A Chapter by Zackman220

Todesfall has another one of those days.

I woke up this morning with an ear splitting headache. I was careful not to wake Julia up when i stood up. I shuffled towards the Clothes changer and got changed. I started to move down the hallway until i heard the sound of a cat throwing up.
"S**T!" I ran towards the sound to find my cat throwing up one of Julia's thongs. I started to get mad but, i ended up laughing after it all. After making sure Sugar was okay i continued on down stairs. I passed one of the guards and heard the phone ring. So, i ran to it to make sure it didn't bother or awake Julia. I answered the phone and quickly hung it up. F*****g telemarketers. I made a personal note to make sure that all telemarketing jobs were eliminated. 
It was a couple hours until i figured that Julia would wake up so, I decided to go for a ride in my air car. I alerted the guards and told them that i was going to my mansion. With that said, i went on to the mansion. I was there in ten minutes. What i saw made me really pissed. My mansion, my beautiful symbol of power is now a smoking pile of ruble. 
In my fit of rage i called the contractor swearing up and down at him. He answered me in one simple sentence.
"You're f*****g telling me that some short circuit caused this mess?"
"Uh, yes sir. It probably started in the basement and worked its way up." he replied, "We could continue to build there if you want us too."
"No. I want you to clean up that mess and start expanding my home." with that said i hung up the phone only to get another call. i ignored it. I started up the ship and headed on home. On the way home the phone rang once more and i looked at it. It was Julia. I decided to answer and put it on Holographic Projection Mode or HPM.
"Yes dear. What would you like?" i inquired.
"Ummm Gabriel we have a situation here." a loud boom sounded right after she said that and her image panned out. I raced home and broke so many traffic laws that my licence would be revoked. 
I arrived to my home and saw that it was under siege. Thinking quickly i went to the trunk of my ship and opened it up. I entered the code for the secret compartment and looked inside. There laid my babes my railgun, emp shotgun, and my favorite of all, my MK3 V-Laser. I loaded up on ammo and took hell to the playground. 
I entered my house as covertly is a could. I started to look around and count the number of intruders. I decided to stop counting after i reached 300. After that i reached my secret room and i found Julia and Sugar.
"Where is Gregoire?" i solemnly asked.
"He was trying to protect us but he was killed." she quietly responded.
"Damn it..... DAMN THEM!" i screamed hiding the tears from Julia. Damn them they took my best friend. He was my everything and they took him away. Oh no i will not take this laying down. My brain began to race with all of these different scenarios and solutions. Until i found what i have that they didn't. A security system. I found the activation button. i have won or so it would have seemed. 
"Damn them!"
"What else did they do?"
"They cut the alarm system and now there is only one way to save this home. That is for me to go all Rambo on their asses!" I began to prep my equipment. I made sure that my shotgun was clean and bored to my specifications. It was on and that was it.
I readied my MK3 V-Laser and made sure the ammo was full and loaded properly. I kicked the door and knocked out 3 of the intruders and shot them both. It was the flash of the violet light that made the others notice something was wrong. I took out 20 more before they noticed i was coming. It was becoming a little crowded so i whipped out my railgun and blew away people 10 at a time. 
"Damn it." i said under my breath. The damn experimental gun is still overheating. I threw the gun into a nearby closet and heard the sound of melting flesh. I got another one without even trying. I continued to go down the hallway blowing away intruders here and there. I was having a fun time until i heard the sound. It was a familiar sound that i have heard before. I realized that it was the sound of a battle walker.
"F**k, how did they get one of those?" i thought aloud. It didn't matter anyway i knew how to take one down. I cleared out of the remaining intruders from my house and exited to the courtyard. Where i almost crapped my pants. There gleaming in the afternoon sunlight stood twenty-five battle walkers. The leader was easily spotted since his walker was 20 feet tall and painted with a red design. All of the others were just the normal grunt walkers. I began to duck and cover while checking my EMP shotgun. I had about 40 rounds on me as well as me MK3 V-Laser. I shot at the leader with the shotgun and unloaded one round of my Laser into the cockpit destroying him. This caught the others off guard and made about half of them run but they never made it to the gate. They never made it because it was trapped with explosives if such a case was necessary. I thanked my paranoia as i saw the explosions go off. That only left nine and well they blew all the cover i could get in the courtyard. I was to get impatient so i put my shotgun in one hand and my laser in the other and began to blow each and everyone of them away. I was down to the last one when i heard the sound of a laser and then the coursing pain from the severed left arm that laid on the ground. I was pissed. I killed that walker with only my shotgun.
After the scene of carnage had subsided. The military was called and a whole clean-up operation had been set into motion. I was lucky to come out of the battle with only a severed arm because as i learned later on i broke my right ankle, my left tibia, and my right hand. All in all i was a lucky b*****d.

© 2010 Zackman220

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Added on March 16, 2010
Last Updated on March 16, 2010
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Well, let's begin. I am a very novice Science Fiction and Fantasy writer. but I am working hard to become a better one. I am beginning to work my way into more of the steampunk genre than anything els.. more..