Chapter 16: Elizabeth's Story

Chapter 16: Elizabeth's Story

A Chapter by ewest1220

“I have several questions for you, if you don't mind...”


Chapter 16: Elizabeth's Story

“Damnit!” Elizabeth shouted as she slammed her fist against the wall. She immediately regretted her action, her hand throbbing with newfound pain and embarrassment at her actions. It was all supposed to be so simple, so easy. Had Issak really become so hot headed in such short time? “No,” she answered herself bitterly. “It's not every day your past rises from the grave.”

“Having trouble?” Said a man from the dark corner off the alleyway.

“Alex?” Elizabeth stammered as she wheeled to face the hidden voice.

“The very same,” Alex said with a smile as he walked out into the moonlight. His blue hair flowing down from the hood of a deep black cloak. “May I buy you a drink?”

“It's hardly acceptable for a commander to...”

“I insist,” Alex said sternly. “I have several questions for you, if you don't mind.”

Elizabeth gave a submissive sigh and nodded in approval. They turned and walked toward the center of town. A soft silence in their wake.

“Bootlegger's bar,” Alex said as they approached a loud brightly lit wooden building. “A great place to buy a drink, and a perfect place to talk without anyone listening in.”

It was obvious why he had picked the bar to have a conversation. She could hear the loud shouts and laughter of what must be dozens of inebriated customers, perfect for covering up a secret conversation.

They opened the door to more loud shouting and music. As they approached the bar the bartender smiled wildly and offered them a drink. Elizabeth sat down, thanking the bartender and turned to face Alex.

“So, what do you want to know?” Elizabeth said cautiously.

“Hey there beautiful!” A less than sober man shouted as he placed his hand on her shoulder. “Doing anything toni...”


Before the man could finish his sentence Elizabeth's fist collided with the side of the man's jaw, knocking him off his feet. A moment of silence filled the room as the rest of the patrons stared in shock.

“Well s**t Bart didn't know you were that ugly!” Said a man from the other side of the bar to a chorus of laughter. The man in question stood up slowly, nodded apologetically, and shuffled back to his place at the bar.

“Good lord woman,” Alex sighed. “What happened to subtle?”

“I'm not in the mood,” Elizabeth snarled. “What do you want Alex?”

“I'm afraid,” Alex said calmly. “Bart appears to be coming back.”

“Son of a...” Elizabeth began as she turned around.

“Woah woah missy!” Bart said cautiously. “We're just leaving no need to get violent.”

“I apologize,” Elizabeth said with a forced smile. “It's been a long day.”

“No apologies necessary ma'am,” Bart said with a grimace. “Twas my fault for drinking before guard duty after all. Have a nice night you two.”

“You were saying?” Elizabeth said as the man and his group left the pub.

“I witnessed most of the events that occurred tonight.” Alex said as he leaned back in his stool. “I find several things about your exchange with the shifter...”

“Issak,” Elizabeth snapped. “His name is Issak.”

“Issak then,” Alex shrugged. “I find several things about your exchange with Issak disturbing. I've been following you ever since our conversation.”

“Why would you do that?” Elizabeth questioned.

“Because I was skeptical,” Alex said simply. “In what world could one woman take down one of the damned? It's insane to think, after the same man made mincemeat of your men that this encounter would be any different and I couldn't risk letting one of my best captains die for some sort of personal retribution. However I see now that this is not the case. What is your relationship with this Issak if you do not mind me asking.”

Elizabeth sat for a moment in shock, her drink warm in her hand. She had not expected Alex to be so direct. How could she explain this to him. How could she pull this off without seeming suspicious.

“You may as well tell me the truth,” Alex said with a smirk. “I do not mean to incriminate you.”

“The truth, eh?” Elizabeth sighed. “You know as well as I do that this is the third time I was assigned to kill this man.”

“And yet you've failed three times.” Alex said carefully. “Why?”

“This time,” Elizabeth began. “I was beat to it. Last time I wasn't ready and my men were slaughtered.”

“And the first time?” Alex said curiously.

“I fell in love,” Elizabeth said simply. “But when I saw him loose control of his power it brought me to my senses. I saw the killing potential of a man with no future.”

“I asked the old general about this,” Alex said simply. “I'm thrilled you did not lie to me however we sent you in to befriend this Isssak. Why on earth would we do such a thing?”

“You mean why didn't we just attack the entire city?” Elenor asked her eyebrow raised. “Because of a swordmaster named San Yung. A mentor and protector to Issak. Had we attacked he would have caused more damage than I care to imagine. The man was a legend in his own time and always sympathized with the damned.”

“But you had to attack anyways?” Alex asked leaning forward slightly.

“But of course,” Elizabeth said solemnly. “The commander at the time had grown impatient with me and decided to take action himself. Luckily Issak lost control on the same day, killing San Yung. But we payed heavily for that trade, he took so many innocent soldiers lives that day.”

“How did you survive?” Alex said. “You telling Issak that almost nobody died was nothing short of an outright lie. I read the records of what was one of the bloodiest days for our men in living memory.”

“I don't know how I survived,” Elizabeth said hastily. “Everything around me was fire and wind, but it never reached my skin. It was as if the storm was afraid to touch me. Like I was being protected by some great force.”

“You claim the protection of the angels?” Alex said his eyebrow raising into his hairline once more.

“I know not whether it was the forces of god, or simply sheer dumb luck that saved my life.” Elizabeth answered carefully. “I do know this however. Issak at the time had lost complete control. It was a horrifying experience to say the least.”

“So what do we do from here? Alex said calmly. “Do we attempt to capture Issak. Risk starting a war with Shenok Duhl for the prize of one man...”

“He is learning to control it.” Elizabeth said somberly. “Think of all we have done to his kind. What's to say he wouldn't come after our men if we let the king and his legendary heart deal with this monster.”

“We have never been friendly with Shenok Duhl. Nor do I really care about maintaining that relationship.” Alex said with a smile. “The only question in my mind is whether we should mount an all out attack or send in a small team to capture Issak.”

“I can do it,” Elizabeth said calmly. “And with you by my side we would easily...”

“Excuse me,” a man said from behind their shoulders. “May I buy you a drink?”

They turned around to see a tall, slim man standing behind them. The hilt of a long rapier protruding from a dust colored cloak.

“I don't see why not,” Alex said cautiously.

The man leaned forward and spoke in a hushed tone. “So that only you may see.”

His eyes suddenly began to film over with deep black light. “Welcome to hell.”

The man turned and sprinted out the door. Alex shot from the barstool knocking it down as he hurtled after the shifter. Elizabeth stared in shock, how did he know who they were. Recovering quickly she hastened to follow her commander. What a strange night this would turn out to be. The loud mirth of the inn faded into nothing as they plunged themselves into the dark night. The mysterious man's laughter echoing around the sleeping city.

© 2012 ewest1220

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Author's Note

Another part in the series that is 100% raw and new. I'm attempting to give a taste of Elizabeth's purpose and develop her character please let me know how I did! Thank you so much for your input and thanks for reading!

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enjoying the increase in dialogue...but don't think u should mix 's**t' with 'twas' and such

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

True, I'll try to find an alternate word. However I am glad you're enjoying the dialogue increase. .. read more
You did great! I really want to read next chapter!
Keep writing :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Thanks! I'm actually posting the next chapter soon :) I'm really glad you're enjoying this book!
Anonymous Girl

6 Years Ago

No problem :)

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