Before He Realizes

Before He Realizes

A Chapter by ShaneBerry

The night before s**t hits the fan.


The Night Before He Realizes


The music had slowed down, at least for now. He knew that pretty soon Lithium would toss on another base pounding track; after all it was a party. The drunken blond girl he barely knew was half awake telling him just how hot she felt he was and he was perfectly fine with that.  As the techno remix of ACDC’s ‘ Thunderstruck’ began to pick up speed throughout the teenager filled house; Cellophane helped the blond girl to her feet and they both staggered to Lithium’s room. Cellophane did not have time to think about how pissed Lithium would be over him f*****g some random skank in his room, the babes tits bounced up and down and the drunk, high and horny Cellophane had not had any in months.

                Their lips overlapped and his hand went up her skirt as her tongue left his mouth and wrapped around his ear. ‘Awkward? Yes…’ he thought to himself as his ear grew cold from the saliva. But his mind was thrown back into the game as he felt her unzip his pants.

                “Wait Wait, is this going to go anywhere?” the girl, whose name eluded Cellophanes every attempt to remember. ‘Aw s**t not this crap; just suck my dick please cum catcher.’ He thought as he placed his hand on her cheek with a smug smile she decided to mistake for a sympathetic grin.

                “What do you want me to say lady?” he asked her kissing her on the cheek and wrapping his arms around her hoping it would make her melt right out of those clothes. She pushed him off softly and replied…. Not something Cellophane was hoping for.

                “Say you love me. That is the password for this.” She then pointed in between her legs, just the place Cellophane wanted to be. He laughed in his head and looked deep into the girls eyes, he then placed his hand on her chin and said,

                “I Love you, and those beautiful blue eyes. Like the ocean at sunset.” He knew girls like this chick fell for the corny lame s**t all the time, and he set the hook with a slight push on her shoulder as she fell to the bed.

                “My eyes are green. But close enough.” She said as Cellophane straddled himself over her and began vigorously kissing and biting her all over.  He didn't lie, he would love her for the next few hours.

The lights went out and the moaning began, the music outside the door and the scattered random conversations muffled the erotic screaming and all the other sounds that Cellophane would never remember the next day.

© 2012 ShaneBerry

Author's Note

i know it is shorter than my other writings usually are, but i am hopeing to learn some new writing techs while i write this. it means allot to me so let me know what you all think. :D

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A very good opening chapter. I like the set-up of the location and the characters. I enjoyed the conversation. Words mean little when two people desire time together. Thank you for sharing the excellent opening chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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