Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Zach and I were sitting in the cafeteria at lunch. When winter rolls around, the school doesn't let students eat outside. Not that it's any warmer in the school. It's freezing everywhere you go. I was still a little worried about Luke and Matilta. I didn't want them to find us again. But it's been a week and I haven't had any signs of them wanting to hunt us again. Sarah came up to us and said, "Is the happy couple back together again?"


I rolled my eyes. Sometimes you're best friend can be super embarrassing. "Really Sarah?"


She laughed, nodded, and walked away. I still couldn't believe that we were best friends. Zach couldn't believe it either. He was tracing his finger against my forearm where I sliced it. I’m a really bad healer because I still had to wear and ace-bandage on it to keep any infections out of it. "I really wish you wouldn't have done this, Katie." He looked sad. I think he felt that it was his fault that I had to do it.


"If I didn't do it, you could be dead right now." He sighed. He knew that I did save his life. I knew he was grateful but I didn't want him to think that he was the reason that I cut my arm. He took my hand and kissed it.




I rolled my eyes. Zach must have saw that because he asked, "What is it?"


"My dad just texted me saying I'm staying with my mom for two more months." He laughed and I just slapped him in the shoulder. "It's not funny!"


"It actually is very funny." I smiled. I can never actually stay mad at him. It was one of my weaknesses. He just pulled me in and kissed me.


When he pulled away I smiled. "You know it's really hard to stay mad at you."


He laughed. "That's kind of the point of me kissing you. It's so you physically can't stay mad at me."


I just rolled my eyes. "Well, you know what this means right?"




"I'm going to be away from you for two whole months."


"Oh no! The agony!" He said in a really fake, dramatic tone.


I laughed. Then, out of nowhere, someone wrapped their arms around me. It made me jump and for a second, I thought that it was Luke or Matilta.


Then they said, "You're coming with me." I knew from the obvious fake voice that it was-


"Trent! I know it's you!" When he let go of me, I slapped him.


He laughed. He must think it's so amusing to scare me like that. "What? You're like my sister now, so I can pick on you."


"Not like that!"


"Aww! Come on! Zach!"


"Sorry Trent, I can't help you when she is telling you something like that!"


Then, all of a sudden, I had an idea. It was a good idea unlike last time where it was suicidal. This idea may not be a good idea with my dad but I didn't care. "Zach, why don't you come with me to Spain?!"


He looked at me. He seemed surprised that I would say something like that. "Would your mom be alright with me coming?"


I looked at him like he should know the answer to that. "My mom is alright with a total stranger coming along with me."


He laughed, put his arm around me, and said "Alright! I'll come."


Trent cocked his head to the side. "I better not be an uncle when you two get back in two months."


This time Zach was the one that slapped him. It seemed pretty hard for a playful slap. Trent brought his hand up to his cheek. "Ow! Dude!"


"Don't 'dude' me."


"Well, what did I do?" Zach just looked at Trent. The way Zach was looking at him made me scared of him. I don't think though that his brother would be scared. "Okay! Okay! I'm sorry!"


Just then I got a text. It was from Matilta. DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER! Oh no!


I was getting ready for Spain. Dad was helping me do some last minute packing. "Dad, are you sure you're alright with me leaving?"


"Yes. I'm sure. If I wasn't sure, I would never have agreed for you to leave for two months." Zach and I were leaving for Spain today. It was exciting that I would get to spend Christmas with Zach. "Katie, I just want you to be sure that you are safe, with Zach coming and all."


"Dad, don't worry I'll be fine." He's been hesitant with Zach coming to Spain with me. He knows that my mom doesn't pay attention to what I do. "I promise." Then a car horn honked. It was Zach. Well, in reality it was Trent. He was taking us to the airport. I gave my dad a hug goodbye and left.


I got in the car and closed the door. Zach was wearing comfy clothes. He knew how long it took to get to Spain I see. "Are you ready?" How is it that he looked cute in everything that he wore?


"I'm always ready to see my mom." I said sarcastically. Zach just laughed and put his arm around me. He knew that I hated seeing my mom. This is better than the last time that I went to see my mom because now I don't have to worry about not seeing him for two months. It was nice. Last time I was tortured.


I must have fallen asleep on the plane ride here, because the next thing I knew, we were in Spain. Zach had to wake me up to get me to get off the plane. We got off and Mom and Chad were waiting for us at the gate. Mom was smiling from ear to ear. It was really creepy. "Hey Mom! You remember Zach."


"Of course I remember Zach. How are you?"


He smiled. Zach always had a smile on his face when he was around my family. I think that he was trying to show that he was a nice guy even though he didn't even need to try to show it. He was just naturally nice. "I'm good."


"That's good! We should get home. I have dinner cooking in the oven." I rolled my eyes. I knew what 'dinner cooking in the oven' was. It was something that everyone hated or something that everyone liked but wasn't cooked correctly.


We got to my mom's house and Zach and I went up to my room. I remember it from the last time I was here. I didn't really decorate it. I hated thinking that it was my room. I didn't want to live here. So I just never really decorated it. Zach made himself right at home by sitting right on my bed.


I smiled. "You know you have a tendency of making yourself right at home right?"


He laughed. "I know." He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him. Before I knew it I was sitting on his lap.


"Sorry if my mom's cooking is really bad. She doesn't really cook often and therefore she doesn't know how to cook."


He smiled. "It's okay. Remember, vampire." I smiled back. Then he kissed me. He wrapped his arms around me tighter. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He let me push him down on the bed. Then he rolled over and he was on top of me. I helped him pull his shirt off. He moved his hands to the hem of my shirt. Just as he was ready to help me pull my shirt off, my phone vibrated. Indicating that I had a text. We stopped. I let out a massive sigh. "You better see who that is." Zach said, as he rolled over to my side.


I went into my pocket and pulled my phone out of my pocket. It was Matilta. God! I'm going to kill her. I'M CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!


"What is it?" Zach asked.


"It's nothing." I said as I was putting my phone away. I kind of didn't tell him that Matilta has been texting me. I didn't want him to worry about it. He was already worried that they would come and hurt me for what I did to them. I didn't want him to worry about this.


"Katie, you've been getting text messages and ignoring them for a month now. What is it?"


I sighed. I guess he had to find out eventually. I just wish it wasn't right now. Especially since he was shirtless. "I don't even know. Well, I do know. It's Matilta. She's been texting me since the day I suggested that you should come here with me."


"Why didn't you tell me that this was happening?"


"I didn't want you to worry about it. I know that you've been worrying about a lot lately and I didn't want to add to the list of things."


"Katie, I'm worried about protecting you. I need you to let me know when something like this is happening so I can protect you. If something were to happen to you, I don't even know what I would do." He wrapped his arms around me. I did the same to him. He felt so warm. It's ironic because he's a vampire and he's supposed to be cold.


My mom then called up. "Kids! Dinner's ready!" I sighed. He laughed, grabbed his shirt, put it on.


"I don't think your mom would appreciate me coming to dinner with my shirt off." I just laughed.


Dinner, as I predicted, wasn't very good. I didn't eat anything, but that's not unusual for me. Zach took a few bites of it just so it wouldn't look abnormal to anyone. Mom was going on and on about some new job that she got. I really couldn't focus on it because Zach kept rubbing his hand on my leg. It was very distracting.


After dinner we went back up to my room. We hung out there for most of the night. I wasn't sure whether or not to finish what we started earlier. Zach grabbed me, lifted me up, and put me on his lap. "You want to know what I love about you?" He asked.




"You're not afraid to say how you feel about everything."


"I used to be very afraid of it. When, my parents got divorced I guess I just opened up a little."


He smiled and kissed me. Just then I got a text. Matilta.




I rolled my eyes and threw my phone on my bedside table. "What was it?"


"Nothing important." He just gave me a look. I knew what he was meaning by that look. "She asked if I was sure you loved me."


"Are you sure?"


"I don't know. Does this answer your question?" I pulled his shirt off and pushed him down on the bed. I started kissing him and he kissed me back.

© 2016 Amy Baker

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