Chapter 21

Chapter 21

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Most days I just stay in my room. Dad comes up and checks on me every now and again, but honestly I'm not okay. I tell him that I am just so he leaves me alone. Trent tries to call me but I never answer. Sarah comes over to check on my neck. It's actually healing quite nicely. That's probably the only good thing in my life right now. Zach's memorial is today and Dad has wondered if I was going all day. I told him it's too hard to go.


Going to Zach's memorial would mean that he's really gone. He can't be gone. I can't say that he's gone. I also can't stop thinking about how Luke, Jake, and Matilta are still out there. I can't do anything about any of it and I hate it. Would they kill me? I would never know. I can't live the rest of my life in fear.


“Dad?” I was going.


“Yea kiddo?”


“I'm going to the memorial.” I quickly got changed and left.


We got to Zach's place and I didn't think I would be able to walk into the house. There were a bunch of people there that I've never even met before. Just then Trent came out of the house. “Katie! I didn't think you were coming you know since you haven't answered any of my text messages.”


I sighed. “Yea. Sorry about that Trent. I haven't really been in the mood to talk to anyone. How are you doing?”


“I'm coping but at least I'm going to school.” He gave me a look like I just broke the law.


“Yea, well, I'm actually moving over to Spain with my mom. I finished the papers today.” I had to get away. I couldn't hang out here anymore without thinking about Zach.


“Katie, Luke, Jake, and Matilta are still out there. I want you to be careful when you're over in Spain.”


“I know Trent. I'll be careful.”


“Good.” Just then I got a text. It was from Zach's number. But that didn't make any since. Zach was gone. HE'S NOT DEAD! BUT HE IS SUFFERING! I was confused. Trent must have seen the confusion on my face.


“Katie, what is it?”


I shook my head. “Look at this text.” He took my phone and read it.


“It's just some kind of sick joke that they think is funny. Don't let them get to you. We saw the building blow up with Zach in it.” I nodded. They were just trying to get to me.


“Dad, you know why I'm doing this right?” He was driving me to the airport so I could leave for Spain. I didn't want to live with my mom but being here was just so hard.


“Katie, I want you to do what you need to do and if living with your mother is what you need, then yes, I'm alright with it.”


“Thanks Dad.” We got to the airport and I said my goodbyes. Last time I went through these doors Zach was with me. NO! I have to stop thinking about him.


I landed in Spain and Mom and Chad were waiting for me at the gate. I came over to them and gave them a hug. Please don't ask if I'm okay.


“Hunny, how are you doing?” Well she didn't ask if I was alright.


“I'm fine Mom. But I came here to forget about it so if you wouldn't mind.”


“Oh right! Anyway guess what?”


I was confused. “What?”


“Chad and I are getting married.” I wasn't all that surprised they have been dating for like ever.


“Congrats!” Mom looked at me and could tell that I just wanted to get home. So that's what we did. Forgetting about Zach was going to be harder than I thought.

© 2016 Amy Baker

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Added on September 8, 2016
Last Updated on September 8, 2016
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Amy Baker
Amy Baker

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