments before his plane smashed to the ground, he was picked up out of the thing. A beautiful young lady with snow white hair, blood red eyes and cloud white wings on her back saved him just before he lost consciousness.

            “Anyway, that’s his story. Some other people say that the people that live in the castle occasionally come down here for food and supplies but you can’t tell. It’s supposed to be because they come down here the same time as the tourist, like now. One of them could be that lady buying watermelons over there or that man who is taking the meat from across the street. Any one of those guys could be them. But like I said"just a folk tale. Except for the guy I told you about.”

            “I must see him!” Sarah said excitedly. “Does he live around here? You must tell me where he is.”

            “Okay, okay.” The florist stood up. “Sure, he lives around here. Go take the main road all the way down until the last turn. You should be on the outskirts of town. Take that turn and his house should be at the very end on the left side of the street. His place is pretty easy to spot, seeing that it has a mini landing and take off strip at the back of his house.

            “Maybe if you ask him, he’ll fly you to that place but then again he hates strangers. Especially, young ‘immature’ people. He really hates females the most and you already fit into two other categories so who knows. In my opinion you’re different than most other people. Try to get on his good side and maybe a miracle will happen.” A customer walked up to the store area and started observing some of the flowers. “Remember what I told you.” The florist broke off from Sarah to help with the new customer and Sarah rushed for the location that the man gave her. When Sarah arrived at the place she saw that it was an airplane repair shop. She knocked on the door and a slit on it opened.

            “What do ya want?” A gruff voice asked from behind the door.

            “I need to speak with you.”

            “About what?”

            “The place that you saw. The castle in the sky.”

            “I don’t do no interviews little girl. Now Scram!” The slit closed and Sarah banged on the door.

            “I’m not here for an interview. I heard about what happened to you. I believe it’s true.” There was a sound of the door unlocking and it opened. A middle aged man with faded red hair stepped out.

            “Why would you believe my story?” He asked. His voice was calmer.

            “I’m looking for the same place. I may need to see the girl that saved you.” The man looked Sarah over.

            “If you’re playin’ some prank"”

            “I promise it is no prank.” The man eased himself and started to walk back inside.

            “Well, come on in. The name’s Mathew.” Sarah followed Mathew inside and instantly noticed the many planes all around"old and new; simple and complicated. The place was practically an airplane hanger. It was easily about the size of one. “So are you saying that you know the people from the castle in the sky?” Sarah was still absorbed at the different type of planes that she almost didn’t hear his question.

            “Well, I haven’t actually been there or at least I can’t remember. It sounds really familiar as though I have known them before. I feel as though the girl that saved you is who I’m looking for.” Mathew stopped and turned to Sarah.

            “Looking for? What for?”

            Sarah shrugged. “I really don’t know yet but she should be able to provide the answers I’m looking for. I think that she might reside in the castle if we can somehow get to it.” Sarah’s face turned hopeful. “Can you please fly me there?”

            “I’m not going back up there! I was almost killed last time I tried.” Sarah’s hopeful eyes disappeared. “Besides, my plane is totaled.”

            “What about these other planes.”

            “Bah! None of these planes could survive high winds nor can they withstand those large hailstones pelting down on any of ‘em.”

            “Then we could build one that can"modify one of these planes using parts from your old one.” Sarah thought she saw a smile play across the man’s face.

            “Why are you so persistent to get up there?”

            “I’m on a mission.” If it weren’t for the determined look on Sarah’s face Mathew would have thought she were joking.

            “Really? What kind of mission?” Sarah looked away from the planes and her eyes looked straight into Mathew’s.

            “It’s a mission for me.” Mathew blew air from his nose. “Look, if you can’t help me then I’ll go and find someone else.” Sarah was about to turn when Mathew put a hand on her shoulder.

            “Hold on, kid. Just let me sleep on it. Stay at the inn tonight and I’ll at least find you someone that can help you.” Sarah let out a breath that she felt like she had been holding since first hearing the story from the florist.

            “Thank you. I’ll be back tomorrow at noon?” Mathew nodded.

            “Tomorrow at noon.”

            Sarah left the hanger and went to the only inn in the small town. The desk clerk greeted her at the door.

            “I’m terribly sorry ma’am but all of our rooms are full"with the trading season here it gets like this.” Sarah left the inn and traveled to the outskirts of town where the ground was nothing but red sand and dust. There were many more tourist and traders that were in the area to stay the night as well. Sarah found an unoccupied area and set up a small camp. The sun was nearly setting and made the sky a crimson red and Sarah settled down ready to sleep when she heard someone near. She quickly sat up but then relaxed somewhat when she saw it was Vincent.

            “What kind of person sneaks up on someone while they’re asleep?” Sarah asked.

            “I meant no harm. I just came to check in on your progress.” Sarah turned to Vincent, suddenly.

            “Why am I doing this?”

            “I’m helping you see the bigger picture.”

            “Well, I’m not seeing anything but confusion right now.”

            “You must first collect enough pieces before you can start to guess what the whole picture is.”

            “Can you, please, tell me what I’m doing?”

            “Not right now but you’ll find out in due time, Sarah.”

            “How do you know anything about me?”

            “I can’t tell you right now. Do you know if you’re getting to your destination?” Sarah gave Vincent a mocking look.

            “Not right now but you’ll find out in due time, Vincent.” Vincent chuckled. “But I’m serious. I really don’t know yet. Even if I do find that girl what am I supposed to do then?” Vincent put up his hand for silence and starred into the nearby mountains.

            “Unwelcomed guest. Stay here. I’ll be right back.” Vincent disappeared from sight and Sarah looked around to see if anyone saw him vanish. Fortunately, everyone seemed to be asleep already.

            When Vincent reappeared he was behind Zepher who was looking down on Sarah’s location with binoculars.

            “No wonder you want to protect her.” Zepher said setting her binoculars down. “She’s got the cute looks but why are you hanging out with her?”

            “For my own personal reasons.” Vincent answered.

            “You know that only makes me ever more curious, Vincent. Is she a girlfriend? Or maybe a contact from some secret group you’re apart of?”

            “I am not using her for neither of your bizarre reasons, Zepher. She is helping me.”

            “With what?”

            “It is something that you will see later on"if you behave. That is all you’re getting out of me.”

            “Really?” Zepher walked over and embraced Vincent. “You don’t have to waste your time with her. If you want a real woman then you need not look further.”

            “Do I need to tell your brother, Snyder, about you’re resorting to female humanistics to get information out of me.”

            Zepher let go and stepped back. She then looked up at Vincent angrily. “You think that just because I’m a vampi"”

            “Zepher,” Vincent cut in. “you’re a dragula not a vampire.” Zepher grunted and put her hands to her head.

            “I know! Don’t remind me. I hate being the lower breed. I would stick my fangs into Toshiya just so I could become a vampire"even if it was only for a second and she then she tore me to shreds. I would die happy knowing that I was a vampire for only a second.” Vincent put a hand on Zepher’s shoulders.

            “But it doesn’t work that way, thankfully. I would be upset if I lost you.”

            “Why do vampires have all of the superiority over us dragulas?” Zepher asked. “They don’t live any longer, they don’t possess any more intelligence, and there are tons more of us dragulas than there are vampires.”

            “You know why they are dominant. If you were to go up against a vampire you wouldn’t last long. Especially the Midnights, which Toshiya just so happens to be apart of before she joined F.E.A.R. Look, working with Sarah will not endanger me nor anyone else’s position. She will not know where I came from or what I do. Now you should get going and get some rest. You are important, dragula or not. Remember that.” A smile played across Zepher’s face.

            “Y-you’re right. Sorry for bothering you. I won’t tell anyone of tonight’s events.” With her final sentence Zepher vanished in a pillar of fire and Vincent immediately returned to Sarah.

            “I was beginning to think you were killed.” Vincent looked at Sarah.

            “It’s hard to tell whether you’re joking or not. Anyway, you don’t need to worry anymore. I’ll be taking my leave. Good luck on your journey tomorrow.”



© 2010 VincentRayne

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