Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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“Clariana!” I heard my name echoed across the world. I looked around for Gaia, but then remembered all that had happened. She was still in Hell, and, physically, I was too there too.

I felt a tug at my heart, like something was pulling me into a vacuum. I was being pulled back to my body. My spiritual form started fading.

Michael looked worried. “Clariana, what’s happening?” he asked, fear lacing his words. I shrugged, and started fading quicker.

“Clariana, wait! Where are you?” he asked in desperation. “I can protect you! I will marry you!”

After that, I was gone.

There was screaming and the air stank of fear. “Clariana!” Gaia screamed. I was shaking so horribly, I thought I had become a spasming demon.

The air became cooler, and a shadow fell over me. “Clariana, please come back.” That was Azazel. His voice was thick with sorrow.

I reached out and grabbed something. It was a hand. It was rough and calloused, cool and large. It must’ve been Azazel’s. I forced my eyes open, staring into his red eyes.

He smiled, and I got a look at his eight fangs. I yelped. He quickly closed his mouth and smacked a hand over it.

“Sorry,” he mumbled. He cast his eyes down in despair.

“Clariana!” Gaia exclaimed, jumping on me and hugging me tight.

“Gaia, you’re suffocating her,” Azazel admonished. Gaia let up, but still had her arms wrapped around me. “What happened?” she whispered.

Gaia forced me to face reality. “A’lial’s dead,” I told her.

Gaia hugged me again, this time more softly. “I’m sorry. I know you loved him.”

I trembled. “There wasn’t even much of his body left.” I said. Gaia looked up at Azazel. His fists were clenched, but the rest of his was relaxed, like it didn’t bother him.

I turned away from him, tears dripping down my face. Azazel didn’t care if A’lial was dead. Why would he? He was a demon; a selfish, jealous demon.

“I will kill the demon that killed A’lial, if that makes you happy, Clariana.” He whispered my name as if it were a sacred word. I shivered, but this time not in cold nor fear.

I shook my head. “No. It will just make you as bad as the demon that killed him. Don’t stoop to his level.”

“But I am as bad as him. I am already at his level.” Azazel said. Gaia hit his arm, but I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t disagree.

I sighed. “I’m going to bed,” I said, getting up, or trying to at least. I failed. I was so exhausted, I fell back on my butt.

Azazel reached out a hand to pull me up. I grabbed his cool hand, and he pulled me up to stand beside him. We were chest to chest. When I was up, instead of letting me go, he pulled me in for a hug. “Good night, dove. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I squeezed him tight, for some reason feeling as if this would be the last time I ever saw him. “Goodnight, crow.” I said, giving him a nickname based on the color of his wings. He chuckled.

I went to bed.


Something woke me up in the middle of my sleep. Some internal feeling of fear, anxiety, and depression. It was sorrow, as if something drastic was about to happen, but I didn’t know what.

I quickly jumped out of bed and started racing to the living room. But when a patch of light hit me, I stopped in surprise, realizing what the drastic situation was, but not understanding.

My body was fading as if I were a spirit again. By the second, my body was disappearing.

“I’m sorry, Azazel!” I screamed, the last time I would ever use my human voice again. With that, I was gone.

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Hello, my name is Nyxia Night, I am a Pagan High Priestess of the Lunar Night Coven. I am 18 years old, and live in hampton, VA. I write Short Stories, Novels, and nonfiction about myself and Paganism.. more..

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