I Want My Mama Back/Christian's Special Day

I Want My Mama Back/Christian's Special Day

A Chapter by Kaira_Writer

Christian crys in her room for hours about wanting het mother back since she now knows she didn't die in a car crash.The other half is about Christan's birthday and having a special person showing up.

Christian runs to room crying.She now knows that her is alive.Matt never wanted Christian to find out the hard way.

'Mama?'Christian said while she held a picture of mother in her hand.

Wind blew.

'I miss you so much.'Christian said while crying.

Christian laid down with the photo still in her hands.She holds the photo right on her heart. Christian was happy to know that her mother was still alive but at the same time she's still mad at her father for not telling the truth.

The Next Day...

Christian wakes feeling happy because she's excited her birthday is today.

Christian walks downstairs in the kitchen.

'Happy Birthday Christian!'Both her father and Juliet yelled.

'Thank you.'Christian says back.

She runs to her father to give him a hug.

'I love you.'Christian said.

'Christian we have a surprise outside for you.'Juliet says.

'What is it?'Christian asked.

'You have to see.'Her father said.

They walked outside.

Everyone yelled 'Surprise' to Christian.

'Thanks!'Christian yelled back.

Everyone was having a good time even Christian.She dancing with Saige for almost the whole party until the DJ called Christian and her family(which is also Juliet too.)to come dance. They all held each others hand.

'Happy Birthday baby.'

'Thanks daddy.'

While they were dancing a strange woman showed up.She tried to stay hidden but Christian was in the middle of Juliet and Matt so she got a clear shot.
They were all holding hands.Christian say the lady but it was from the side.When Christian could see the face she called out:


McKenzie turned around.

Christian quickly broke away from Juliet and her father to run to her real mother. When Christian ran to her mother her father yelled:

'Christian no!'

Christian didn't listen she continued running to her mother. When Christian was close to her mother she reached out to pick Christian up to hold her in her arms.

'Christian.'McKenzie said to Christian.

Christian continues to cry in her mothers arms.

'Put her down McKenzie!'Matt yelled.

'She's my daughter too you know.'

'I know.'

'Matt you've kept her away.'

'I don't want her to be hurt.'

'You've had her for 10 years and I can't have.'

'She will never be you.'


McKenzie then pulls a knife out of her jacket and stabbed Christian in her Spine.Christian looks is her mother.The only thing she sees is death.

McKenzie drops Christian.

Everyone from the party then starts to freak out and leave only leaving Matt,Juliet,and McKenzie there.

'You sure are a good mother.'Juliet says.


'It wasn't a compliment you psycho.'

'Juliet.'Matt says.

'Stay out of it.'

Matt pulls a gun out.

'What you gonna do?'

He pulls the trigger.

Matt shot McKenzie.

Then Matt and Juliet run to Christian.



'Its okay your safe.'

Can I go to the hospital?'

'Yeah baby.'

© 2014 Kaira_Writer

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Added on December 28, 2013
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I am fourteen.I really like writing horror books.Writing help's me become even more creative. The reason why there are writers in the world because we want people to read are great stories. It makes m.. more..

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