A Chapter by Zackman220

Todesfall recovers from his injuries.

I was rushed immediately towards the hospital. It was a long and painful journey. I was put under as soon as my injuries started to make themselves noticeable. We arrived at the hospital in ten minutes and they strapped me up and sent me to Emergency Care. When i was there the doctors looked at me incredulously. They could not believe the endurance of my body. They asked me all of these questions as soon as they gave me pain killers. It was beginning to get tedious but i knew that there was a reason behind it. 
I don't know what time the doctors began to work on me but, i felt it. I screamed as they began to peel away the still tender flesh of the laser burn. They had no idea how i could still be feeling all of the pain even with the pain medications running through me. I finally faded into unconsciousness and it was wonderful.
In my dream i had a weird feeling of deja vu. It was way to familiar. That was until it was my mind reverting back to the kitten that was Gregoire. It was the story of his life. In the room a tear rolled down my face. 
I awoke and i heard the sound of metal gears moving. I looked down to my left with eyes closed. Being afraid i slowly opened my eyes and was shocked to find out a metal protrusion coming from my shoulder. It scared me at first but then, i finally realized that my left arm was no longer there.
It took me some tries to get it to do what i wanted to. After that i relaxed and watched some T.V. all before i was visited by Julia and Damion.
"Hey lil' bro!"
"Hey sweetie!" she kissed me.
"I only have one question bro. When is the skin graft going on that arm?" he inquired.
"I don't know maybe never because i want the people to know what happened. I want them to feel the rath of crossing me."
"Oh! Guess im going to be doing some more raids. Aren't I?"
"I'm sorry, but, no you are going to start conducting espionage missions of the people in the Society."
"Okay i'll get started right away." he said as he left. I didn't have to give the instruction because he knew what to do. He always knew.
"Well that only leaves my girlfriend/secretary. What am i going to do with you?" i said playfully.
"I don't know. Maybe when you are able to leave we can have a wonderful night out with a little something."
"Sounds good to me. Make sure when you plan all this out im fine." i said. "Oh and did you bury Gregoire?"
"Yes we did it was very sad."
"Yeah." i sighed, "Did you bring Sugar with you?"
"Yes and i have a surprise for you too!" she said cheerfully.
"I don't know if i can handle any more surprises."
"Well this one you'll like" she said playfully, "Guess whose cat made kittens?!"
"What! No way!" i excitedly said, "There are really little Gregoire's running around at home!"
"Yep and i picked out the biggest of the bunch for you too name and..." she reached in to her bag and pulled out a little ball of orange fur, "here he is!"
"Holy s**t he's big. Hmmmmmm, what to name him." i thought for a while until the kitten did the look and when that happened i knew what to name him. "I will name him Gregoire. After his dad."
"That's a good name for him sweetie." with that the kitten went promptly back into her bag, she kissed me good by, and left. That left me only to my thoughts and to my new bionic arm which was really boring. I decided to make some modifications to it. I called the nurse to bring me my MK3 V-Laser. She responded with you can't have weapons but, i persuaded her to let me have it. I dismantled the rifle and found the key components and grafted them into my arm. It took over two hours but, i managed. It worked wonderfully. The only problem was the safety which i put near the ammo slot. Everything was working out today the only thing i had to do now was wait those two days until i could leave the hospital.

© 2010 Zackman220

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Write what you want to.

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Added on March 16, 2010
Last Updated on March 17, 2010
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