A Chapter by VincentRayne

Sarah isn't who she seems...


"You've done well." Vincent said. Sarah jumped when she heard his voice. She was sitting on the steps of an old abandoned school with the only light coming from the moonlight itself.

"You were right about people trying to bring back the Realm of Fear. But one thing bothers me. Why do they know you?" Sarah stood up to face Vincent. "You work for them don't you?" Vincent adjusted his glasses, the moonlight reflecting off of them, hiding his eyes.

"Your correct but then again you really have no right to question who I am."

"Pardon?" Sarah asked dumbfounded.

"You can cut the act, 'Sarah.' I know that's not really who you are. There is no doubt in my mind that you are not the Sarah Rayne I intended to meet." Sarah went for her guns but Vincent had one already pointed at her. "I believe that Sarah is alive and is hidden somewhere by you, though were I have no clue." Sarah's shoulders sagged. She knew she was caught.

"How did you know?" Vincent smirked as if he had been waiting for the very question.

"My first piece of evidence was when you were frightened so easily. That only shows that your ability to sense energy is rather low. You have magic abilities but they are very different from Sarah's there for you can't even use the guns you possess. Other obvious clues were that don't have an accent of any kind. Sarah's tongue will never allow her to speak this language like you and I."

"You speak about her as if you know her personally." Sarah said.

"I do. Or at least I've been in her presence back when she used to be in the labs. I was one of the scientist that worked with her. In all actuality, I taught her most of what she knows now. I also helped her escape as well."

"If you knew I wasn't Sarah for so long then why didn't you just point it out from the beginning?"

"You still helped me in what I needed done, whether you were the real Sarah or not. Now all that is left is one question. Who are you? You could easily decieve anyone at first glance for the fact that you and Sarah practically look identical."

"...I am like Sarah but from an alternate dimension. My name is Madeline. I'm Sarah's doppleganger--if you want to group me to a category." Vincent cocked an eyebrow.

"So the fact that you are here must be very important. I'm well aware of the dangers of dopplegangers meeting with an original."

"I'm an original too." Madeline said in a hurt tone.

"Yes, I'm sorry. But why pretend to be Sarah? Why do you act now instead of letting people believe she has been dead for the past four years. Why hide her?"

"She is not hidden. She has been unconscious for those for years up until about two weeks ago. Since then she has wanted me to see what the world was like. She said that she is having trouble placing herself where she is right now. I think she has suffered some type of brain trauma. You seemed to know about Sarah so I stayed with you because I needed to know why you believed in her."

"I see. To stop the epidemic from happening I'm going to need the real Sarah."

"She's still recovering. I must let her rest." Vincent grabbed Madeline by her shirt collar.

"Look, Madeline, I don't think you fully realize the importance of this situation. The queen of Death, whom every kingdom within the realms already fears, is about to reach Earth. If she is not stopped she will bring the Realm of Fear to this planet and millions of people will die in the process. Do you really want the weight of all their deaths on your shoulders?"

"Is she really that important?" Vincent let go of Madeline.

"Yes, yes she is."

"I'll take you to her but first explain to me what the danger of the Realm of Fear is." Vincent sighed.

"The Realm of Fear is, technically, not even suppose to exist. It was sealed away on agreement of all of the kingdoms within every Realm. The reason why I don't exactly know; I wasn't there. But I do know that even the King and Queen that ruled over all the realms fear it."

"Then it seems like this is a great threat. Okay, I'll go on and take you to Sarah just remember, do not overwhelm her. After all she just woke up from a four year coma.

© 2010 VincentRayne

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