A Chapter by J. Viands

It starts with a single grain,          

Contemplating where to take everything,

Seemingly hesitating to keep moving.

 Will the situation keep improving?


Diluting all we comprehend,

We are just waiting for it to be finished.

Somehow it’s a reason to why we sinned.

An object appearing so reserved,

Has man in a choke hold.


So we keep questioning,

Keep obsessing,

Keep addressing its ending,

Wishing it would start answering.


Seemingly it hesitated.

I answered what I questioned.

An hourglass is empowered,

Because man is fascinated.


Time is controlling,

All we are doing!

Why so we keep contesting, 

When there is no wining?

© 2012 J. Viands

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Ah, time! You can't hold it, but you can sure lose it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

i agree, very powerful. genius writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Powerful, elegant, and amazing as always. ;)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Wonderful way to portray the thoughts and continuous question of man and the interplay between man and time. It is an obsession. It's a concept that we wish we could fight.
I really enjoyed reading this poem. Fantastic work

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nice write buddy. Full of thought provoking philosophy regarding matters of time.

So we keep questioning,
Keep obsessing,
Keep addressing its ending,
Wishing it would start answering.

Yes, we do! But the blind Rhino keeps marching forward, ignoring. Good stuff here. The only polishing I could see is in that second stanza. Seems a little wordy, oversized. I might just omit "We are just waiting for it to be finished." Otherwise, loved it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

J. Viands

11 Years Ago

Yeah I could see that thanks for the review
I like the way this one read out loud. Nice subject matter, too. It'd be neat to pattern the words out so the poem made the shape of an hour glass.

Posted 11 Years Ago

J. Viands

11 Years Ago

Yeah figured you would say that I have been thinkin bout it after readin your stuff
James William Dyer

11 Years Ago

LOL, I think it's appropriate here, could add to the poem. Great poem, by the way.
J. Viands

11 Years Ago

"This thing all things devours:

Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;

Grinds hard stones to meal;

Slays kings, ruins towns,

And beats high mountain down."

Posted 11 Years Ago

Time is indeed a tyrant to many!
I like your descriptive quality love...
That hourglass, when reflected on, causes myriad emotion xox

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great write... Intense quiestions, powerful imagery, and it leaves u questioning ur whole meaning.... Positively great!!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Very well done! Makes you think and question and it flows nicely. Great job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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J. Viands
J. Viands

Leesburg, VA

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