Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A Chapter by Amy Baker

It’s official! I am the world’s worst best friend. I don’t know why Sarah would even want to be friends with me when she gets back or if she gets back. I was in my room listening to my music. I told my whole family that I just wanted to be left alone. I haven’t seen Zach since I talked to Luke last night. How was I going to save Sarah? They will be expecting the stupid idea that I had last time I was trying to save Zach. I just don’t know anymore.


Just then there was a knock at my door. I turned my music down. “Who is it?”


“It’s Zach. Your dad let me in.” I got up and unlocked the door and let him in. He looked at me and could tell that I was crying. I could tell that he was going to get mad about what I told Luke. “Katie, come here.” I went right into his arms. His arms are really the only place I feel like I’m not completely useless right now. “What’s wrong?”


“Sarah, could be dead right now and there is nothing that we can do about it. We don’t know what he wants and there’s no way he’s going to tell us.”


“Katie, Luke didn’t kill that girl. He can’t truly kill anyone. He doesn’t have that kind of mindset. He’s working with someone and I don’t think it’s just Matilta.”


Just then my dad called me down and said there was something on the news about Sarah. I just gave Zach a worried look and ran downstairs. Sarah was on the news but she was alive! I was shocked at what I was seeing. Just then the doorbell rang.


I went to answer it and, “Oh my God! Sarah!” I yelled. I hugged her and pulled her into the house. Seeing her was the best feeling I could have right now.


“Thanks Katie.” She said.


“Well, I’ll leave you girls to catch up.” Zach said and he kissed me and left.


I brought Sarah upstairs to my room. I sat her down on my bed. She seemed like she was in a trance and I had to try to get information out of her. I can’t let innocent people die. “Sarah, I know you probably don’t want to, but you need to tell me what happened and who took you.”


She looked at me confused. “Why?”


“Because, Sarah, if you don't tell me than more girls will end up dead and there's nothing that we can do about it unless you talk about what happened.” I didn't think that I would have to explain so much to her but she was in a traumatized state. I needed to be patient.


She nodded. “Alright, I'll try. I don't know his name. But he wants Zach.”


I nodded. I knew Luke must have wanted either me or Zach. I just needed to find out what he was thinking to do to get Zach. “Sarah, do you know what they are going to do to get him?”


“Yea, by taking you.” She took me and knocked me out. Darkness swallowed around me.


When I woke up, I didn't know where I was. I couldn't tell where I was either. There were no windows and there was only one door at the far end of the room. The room had no furniture and only one light. “Katie?” I heard a voice right next to me. It sounded like a girl's voice.


“Sarah?” I was confused. If Sarah was right here, then who was with me at the house and where was Zach?


“Oh my God! Are you okay?” I was confused and more importantly I was scared.


“Sarah, where have you been all day?”


She looked at me and seemed like she was just as confused as I was. “I've been here all day. In fact, I've been here for like all month. I don't even know how long I've actually been here.”


“Damn it! He tricked me again.” I started looking for my phone but I couldn't find it. They must have taken it. Then I got up and started walking around to find out where we were.


“Who tricked you?” Sarah was confused and I couldn't explain anything to her because I wasn't totally sure myself what was going on.


“Look, Sarah, where are we?”


“I don't know. I think it looks like an old abandoned school. Katie, they're vampires! They drank that one girl's blood to kill her!”


“I know.” There was no more hiding the fact that there were vampires in the world. I have no idea what kind of things she's experienced.


“And they- wait, how do you know?”


Giving up, I sat down on the floor next to Sarah and said, “You can't freak out, okay?”




“Zach's a vampire.” I was waiting for her to freak out. She had a scared look on her face. I didn't know what she was thinking. “He's one of the good guys. The people who have us here, they are the bad guys.”


Just then two guys walked in. I recognized one of the guys. Luke. “Well, well, well, if it isn't Zach's girlfriend.” Luke said. There was still the question of who was the guy next to Luke?


“Wait, you didn't tell me that it was Zach's girlfriend. This is the one that made that plan to almost kill you and Matilta?” Luke nodded. It was the guy next to him that asked the question. I didn't know who this was but the look on his face made me feel like he was ready to kill. This must be the guy who's killing the other girls.


“Yea I am that girl. So, what are you going to do now? Kill me?” I said. I had to try to get these guys to talk about what they are planning on doing to me and Zach. Zach would probably be pissed if he found out that I was getting them angry.


“Kate,” Sarah looked at me and she was telling me with her eyes that she wanted me to be careful with what I was saying to them.


“Oh Sarah, don’t worry. These idiots don’t have a killing bone in their body. It’s only there if Zach is around and then that bone disappears.” I never left eye contact with Luke and the other guy. I wasn’t sure who the other guy was but I needed to find out. I needed to find out what kind of beef he has with Zach.


“Then how do you explain the girl that turned up dead a few days ago?” Luke asked.


I shrugged. “Different vampire.”


The guy I didn’t know waved his hand in the air. “No, cutie that was me. And I can do it again to you.”


“You could but you won’t.” I said to him. I knew this game all too well.


“And why is that?”


“Because I’m your bait. You need me to lure Zach here so you can get whatever kind of revenge you are planning against him.”


“What?” They both looked at me like I just solved their plan.


“Oh come on Luke! We’ve played this game before. You only have me so you can get to Zach.” That’s when my world went black. 

© 2016 Amy Baker

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Added on September 8, 2016
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