Chapter 8: Two Hearts Break

Chapter 8: Two Hearts Break

A Chapter by paparapapa

A flashback on their first major fight. Whose hearts were broken?


Chapter 8: Two Hearts Break


Faith’s POV:

                It had been 3 weeks since Steve and I officially became a couple. Nothing much changed except that we spent more time together, and well, he turned out to be extra sweet. He’d pick me every morning and we’d walk to school together. I found out that his house was just two blocks away from mine. He’d also surprise me with flowers once in a while. But I never destroyed my routine with Princess. We still went home together, and we had occasional sleepovers. Another thing that changed was that I became quite popular. Not because I turned into a hot or pretty babe, but because I was the Steve Grant’s queer girlfriend. I guess I really was different from her exes. Yeah okay, maybe a lot did really change. But it was a good change, and I really liked it.

                With him, I experienced my first date and kiss. Our relationship was totally wholesome since he respected my decisions, and I admired him more for that. I have also introduced him to my family and I was really glad that they liked him. In fact, my brother Daniel and he would just play video games once in a while when he visits me, totally ignoring the reason why he even went in the first place. He was also sweet to my mom. He’d even bring her flowers sometimes. Every single day, I fell harder and harder for him. Who wouldn’t, right?

                I was also very ecstatic when he decided to introduce me to his dad. Although we didn’t really stay at his house and talk to his dad that long since he reasoned that it would just be awkward, I was still happy that he stepped out of his comfort zone to make one of my wishes come true. The only problem that I saw in our relationship (totally my own opinion) was that no one had ever mentioned the L word. Whenever an intimate moment arose, he’d just tell me over and over again how much he liked me. I didn’t have any other choice but to say the same. I didn’t want to pressure him, but I couldn’t help but hope. After all, I am just your typical kind of girl.

                Oh, and yeah, Vanessa was another thing. She tried to sabotage our relationship in any way possible. She spread rumors about me, but Steve never believed any of them. At the end of every tactic that she executed, I had the urge to thank her because what she was doing resulted to our relationship going stronger.

                Princess also finally admitted to me that he liked Julian, but Julian wasn’t doing any moves on her. Also, whenever the five of us are together (David, Julian, Princess, Steve and me), Julian just kept on teasing and annoying Princess. Steve and I thought that they were perfect for each other. David and I became good friends. I was astonished on how talkative he becomes when he is with his friends. All in all, we became closer than ever.

                My recollection of the past three weeks was interrupted when someone cleared his throat. I looked up, only to see a handsome face staring at me.

                “Hi David, what’s up?” I smiled sweetly as I greeted him. It was Friday morning, and Steve, Princess and Julian hadn’t arrived yet.

                “Can I talk to you in private?” he asked me. He sounded really serious that it made me nervous.

                “Wow. That sounds really important. Where do you want to talk about it?” I replied thinking that we would need privacy.

                “Uhm, how about the rooftop?” he asked.

                “Fine with me,” I gave him a tense smile. Something was really up and I had a bad feeling about it.

                We walked in silence as we made our way to the school’s rooftop. Our school wasn’t that big so it didn’t take us a lot of time to reach it. However, I couldn’t help but notice the curious stares from everyone around me. They were probably thinking of reasons why David and I were together at that time and why Steve wasn’t with us. I knew a rumor would break out again sooner or later. I sighed. Told you I was popular.

                Once I felt the cold air embrace me, I shivered. It temporarily took my mind out of what was happening. I breathed in deeply �" five times.

                “It’s really cold. I think we should just go back in and find another place,” he suggested when he saw that I was trembling.

                “No, it’s okay. It won’t take that long, right?” I forced a smile since my lips were starting to get numb.

                “Right,” he responded, and then fell silent. I rubbed my palms together as I waited for him to start talking. Thank God for friction. I then placed my fingers on my ears. It always works when I’m cold. I looked up to him when I heard him chuckle. There was a glint of amusement in his eyes, and another feeling that made me anxious.

                “So about what I wanted to tell you,” he stalled. I badly wanted to tell him to just spit it out and get over with, but I stopped myself and advised myself to be patient. “Don’t freak out okay?” he continued.

                “You should have not told me that! Now I am freaking out!” I exclaimed.

                “Oops. Sorry,” he said laughingly. When I didn’t bother responding, he continued. “Ihavebeeninl-lovewithyouforthreeyearsnow,” he mumbled very rapidly, and even stuttered at some point, but I still got the message. My jaw dropped to the floor. I didn’t expect that! I kind of thought that he just liked me (yeah, I assumed, but hey, I was right), but I never anticipated that it had been that long.

                “If you’re kidding me, it’s not funny,” I told him. But he just stared at me, his eyes boring into mine, and said, “When it comes to this kind of thing, I never think of joking around. I really am in love with you, and I’m surprised that you didn’t even have a clue.” I didn’t know what was with his eyes, but he made me believe what he just said.

                “But why did you choose now to confess to me? You perfectly know that I’m your best friend’s girlfriend,” I stated softly. Silence dominated for a while until he broke it.

                “When Steve told me that he wanted you to be his ‘special friend,’ I knew right there and then that I made the worst mistake in my life. I realized that I was an idiot for not even trying, for not taking the risk in the three years that I loved you. I was such a coward. I was scared that you’d reject me. And now that the two of you are together, I decided that I should just let you go and move on. I’m his best friend for Christ’s sake. I don’t want to constantly betray him every time I think of his girlfriend,” he laughed bitterly. “I’ll really try, Faith. I promise you that. But in order to do that, I have to stay away from you,” he continued. My tears started to fall when he mentioned staying away from me. I understood him but it still hurt just thinking that I might lose a friend.

                “You’ll stop being my friend?” I choked and then continued to sob. I was so scared to hear his answer.

                “Of course not! It’ll only be temporary, at least until I’ll be able to move on, and I can hang out with you again,” he replied.

                “But for how long would that be?” I mumbled in between sobs.

                “That would be hard to tell,” he whispered. What he said made me weep harder.

                “Just give me a month,” he said panicking. Clearly, he didn’t want to see me cry. I knew I was being selfish but I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to lose him which might happen if we don’t talk for a very long time.

                “Okay,” I nodded while trying to stop the tears from coming out again. I didn’t notice that he was also crying until I wiped my tears away. The expression on his face made me want to cry again. He looked so sad and vulnerable.

                “I’ll miss you, Faith,” he uttered weakly.

                “I’ll miss you too, David,” I responded. He then hugged me. I felt his body shaking, telling me that he was crying. My heart cried with him.

                “Don’t worry. I’ll be the one to tell Steve,” his voice was hoarse. And as if on cue, the school bell rang.




Steve’s POV:

                I arrived a little late since my alarm clock broke down, and it was my dad who woke me up, sensing that I wasn’t awake at my usual time. Without delay, I prepared myself and didn’t bother thanking him. When I arrived at school, I immediately looked for my girlfriend. This was what I had been doing every morning since Faith said yes to me. When I didn’t see her anywhere, I asked my classmates if they knew where Faith was. It was really rare that she wasn’t in the room when her bag was sitting on the chair.

                “I saw her with David a while ago. I think they were on their way to the rooftop,” one of my classmates informed me. I think her name was Ann.  Well, anyway, my heart started beating faster for an unknown reason. Scratch that. Of course I knew why. I knew that David was interested in her even though he never really told me. They could be totally innocent, but I really had a bad feeling about it. And add the trust issues that I had to that, poof; it led me to the decision of following them there.

                I was getting more and more anxious as I was also getting closer and closer to the door leading to the rooftop. When I was finally in front of the door, I heard muffled voices and sobs. I was getting frustrated not knowing why she was crying. However, I didn’t want to just barge in there because if it turned out that I was wrong, then she’d be really angry at me. I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door slowly, careful not to make unnecessary noises. When the opening was wide enough for my head to fit in, I stuck my head out and scanned the place. I felt my heart break when I saw them hugging and she was crying. It looked like she didn’t want to let him go. I clutched my chest while feeling confused why there was so much pain. It’s not love �" that was the first thought that came into my mind. It’s just your pride that’s hurt �" a voice inside me seconded. I decided to believe that voice.

                I managed to get out of there without them noticing me. I skipped school since I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate in any of the subjects. And more importantly, I wasn’t ready to talk to her or David. I could already see her breaking up with me. My chest felt full and I had hard time breathing just thinking about it. I thought real hard what was wrong with me.

                I went home, locked myself in my room and blasted my stereo up to its loudest volume. For some reason, I felt depressed and I wanted to cry. I cursed myself for being such a chick. I lied down on my bed and tried to sleep. However, after tossing and turning, my mind was still wide awake, so I decided to do other things that would take my mind off things �" off her. I played with my Xbox all day long. But when I was tired and didn’t have anything to do, my mind wandered to her again. I cursed myself repeatedly. Something was definitely wrong with me.

                Faith texted me all day asking me what was wrong and why I didn’t go to school. I ignored the text messages and finally turned my phone off. At about 9 PM, I went out to a bar to drink it all away, to forget her even just for a few seconds. When I was on my third bottle of beer, I saw a familiar figure moving towards me. I was already kind of tipsy, but I still recognized who that hot blonde was.

                “Hi baby,” she winked and sat beside me. I didn’t bother replying.

                “I heard you weren’t in school today. What’s wrong?” Vanessa said seductively while taking my right hand in hers.

                I pulled my hand away from her grasp and hissed “It’s none of your business.”

                “Hmm. I like my guys feisty,” she told me and without another word kissed me on my mouth. I was taken aback, but I didn’t push her away. Maybe it was because I wanted to know what was going on with me. The old me would have liked it even if I have a girlfriend. But right then, all I felt were disgust and guilt. I have changed, I admitted to myself. I pushed her away from me. I then heard a familiar voice, distant but loud enough to get my attention.

                “Princess! Hear his side first,” Julian was moving away from me while calling out to her.

                “Sh*t,” I whispered. I grabbed my phone from my pocket, and searched for Faith’s number. But when I was about to press the call button, I remembered something that made me stop.

She was the first one who cheated on you, dumbass.


© 2011 paparapapa

Author's Note

A/N: Sooo, tell me, was this a good move or a bad move? I mean the flashback and stuff. :)) What did you think of this chapter? Too cliché? Or just right? I’ll be thrilled if you’ll share it with me. ;)

P.S. Vote, like, comment, be a fan, subscribe, add this to your library or whatever (haha) if you liked this chapter. Thanks! :P

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I like the chapter explaining the start of the break up, I think the flashback is OK

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Very nicely outlined! This is such a well-known mistake and frequent problem, that it's so natural for it to happen in this situation.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Great move! I loved how the moment was just right and how Steve would have thought the same as many other people. This chapter by far was one of the best, and I'm speechless about this. Great job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I think i can tell who Faith is gunna end up with, I'll keep reading and see if I'm right!!!:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Please mark this constructive!

Posted 8 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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