And Then He Realized

And Then He Realized

A Chapter by ShaneBerry

the first chapter in this story. i hope everyone likes it!


Act One: Realizations

Chapter one: And Then He Realized


The SUV stopped in front of Sepia and the Dime’s house. Lithium had an irritated look upon his face while Cellophane, in the passenger seat, was barely conscious courtesy of the severe migraine conquering his head. Lithium’s shaved head had a shine on it that made Cellophane think of a bowling ball,

                “Listen bro, just uh, tell the girl I had a funeral to go to or something. Hopefully she never heard my name right?” he joked, but Lithium was still staring at him in anger. Cellophane thought about the red stains on his best friend’s sheets and how awkward it was to find out the girl still had her cherry that way.

                “You are paying for my new sheets Cell.” Lithium replied taking the SUV out of park. Cellophane nodded and stepped out, and into the bright sunlight. As Lithium sped off wheels squealing, Cellophane began to walk to the house, Key under the reef, something that did not belong on a door in the middle of summer but he never mentioned it to the girls.

The house was quiet and clean, as always. The dogs where now so accustom to Cellophane returning home so randomly they barely budged when he would get in. They both slowly walked up to Cellophane stretching on the way to him as if it where scheduled for right then.

                Sitting down to pour himself a bowl of cereal Cellophane could hear footsteps from upstairs where the rooms where. With his sunglasses still on he began to devour the far too sweet flakes of cereal ignoring the footsteps and the begging eyes of the dogs.  Each crunch of the cereal made his headache worse and before he could stop chewing a loud applause echoed from the staircase where Sepia stood, still in her sweats and sleep shirt.

                “Sunglasses at seven in the morning, and… frosted flakes. Rough night?” she asked being as loud as she could. Cellophane lowered his shades on his nose revealing to himself the ungodly brightness of the florescent lights of the dining room, he then replied,

                “I don’t know, ask random blond skank.” He then reached for the orange juice; Sepia pulled it away and was no longer joking when she asked,

                “Did you drink?” Cellophane scoffed and responded with,

                “What are you my mother? I drank allot of things, water, soda, beer, some weird s**t that Russian kid brought. Hey it was a party after all. Lithium was busy playing disc jockey and I was busy playing dick….. Something, I’m not sure where I was going with that one.” He then attended to his now soggy cereal.  Sepia then threw her hands up in the air and walked to the kitchen in forfeit. 

                Cellophane’s Kidneys on the other hand decided now was the perfect time to give Sepia a win and drenched his lower body in pain, he quickly reached into the breadbox on the table grabbing an orange prescription bottle filled with oblong white pills. Sepia watched this event unfold from the kitchen as Cellophane forced two of the pills down his throat.

                “I thought the Diamond  said you were supposed to cut back on the pain meds. That they were screwing with your liver.” She asked walking next to him and picking up the bottle. The prescription, filled no more than four days ago was for sixty pills, only forty seven remained.

                “Jesus Christ Cell, you are going to end up killing yourself over this bullshit.” She then slammed the pill bottle on the table and walked back to the kitchen. Cellophane then leaned back in the chair and looked over at Sawdust the Labrador, Sepia’s dog. The other four legged family member was Hundun the Dime’s dog. Sawdust walked to Cellophane’s lap and rested his head.

                “I have thumbs. You don’t.” Cellophane mocked patting Sawdust on the head and guzzling down the remainder of the orange juice he had poured.

Sepia then walked back into the kitchen with a bagel and a glass of milk, as she sat down angrily her curly black hair bounced and her glasses nearly fell off.  She perused the messages on her phone and talked to the dogs, anything to avoid Cellophane who was still out of it due to his hangover.

                “So, I just read a message from Lith, apparently you fucked some bimbo in his bed, got her p***y blood everywhere. Seriously Cell?” Diamond  said as she entered the dining room. She too was still in her nightly attire. Unlike Cellophane they both had jobs and schedules, at times he felt ironic and hypocritical calling them his little sisters. While there was no blood or family relation between any of them, they were best friends who had a close bond.

                “Well ya know how it goes, hot chick, a few drinks, how was I supposed to know she was fresh? Really it IS her blood, not mine. She should be paying for Lith’s new sheets…not me, right? Riiiiiiiiight?” both Diamond  and Sepia just stared at Cell till he shrugged and walked to his room.

                “HEY! You are paying for his sheets by the way! And Tender says he has work for you over by the brick company! Four o’clock! Do not forget you little prick!!!!” Diamond  shouted from the dining room.

‘A job from Tender…. At the Brick Co? Meaning it was really Juicy’s dad with the work. A s**t day, for s**t pay’ he thought to himself as he set an alarm for 2pm and dropped down onto his bed.

Before he could fall asleep there was a knock at his door, before he could tell them to not come in Throttle stuck her head in the room quickly asking,

                “Hey where is Sepia??” Cellophane sat up confused answering with,

                “She was just in the Dining room kiddo, everything ok? When did you get here?” She then closed the door without answering. The only biological relationship in this house was the one between Sepia and Throttle. Throttle was Sepia’s younger sister.  Though Cellophane had never seen Throttle as a sibling. Just Sepia and Diamond .

Cellophane took his knives, wallet and beer bottle caps out of his pockets and placed them on his nightstand. His room was blank and boring. He kept his interesting stuff safe in the basement where no bimbo he would bring home could steal any of it.  He laid his head on the pillow and pasted the f**k out. 

© 2013 ShaneBerry

Author's Note

so Cellophane is pissing just about all of his friends off and is pretty much self destructive. why? we'll find out in chapter two.

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I like the names of the characters. I like the description of the drink and the honest and direct conversation. I like you gave life and balance to the chapter. You said enough to keep the reader interested. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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