Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Last night I was laying in my bed. I was feeling hopeless until I thought of something that would help us get all the girls who were kidnapped back including Sarah. I was so excited to tell Zach about my plan. I told him that I needed him to pick me up for school today.


He was waiting in my driveway for me to come out. “What is it? You sounded excited or nervous over the phone.” He asked as he gave me his morning hug.


“I have a plan to save Sarah and all the other victims before anyone else gets hurt!”


He gave me a questioning look. “Katie, this better not have anything to do with you offering yourself up as bait.”


I gave him a dumbfounded look. How could he have known what I was going to say? “What are you a mind reader now too?”


He laughed and said, “No I just know you way too well. I figured you were going to think something like that up. I just don’t want you to do it.”


“Zach, think about it. This person, whether it’s Luke and Matilta or not, is doing this to get something that they want. I have a feeling that what they want is me.”


He looked at me. Yes, he was driving so he should have been looking at the road but he’s a vampire. He can sense traffic coming. “I have a feeling that you’re right but why just give you to them. They can get through me to get you.” We were at school and we had a few minutes to spare so we were talking in his car.


I grabbed his hand. I loved it when he got in his protective boyfriend mode. “You know I love you. But I have to do this. They aren’t going to stop until they find me or they get me to surrender myself to them. I can’t let them kill Sarah. I just can’t.”


“Katie, don’t make me watch you get taken by another vampire. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.”


“Look, I had another part to my plan that you never let me finish. I was thinking that I had a friend with the tech club that could supply us with a bug that I can put on myself so you can hear what’s going on around the bug and if I get into any danger than you can just come to the rescue like you always do.” I smiled at him.


“A friend?” Okay he saw past my little exaggeration.


“Alright, he’s a geek who has a crush on me and I use that crush to get him to do what I want him to do. Mainly my homework but this kind of thing works too.” He laughed.


Matthew is the school nerd. He doesn’t really leave his computer at all. No one really talks to him unless they need a favor from him. He knows that I just use him but I still don’t see why he even bothers trying to get me to like him. It’s kind of creepy. Zach and I went into the computer lab during free period. Matthew was sitting right where I knew he would be in case I needed him.


“Hey Matthew! I need a favor from you.” I said.


He turned his spinning chair around to face Zach and me and said, “Anything for you my sweet.” I rolled my eyes. Do you see how this can get a little creepy? I put my head in my hand and shook my head.


“Look Matthew, all I need you to do is to make me a bug that I can where so someone can hear me from another place.”


He gave me a confused look. “Why do you need one?”


“That’s my business, not yours.” I said.


“Alright!” He said as he turned his chair back and got to work. Zach and I were just kind of hanging out until he was done. “So, who’s the big guy?” Matthew asked.


I sighed. “Matthew, you know that this is my boyfriend.”


“Right! Zach! What makes you think that you’re worthy of my girl?” I immediately took out my phone and texted Zach.




When he got it and read it, he put his arm around my shoulders. Matthew was finishing the bug up. “Here you go. And here’s the speaker that you can hear the conversation out of.”


I grabbed the bug and the speaker and looked at them for a long time. I really hope this works because right now this is my only way to get my best friend back. Of course I wasn’t going to get my hopes up.


I was standing behind the school. I texted Matilta telling her that I wanted to meet whoever had Sarah behind the school at seven. I was waiting and I was getting nervous. I was having second thoughts about doing this plan. I can’t back out though because I need to save Sarah. She may only have a short time left.


I heard someone coming around the corner and I braced myself. Little did I know to expect Luke. I thought he would be the last person to kill anyone. I guess I was alone. “Hello Katie!”


I sighed. The bug was right below my ear and I was seriously worried that Zach would be pissed when he found out that it was Luke. He had a sleazy smile on his face. “Luke, what are you doing here?” I tried to keep my face with no emotion.


He smiled. “You texted my sister to tell me to meet you here.”


“Wait so you have Sarah?” I was steaming with anger. I knew that I couldn’t take down Luke by myself but I might just try.


“Why yes, I do have your friend Sarah. She is a lot like you. Spunky.” He continued to give me a weird smile.


“I want you to free the others and take me.” Zach didn’t know that this was part of my plan. I didn’t feel like arguing with him about it. I knew that he would never agree to this and I also knew that he was probably freaking out right about now. Honestly I’m shocked that he hasn’t gotten here yet.


“Why do you want me to take you instead? Wait, do you think that you’re the one I want?” He started laughing hysterically. “You’re wrong there, Katie. You’re not what I want. And you will never know what I want. Now if you excuse me I have some people to kill. I’m getting very close to the Sarah girl you mentioned earlier.” He waved and walked away.


What the hell does he want? I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for them to just hand over Sarah like that. I guess we have to figure out a new plan. 

© 2016 Amy Baker

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