Realm of Fear

Realm of Fear

A Chapter by VincentRayne

“The witching hour at the place of my nightmares with a forecast of severe thunder storms.” Vincent said just as a deep rumbling reverberated throughout the area in front of a large old warehouse then he turned towards Sarah. “This is the last place I would like to be but I’m not her for me. I’m here for you.” Sarah looked around. It was around eight o’clock in the afternoon but the dark clouds cast a heavy shadow that made the night seem a lot darker.

“Where are we?” She asked.

“This is where the Realm of Fear tried to manifest itself once before"here on Earth. This was where it all started. Most called it the ‘Regeneration of the World.’ I called it extinction. Many people died. I was only among a few survivors. Fortunately, this only happened in this area that spanned the radius of this country. It didn’t spread any further. I was barely able to put a stop to it. A demon that tried to kill off all of Mankind and claim this world as his own…”

“What does this all have to do with me?” Sarah asked and a bright flash of lightning followed by another roar of thunder seemed to answer her question. When she looked back at Vincent, Sarah gasped at what she saw. Vincent had transformed into a big wolf like creature with four glowing red eyes. It stood on it hind legs and its basic body structure still seemed like that of a man’s but the larger build, fur, legs and face holding that of a wolf. Its hands ended in black long and sharp claws and fangs razor like. Vincent’s clothes were torn, stretched by the large muscle buildup compared to his body before.

“I heard about you.” Sarah said trying to keep the fear from her voice. “You’re Darkrose, surveyor of the underworld. But I and my people were lead to believe you were killed do to your chance at taking the King of Darkness’ throne.” The beast finally spoke out in a deep rumbling tone that seemed to match the thunder itself.

“Darkrose is a family name. I’m the great grandson of the man you talk about. The King of Darkness didn’t know my great grandfather had a wife let alone her bearing a child. My kind is feared by your people just as every other Kingdom fears the kingdom of Darkness. I am the last for we were all hunted and killed. With the exception of my father and grandfather we rarely die from old age. The cause of our death is fighting.”

“Is this what you wanted to show me? I’m not scared of you!” Sarah thought that she could see the beast grinning, showing its sharp teeth.

“You shouldn’t be. But what is around you will strike fear in the hearts of even the bravest warrior.” Sarah looked around and was startled by the creatures she saw. Most of them resembled what might have once been human but were now a slave to its grotesque fate. Others were undead creatures, the way they died before being clearly visible as chunks of flesh seemed to be torn away.

Sarah stumbled back. “What are they?” Sarah screamed. Fear gripping at her heart. She backed into a rough figure and shrieked in terror. The familiar voice spoke into her ear as it seized her roughly by the shoulders making unable to escape.

“These creatures are the victims of the Realm of Fear. Every one of these brainless, thoughtless, abominations was once human or animal. The King of Darkness brought you and your people up on lies and killed my great grandfather because he was the only one who knew about this before it happened. Darkrose didn’t agree with this plan and you father, Nocturne, feared him because of his equal power. The chance this will undoubtedly happen again will be inevitable unless you can answer me this one question.” Sarah looked again at the grotesque creatures staring at her.

“What is it?” She asked in a panicked voice and Vincent returned to his normal state as well as his once torn clothes.

“Do trust me?” The creatures dissipated in the same instant that the large werewolf turned back into the smaller but equally terrifying man. “I must know. Our next obstacle is much more difficult than anything you may have come across. The people at E.D.G.E. Corporation are in grave danger. They’ve no idea what is to come.  I can take you to the city you once lived in but after that you are on your own. There lays your next mission to put a stop to this damnation that is coming upon us. So do you trust me to lead you on your way?”

            “I-I-” Sarah stumbled over her words still in shock from the sudden rush of events.

            “I need an answer!” Vincent yelled making Sarah jump and she quickly turned towards him.

            “I’m sorry! This is so…I want to believe you but I don’t know.” She stumbled over her words.

“So you don’t trust me!”

“No, I’m just confused.”

“Right now is not the time to be confused. You have to think straight. Death’s descendant is on the way here and there is a time limit. You do not have long and that short time must be used to prepare for what is to come.”

“Who did you say was coming?”

“An offspring of Death is on her way to Earth. If you don’t stop her when she gets here you can welcome the Realm of Fear with open arms and this time it won’t be easy to be stopped.

“But Death is neutral. Why would"”

“Nothing is what it used to be. A balance that was created ages ago was broken and now there are no more rules.” Sarah held a thoughtful looked on her face then she looked at Vincent’s determined expression.

“Okay, I trust that what you say is true. I’ll help in any way I can. What must I do?” Vincent smiled then his expression went straight to business like it always was.

“Like I mentioned before, you are going to the city in where you once resided. There is a Crimson Facility there. I want you to destroy it.” Disbelief covered Sarah’s face.

“By myself? What about you? Can’t you at least help or something?”

“I do my part on my end and you do yours.” Sarah let out a sigh.

“Can you at least tell me why?”

“Crimson is a company that specializes in bio organic weapons. Need I say more? Now, good luck.” With that Sarah suddenly disappeared, once again, in a flash of light.

Xana Steadily awoke to the repetitive beeping of a machine off to her right. She realized she was in a hospital and by the moonlight outside Xana could tell she had been unconscious for a while. The sound of a creaking window could be heard and a figure sat on the sill staring at her. She was startled and looked for the nurse call button when the person hoped off the ledge and grabbed her hand.

“Don’t scream and don’t alert anyone.” Zepher said in a hushed tone.

“Why wouldn’t I? You burst into my room and expect me to stay calm?”

“If you don’t and decide to alert everyone I could kill every person that walks through that door and then eliminate you for causing me trouble.” Xana stayed silent for a moment.

“What do you want?” Zepher sat on the side of Xana’s bed.

“I want to know what it is like to be a human. To understand why you make stupid and irrational decisions like the one you made to save your comrade. Why do humans cry and why are you happy. I can’t feel these emotions. Only the ones that are trivial like confusion are being upset.” Zepher turned to Xana and looked her in the eye. “What do you think? Do like al of the things that you feel?” Xana was speechless. She would have never guessed that someone would come up to her and ask her about human emotion. She could see that Zepher was actually interested in the conversation and then Xana realized that if she could get Zepher on her side then E.D.G.E. might have the chance to gain an ally inside of F.E.A.R.

“Well, personally, I think it is good to feel these emotions even if I don’t want to sometimes. Emotions help people feel ‘alive’ in one way or another. To love someone is a wonderful feeling and to know they love you as well is even better.”

“So love must be a powerful emotion. I hear it can do many things.”

“Yes, it can.” Voices outside the room were heard and then the door to Xana’s room was opened. Xana looked and saw that Zepher was gone.

“Why is the window open?” The doctor asked.

“I just wanted some fresh air.”

Sarah was in a locker room. Vincent had given her three items he said she needed to get through her mission. A beautiful sword made out of steel diamonds and two dual custom handgun’s that resemble and pistol magnum. All had a rose bud inscribed on them. Vincent said that in return of her trust she could keep them. She had to handle this mission carefully. He advised her to try not to gain attention if she could but it wasn’t necessary. It would just make things easier. Sarah heard voices approaching the room and looked around frantically for a hiding place but saw no where. Then she looked up and noticed the ventilation shaft. She quickly jumped onto the lockers and took off the cover. Sarah then pulled herself into the vent and replaced the face just as a couple of people walked in.

“I can’t wait to see those people again. I heard that they got away with our hostage.” A woman with a British accent said.

“Calm yourself, Leigha. You’ll be lucky if you get a second chance. I got shot too but I’m not complaining. Besides, you can’t see anyway.” The man’s accent was just as thick as woman’s. The woman sat down on one of the bench’s in the room.

“It’s not my fault I can’t see. Besides, our boss is enough trouble as it is without our messing up. I heard Thantos is sending someone else to take his place.”

“I wonder who it is.”

“A little pea brained twat again. No one will ever replace our first and best leader. She knew how to keep control. Now the corporation is falling apart, Bradley.” Bradley started re-bandaging her leg wound.

“She didn’t keep control when those people broke into our old facility. The research data as well as the experimental subjects were destroyed. She failed as a leader and hen she disappeared right after the Super Nova exploded.”

“Don’t jump to rash conclusions, Bradley. There was no clear reason why she disappeared. We only know that she was replaced by an ignorant man with no knowledge of how this organization works properly. Let’s go. I suddenly feel the urge to watch him get his head put on a platter.” Bradley and Leigha walked out of the room and Sarah dropped back into the room trying to register the information she just heard. She quietly exited the room and found the halls to be empty except for one person.

“It’s not nice to eavesdrop, you know.” Leigha commented. “Who sent you? Or are you here of your own free will?” Sarah stayed silent and Leigha scoffed. “Never mind. Your punishment will be the same. I  can’t allow you to leave.” Leigha stretched forth her hand towards the ground and a surge jagged rocks headed in her direction. Sarah jumped into the air and was taken by surprise when the rocks shot out from the ground and started to launch themselves at her. Sarah unsheathed the sword she received and cut through all of the rocks that shot in her direction.

The moment Sarah landed on the ground another surge of rocks headed for her. She smashed the sword against the ground sending a shockwave against the oncoming rocks. When they hit each other the opposing forces cancelled out. Sarah then jumped through the smoke and kicked Leigha in the chest. Leigha stumbled back and tried to regain her balance but when she took a step back the woman cried out in pain and fell. There was blood seeping through her pant leg at her ankle.

“It still hasn’t healed.” Leigha muttered to herself. “I guess I lost.” Sarah knelt down next Leigha and bandaged her leg. “What are you doing? Why are you helping me?” Sarah managed a weak smile.

“Killing is not a specialty I have and plus I had a handicap.” Sarah looked the woman in the eyes. Leigha just stared in one direction the whole time her leg was being bandaged. After Sarah was down she waved her hand in front of Leigha’s eyes. Leigha didn’t even so much as blink. Sarah looked in the same direction as Leigha and saw nothing.

“Are you done yet?” The sudden comment made Sarah jump.

“Are you…blind?”

“And?” Leigha spat. “If you think that was your handicap then you’re seriously mistaken.”

“No, no. I thought no such thing.”

“Look, I appreciate your help but you don’t have much time before the guards surround you and cut off all escape from this building. Head to the door on my right. That should have little or no guards at all. We’re even now so hurry and go.” Sarah stood up and with a final thank you she took the door and found herself in a darkly lit but expansive room. She immediately felt that she wasn’t alone and considered the fact that Leigha was lying and led Sarah right into a trap. Sarah pulled out her handguns and proceeded slowly. When Sarah finally made her way through the winding walkway she made it to the opposite side of the room. When she reached for the door let out a moan to see that the door was locked. As Sarah tried to look closer at the doorknob a crash of metal hitting the floor resounded through the room. Sarah spun around at the sound and heard the sound of quick footsteps approaching. The steps suddenly stopped right around the corner, out of Sarah’s view and a low gurgled growling sound was heard. A creature slowly stepped out from around the corner and it was what its skin looked like that told her otherwise. The hide seemed shiny with wet residue under the red lights and there were no eyes on its head but the beast approached Sarah like it knew exactly were she was.

Sarah decided against using her guns. That would make too much noise so she pulled out her sword instead. At the sound of the metal reverberating slightly from being drawn the creature snapped to attention and let out another gargled growl. Suddenly, the hound leaped from the wall and jumped at her with amazing agility. Sarah instinctively held up her in defense. The dog jumped onto the sword and Sarah threw the animal into the many steam pipes lining the walk way and filling the room. It was then she saw a small monitor in between the maze of pipes and generators. The dog recovered and was crawling out of the pipelines. Sarah quickly slashed at it with a downward stroke. The dog let out a loud yelp before it hit the floor and lay motionless. She rushed at where she saw the small monitor and when she got to it she sighed in relief. The monitor was part of an emergency self-destruction program. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to activate, probably because there was no password. It had to been due to the switching of the person in charge. The people didn’t make a new one yet.

Sarah set the countdown to five minutes. She figured that would be enough time for her to get out, hopefully, unnoticed. She heard the doors she originally came through open and close and then heard orders being shouted out. Sarah rushed back towards the locked door and tried to handle again. The door opened and Sarah stumbled through. She hadn’t really expected the door to be open but realized that normally during emergency situations all doors within any facility unlock making it easier for the employees to evacuate. She was back in the halls. The lights turned to a red color making the hall look like it was covered in blood.

Sarah was on her way to the exit when she heard voices around the corner behind her. She tried to peek and make out the voices over the loud noises of the alarm and the automated voice message of a woman counting down how long it was until the building would self-destruct.

“How very annoying.” Thantos was talking with someone that Sarah couldn’t see. The other person was leaning against the wall on Sarah’s side. “A breach at a time like this. The intruder is not only still free but he has managed to set the self-destruct mechanism. Inexcusable.”

“That could only mean that it was someone close to the Crimson Corporation is to blame.” The voice Sarah heard was a woman’s. “You should have let me stay here.”

“It doesn’t matter. To be honest this actually does us a favor. It will give us an excuse to move the B.O.W.s to another, more reasonable, location. All of the systems we need to further our development are dated her and the cost to replace them is too much.”

“What is the point of your precious B.O.W.s anyway? Are you planning on using them when the realm of Fear is created here on Earth?”

“Well, I can’t exactly do it on my own. The only person I’m wary of is Vincent. I still don’t completely trust him and he conceals himself too much.”

“That’s why we need Evelyn. Maybe we could even use Kia.”

“That little girl s too hard to find and that’s without the case that if we do happen to find her if she would be willing to help. Evelyn will do just fine but Sarah...”

“Vincent said she wouldn’t be in the way.” Thantos gave the woman a suspicious look.

“We can only hope.” Thantos said slowly and then they both walked down the hall. Vincent was right about the Realm of Fear coming and Sarah had to do something to stop it.

Zepher walked through the doors of a large house that was a Dragula stronghold. The place was crowded with Dragulas and the sound of gothic electronica playing through large speakers that hung from the ceiling of the large front area. Zepher was only looking for one particular Dragula. The woman that owned the large estate, with the exception of Zepher and Snyder themselves, were the one of very few Dragulas that was as strong as Vampires.

Zepher saw a man named Jason and walked straight to him. He was sitting on a curved couched in the corner of the room and was talking with a few other people. When he saw Zepher approaching he stood up and dismissed them.

“Zepher, it’s been a while. Ever since you joined that organization we haven’t seen you as much anymore.”

“By ‘we’ you mean�"”

“Me and Alice of course.”

“Of course, speaking of which, do you know where she is?” Jason gave off a shrug.

“I don’t know. Probably in her room or something. What seems to be the urgency?”

“You know, none of your business, as always.”

“Yeah,” Jason said smiling. “How’s Snyder? Are you still working with him?”

“Yes, and I’ll make sure to send him your regards, as always.”

“Good girl.”

Zepher made her way towards Alice’s room that was located at the back of the house. Even the halls to her room were crowded but as she got closer to her room there were more guards. They only let Zepher through because they recognized her. She knocked on Alice’s door when she came to the end of the hall. The double doors opened and Alice pulled Zepher in and closed the doors.

“So what’s the news on the Vampiric Queen.” Alice asked in haste, her hair seeming a deeper red than usual.

“I’m not sure. She never seems like one person. She’ll act nice and calm one moment and then she’ll suddenly become an angry being the next.”

I see. So what is your purpose for coming here? You’ve cut off all communication after you left to join that organization.”

“I’m sorry. It’s an extremely private organization.” Zepher’s face suddenly turned serious. “I wanted to let you know that there are plans in surfacing the Realm of Fear here.” Alice didn’t even try to hide the shock on her face. Even after all the years of living on Earth sometimes there was an occasion of a surprise turn of events.

“No way! You don’t mean here on Earth do you? How’s that even possible?” We have the Daughter of Death to help us." Alice sat for a while looking out the window.

“Does your boss approve? Does he know anything about this?” Zepher's eyes shifted uneasily and she bit her lip.

"Well, he hasn't really been informed about any of this." Alice turned to Zepher again.

"You know it's going to surface sometime, right?" Zepher quickly shook her head.

"Another agent, Thantos, is making sure Kaoru won't know until it happens."

"Even if it does work people on Earth are better prepared than they were last time in the Western lands."

"And that is why Thantos and his organization are producing creatures to aid them right now. They will be ready when the time comes. We..." Zepher's eyes darted to a corner of the room. "were hoping you would help us as well."

"I don't mind. Me and my fellow Dragulas would appreciate helping you." Alice studied Zepher and then brought her to sit on the bed. She sat down next to her. "You feel unsure about this don't you?" Zepher gave Alice a weak smile.

"I can't hide anything from you, Alice." Alice put an arm over Zepher's shoulders.

"If you don't want to do this then you don't have to."

"No, I have to. If I suddenly break off of this then that will cast immediate suspicion upon me and then I'll probably be killed." Alice turned Zepher to look her in the eyes and there was a deadly flame lit in her eyes.

"No one will lay a finger on you. If they do then I'll rip out their throats and feast on their blood first hand. Right now we'll go along with this but if you ever have an opportunity to back out let me know. I and the Dragulas will back you up. Do you understand?" Zepher nodded and smiled.

"Alice, thank you." Zepher stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Alice sitting on the bed. Neither of the girls knew someone was listening in on their conversation.

© 2010 VincentRayne

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