Happy Ending Or is it

Happy Ending Or is it

A Chapter by Kaira_Writer

The final chapter.I'm not telling anything so if you guys go read it you'll find it.

As Christian layed in her hospital she was fast asleep.Christian dreamed about her mothers funeral.

'Christian sit down.'Juliet said.

Christian sat down.

' McKenzie Nicole.The soul of the devil himself.As a little girl she never hurt a fly but all of that changed when her mother died.It was her and her father Jack.He was a good man and a father.Never in his life he never hit or killed a soul.One Sunday Jack and McKenzie went to church.He went to get McKenzie baptized.Father Carlos which is me wouldn't alow McKenzie to get baptized because she was already baptized by the devil.Time past Jack died from by falling off the roof of his house.McKenzie disappeared then she met Matt.Later they Had Christian,she killed 103 people,and then they locked her up.'

'Christian ...'A strange voice says.

The little girl grabs Christian hand walks her to McKenzie's coffin.

McKenzie grabs Christian's arm.


Christian wakes up.

Matt stands in front of her.


'Christian daddy and you are gonna live with Juliet.'


'You'll understand in the future.

'Well okay.'

When Christian got out of the hospital Matt took them back to their house to move it to Julie's house.There was a room upstairs.That used to be Julie's room when she was younger.Christian decided to have Julie's old room.

'Daddy will mommy come back?'

'I don't know.'

Christian's father eventually married Juliet.Mrs.Nicole was her new last name.Christian way so happy seeing her father happy again.Christian knows Juliet isn't her mother but that doesn't mean Juliet won't try.

© 2013 Kaira_Writer

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Added on December 28, 2013
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I am fourteen.I really like writing horror books.Writing help's me become even more creative. The reason why there are writers in the world because we want people to read are great stories. It makes m.. more..

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