A Chapter by VincentRayne

A plan to eliminate the Dragulas' part in making the Realm of Fear.


Zack walked through a forest area on the edge of town to take a quick break from his work. He needed it. After all he was just kidnapped and then his friend shot. He felt his heart skip a beat as the memory of her being shot played through his mind and suddenly he felt an intense hatred for Kaoru. The man was mad and right now Zack had no idea how to stop him.

Zack was so lost in thought that he didn't notice someone walking up behind him. The tap on his shoulder made him jump.

"Relax, it's me, Helena."

"How'd you know I was here?" Helena instinctly looked into the dense trees as if looking for anyone that might have followed her.

"That's not important. Right now you need to get your men and meet me back here." Zack was taken aback.

"Now, hold on. You just can't start giving me orders without an explanation and how do you know anything about me, anyway?"

"Anyone who bothers to flip through the News will know who you are especially after your taking over of E.D.G.E. and that kidnapping that took place yesterday." Helena grabbed Zack by the shoulders and looked deeply into his eyes. "This is very urgent." Zack blew out a breath and finally scratched his head.

"Okay, what is it you need?" Helena smiled but then it quickly dissapeared, her voice speaking business.

"There is a large estate not far from here that is infested with Dragulas. You need to come as soon as you can. I can sense a danger and the fact that they are all gathering is largely suspicious. I suspect that they are plotting something sinister. Come back as soon as you can tonight."

"I'll be back in thirty minutes tops. Is that soon enough?" Helena once again looked off into the thick of the forest.

"I think so. Please hurry." Zack was already in a full sprint to his car and after thirty minutes he returned with a couple of squads behind him. It was long afterwards that Zack and Helena stood at the front doors of the house.

"Okay, when the first shot is heard then my men will burst through every door and window in the house, blocking all possible exits. The outside guards have already been taken care of." Helena nodded.

"Okay, let's do this." Helena knocked on the door and was immediately answered by a woman with blonde pigtails and was wearing a japanese school girl sailor uniform. She looked over both Helena and then Zack and smiled.

"What a lovely couple. Are you here to hang out or do you have an appointment?"

"Both of us here are just here to hang out and enjoy the party. Like everyone else." The woman walked to Helena and sniffed at her neck closely and she frowned.

"You're a Vampire and you just want to hang out with us Dragulas?"

"I'm one of the few that don't consider themselves any better than you." The woman's smile returned and her gaze fell apon Zack.

"Hmm. What about this handsome man? Are you two lovers?"

"Well, we--" Zack started and Helena cut him off.

"Are, indeed. We're just looking for a good time together." The blonde scoffed.

"Really. You don't seem his type. Maybe he wanted to come here to find a woman more to his liking." The girl started to step towards Zack when Helena took him into her arms. She kissed him deeply that seemed to last for an eternity when she let up. Zack tried his hardest not to let the blood rush to his face and stay calm. Helena looked at the girl with cold blood red eyes.

"He is mine and no one else will lay a finger on him." The woman held her smile.

"Not the sharing type, huh? Go on in and have a good time then." She stepped aside and opened the doors. Industrial Gothic music by Alice herself poured out of the house as Zack and Helena walked in. They moved through the crowd and found an empty table off to the side. When they sat down Zack pulled Helena close to him so that she could hear him better over the crowd and music.

"What just happened out there?" He noticed that Helena averted her eyes from his.

"I had to. If she would have caught you scent she would have known, instantly, that you are a human. I had to make it seem like we really are mates." Zack almost thought he saw Helena blush when he remembered that there was no blood flowing through her veins at all.

"I dropped a detenator on the ground." Helena's words bringing Zack back to the reality of the situation at hand. "It should be easir for your men to enter unharmed when it goes off. Take cover, please." Zack and Helena ducked under the table as the detonator exploded. Almost simultaneously, the windows shattered and fully armed soldiers burst through the windows, instantly firing onto crowd. "We must get to their leader before she escapes." Helena shouted above the gunfire and Zack nodded. The two leaped up form under the table and started to rush for the back hall when the woman from the door jumped in their path.

"I should have known. I thought I caught the scent of a human." She hissed.

"Helena, go." Zack said. "I'll handle her." Helena looked at the blonde once more and rushed on. "So, you still thinking about hooking up with me?" Zack asked in a barely noticeable sarcastic tone.

"Don't be a moron!" The girl spat and then threw a punch at him but was easily dodged. She then did a round house kick at Zack's head. He blocked it, grabbed her leg and kicked out the other from underneath her. She fell on her back and she quickly got back up, leaving a blonde wig lying on the floor. Long black hair fell down around the woman's head.

After getting up she jumped over Zack's head. Before he could turn around she kneed Zack in his back and hit him with a back spin kick to his face that sent him sprawling. She jumped in the air to land a ground stomp on him. Zack quickly rollled out of the way. He jumped to his feet but before he regain his balance the woman came out with a flurry of kicks, Zack getting hit by most of them. He stumbled back and the woman attempted a spin jump kick.

Zack expected the kick. He turned to the side to avoid the kick and countered it by punching her in the stomach. She hit the ground and then grabbed a broken chair leg. She thrusted it towards him but he dodged to the side. When she turned, Zack kicked the leg from her hand and then rushed in and stabbed her with a stake he had concealed in his coat. She screamed out.

"I wish we would have met under different circumstances." Zack said the room empty now.

"Yeah, me too." The girl said and she slowly dissenagrated into a pile of ashes.


Helena ran down the hall to Alice's room. None of the other Dragulas knew Helena was and didn't really pay attention in all of the chaos. Helena came to the double doors and burst through. Alice was inside and instinctivly pointed a drawn handgun at Helena. Alice was exhausted and was bleeding from several gunshot and stab wounds. On the floor lay several dead soldiers.

"Who are you?" Alice asked in a shaky voice.

"A Vampire." Helena answered. Alice lowered her weapon and slumped against the wall behind her.

"What happened here? They all came out of no where."

"It's an extermination." Helena answered and drew her own handgun, pointing it at Alice. The Dragula shielded herself with her hands.

"W-wait. What are you doing?"

"I ordered this assualt because you must die. You and you Dragulas here must die along with your evil plans." Before Helena could pull the trigger Jason stormed in and immediately saw Alice at gunpoint.

"Hey!" He called and Helena instinctively spun around and shot Jason in the heart.

"Jason, no!" Alice screamed. Helena cursed as she saw that her gun was jammed.

"Alice, run!" Jason said as he grabbed Helena from behind, choking her. Helena saw Alice jump through the already broken window and then felt the barrel of a gun press against her head. "You're going to die too--" Jason screamed right before he turned into a pile of ash. Helena turned around and saw Zack with a stake.

"Did you get the leader?" He asked.

"No," Helena finally freed the bullet from her gun. "She got away."

"Well, my group took out most of the rest of the crowd except a few that slipped through amongst all the confusion." Helena shrugged and let out an exasperated breath.

"I suppose that's good enough to halt their plans for now." Zack tossed the stake to the floor.

"Yes, but, with their leader on the loose you had better watch your back. I would hate for you to get hurt." Helena smiled.

"Thank you." Her smile faded. "Now that I think about it there was another Dragula that was here before too." She looked at Zack intently. "Do you know someone named Kaoru?" Zack sighed.

"Yes, unfortunately. He was my kidnapper." Helena nodded as if thinking up something.

"Well, if you can get over that then I think this Kaoru will help end this and take care of that other Dragula for us." Helena grabbed Zack by the wrist. "Come, there is much more to do."

© 2010 VincentRayne

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