The Truth about Pain

The Truth about Pain

A Chapter by ShaneBerry

truths are revealed unintentionally, cellophane must do a terrible thing to survive, and Doctor Diamond rises to the challenge!


Chapter Six: The Truth about Pain


The third Wednesday since he had begun working at the bar began early today as he awoke, sore from an eventful Tuesday night of working bouncer at a bar with more a******s than beer bottles. He could hear Diamond  and Throttle downstairs talking; every word they spoke was like a hammer to his migraine. He pulled himself out of the bed and slowly shuffled to the kitchen. Throttle had already left and Diamond  was sitting at the table eating breakfast and reading the paper. On the table was a white envelope that said ‘From Throttle to Cell’ in a cursive that Cellophane could barely read. He opened it and six pain pills fell out of it along with a small sticky note that said,

                ‘Since you have been managing your pill usage Sepia and I both agreed that giving you six pills at the beginning of the day should last you through. I have your pill bottle with me so do not bother looking for it. Have a good night at work tonight Sepia and I are gonna be at mom and dads for a visit so we won’t see you till tomorrow. Dime has three more emergency pills if you end up needing them.’

                “What is she my mother or something?”  Cellophane exclaimed as he put the pills in his pocket. Diamond  laughed as she pretended to read her magazine. Cellophane raised his eyebrow and said,

                “Something on your mind there Dime?”

She smirked saying,

                “More like your wife.” 

Cellophane blushed slightly then leaned back in his chair, Diamond  closed the paper and put a gun on the table, this focused Cellophane’s attention immediately.

                “Whatever I did I am sure it wasn’t that bad.” He said in a sarcastic tone. Diamond  smiled and pushed the gun towards him saying,

                “Before my mom and dad left for Croatia my dad gave me this. For protection.” It was a gunmetal grey pistol with a wooden inlay handle, a very unique designed gun as far as guns go. On the handle was a deer symbol that Diamond  had tattooed on her left shoulder.

                “That’s lovely… why are you telling me this?” Cellophane asked in response. Diamond  cleared her throat and replied,

                “Sepia told me about the gun you had on your first day of work. You must have gotten it from that Mendez guy and god knows what kind of cheap piece of s**t gun that wet back gang d****e gives his part time help. You need a real gun like this not some cheapo crap.”  She was so serious that Cellophane couldn’t even try to smile or laugh. He could tell she was terrified for him, since the day they met she made it very clear how she felt about gang a******s especially Mexican ones. And though he never favored her vague racism, he knew there was a reason somewhere in her mind for her hatred and he never joked or made light of it. He pushed her gun back to her and said,

                “Dime, you don’t have to worry. It’s a good gun and I will never have to use it I swear. I am just a bouncer that is all.” He could see her eyes start to redden as he spoke; he then scooted his chair over to her and asked,

                “You never worry this much what’s wrong?” she did not answer, instead she opened the paper to the page she was reading. A picture of a crime scene bordered off with yellow ‘DO NOT CROSS’ tape was titled            ‘A dark night on the Denton Square’                the story was the public details of a shootout that had occurred about four hours after Cellophane had left work the night before. Though the actual shooting was not at the bar, he could see where Diamond s mind had taken it.

                “Hey kiddo, that is the s**t that happens to the idiots who actually join the gang. I didn’t, I turned down his offer.” He said wrapping his arm around her in a half hug. She then pushed him off and punched his shoulder simultaneously wiping off a tear saying,

                “Don’t go all gay on me now you pansy.” They both laughed and Cellophane tossed the paper into the trash. Diamond  then went to her room to get ready for work and Cellophane went to the couch to veg.

                About an hour of T.V. watching and Cellophane was slowly falling asleep, just before he could he got a text from Lithium. It read,

                “Bro. I am so sorry I did not mean to send it to her!” 

Cellophane replied,

                “Wut do u mean?” 

Barely a second went by and Lithium responded with,

                “I was trying to text you, and I messaged Sepia instead!”

Cellophane still had no idea what was so wrong.

                “Wat did u do? Send a picture of ur dick as a prank or sumthing?”

A few minutes passed and Lithium responded with,

                “FWD. Cell, I think I know what to do about your feelings for Throttle!”

Then the next message from Lithium said,

                “What feelings?”

Cellophane’s heart began to race as he pieced together what the next message would most likely say.

                “Bro, don’t act like you didn’t tell me about this yesterday. Remember, you told me everything! You have been in love with her for like two years now; I think maybe you should talk to her about it. Clear the air. Then it won’t be so stressful for you. Even if she rejects you and hell maybe she won’t!”

Cellophanes stomach turned as he read the message. He became nervous and quickly looked into the kitchen to see if Diamond  was in there loading the gun to kill him. He then called Lithium.

                “Bro I am sorry I didn’t mean to!!!” he answered in a scared voice.

                “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!” Cellophane hissed trying to not be loud enough for Diamond  to hear him.

                “I don’t know man! I thought I was texting you and was not paying attention. I was talking to Cathy about it and that is what she said you should do and I agreed so I….”

                “YOU TOLD CATHY!? You realize they went to school together right?! You realize they talk to each other allot right?! Who all knows Lith?” Cellophane was scared, angry and nervous all at the same time.

                “As far as I know just Sepia and Cathy, and Juicy too, but you are the one who told her not me.”

Cellophane paused for a moment gathering his fury and telling himself in his head ‘it’s not his fault; it’s not his fault…’

                “Ok. Lith just do not respond to her if she texts back. Just leave it be and I will talk to her.” He said, Lith agreed and Cell hung up the phone shouting,

“GOD DAMN SON OF A B***H F*****G HELL!!!!”  As he shouted Hundun and Sawdust ran into the room confused as to what all the commotion was. Diamond  ran down the stairs,

                “What’s wrong?! Kidneys?” she asked confused,

                “No… it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Cellophane answered tossing his phone on the couch and then plopping down. Diamond  then rolled her eyes knowing it was bullshit and left the room. Cellophane took two of the painkillers and quickly drifted away in sleep setting his alarm armed phone on his head.



Every Wednesday Mario had shooting drills lined up for Cellophane in the local dump, which was owned and operated by the owner of the Denton Beast Bar, Mendez’s Sister Maria who was a cold woman who even a slight look at would make the biggest men fear for their lives. The drills Mario put Cellophane though could take away the stress from anything having to do with life drama. With the events of earlier today in the front of his mind, Cellophane listened and did everything Mario instructed him to do.  “We have many enemies who will try to take you out first at the door! You need to be ready and willing gringo!” he shouted as Cellophane shot at moving targets.   Mario wore the same type of Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts every day, and his attitude toward Cellophane and all Americans in general made everyone even Mendez wonder why the hell he even lived here in the first place.

                “He may be a dick, but the man is the best shot I know drunk. He is a demon of a shot sober.” One of the gang members, Tony said as Cellophane reloaded the clip in his pistol and glared at Mario who was now half asleep in the van.

                “That your beast?” Tony asked looking towards the Harley. Cellophane nodded,

                “Yeah, it was my fathers. When he died I just kind of inherited it I guess.” Tony laughed and said,

                “Looks like you take pretty damn good care of her.” Again cellophane nodded not knowing where he was going with this.  He walked over to the moving targets and drew an X on one in red marker. He then pushed the bike over into the line of fire and set it up vertically making it right in the way of the marked target.

                “You have emptied an entire clip and only hit the target once, and you grazed it. Mendez told me you fight when something you love is at risk.” Mario said as he walked up behind Cellophane, who could very plainly see where the two men were going with this,

                “No. I am not going to try to shoot a moving target while my dead fathers’ Harley is in the way!” he replied irritated from the smiles on their faces.

                “Last week you at least hit thirty percent of the time, what is going on today that is making you so jittery?” asked Tony, he seemed to be a more charismatic younger version of Mendez, being Mendez’s only nephew it was no surprise he was one of the top members of the gang.

Cellophane searched his mind for a convenient lie to tell them, he felt like they would never let him live it down if he got all sappy and poetic talking about his feelings for a girl. He then remembered the newspaper article about the shootout, and how it made Diamond  fearful of his job.

                “Well… that shooting last night, my little sister read the paper today and it shook her up pretty bad. She is afraid that I might get involved with a shooting. I don’t think I was able to take her worry away.” Tony nodded as Cellophane spoke, but Mario shook his hands and walked away as if he had no clue what would be worrying the girl.

                “My wife Annabelle had watched a Dimeumentary on gang violence and it talked about death rates, prison violence and just a whole bunch of s**t that only happens when the gang is a militia group or dope dealer. We are not that kind of gang, the only enemies we got are in Mexico and that is where they are staying, but even knowing that she still worries. It’s just something they will have to get through on their own kiddo. All you can do for them be it your sister, mother, brother, girlfriend or even if you have a kid who is scared, is be there at the end of the day and let them know you survived another one. Everyday people put themselves in deaths path, and everyday people die, just as many live to risk their lives on the next day. Know what I mean?” Cellophane nodded and put the gun away, Tony then patted him on the shoulder and they began to walk toward the Bike,

                “If you two Joto’s are done sucking each other off can we go? Mendez wants us to check in before we go to Liz’s Quinceanera!” Mario shouted from the van that was now started.

                “Joe toes?” Cellophane asked looking at Tony who was laughing. He shook his head basically telling Cellophane to not worry about it and got in the van, Cellophane started the bike and they both left the dump.


Aside from two waitresses and a couple of gang members, no one else was in the bar tonight. Mario and Tony sat at the bar and drank a beer, just as they began to leave Mendez said,

                “Espera Mario. I need to talk to you about something. Tony you go on sombrino, I will meet you at the park with Mario later.” Mario seemed bummed out but did not argue, Tony and most of the other gang members left taking a few crates of beer and vodka, Cellophane did not care to ask, it was already late and he was tired. Slow nights like this bored him to tears.

Mario and Mendez talked at the end of the bar, Cellophane stood behind it drinking cranberry juice and waiting for them to leave so he could go home and find a way to make Sepia not believe what Lithium had accidently sent her.

                “Boy! Are you on your period or something?” asked Mario in reference to him drinking cranberry juice. Before he could answer him the front doors slammed open, four men in black tuxedo’s stood side by side, each holding pistols pointed at Mendez, Mario and Cellophane. Mario quickly pushed Mendez over the bar and drew his revolver, Cellophane pulled out the gun from his back pocket and attempted to shoot, the safety was on…

A flurry of gun shots hit Mario and as he dropped to the ground, his gun slid across the bar counter, quickly cellophane grabbed the revolver and dropped to the ground with his back against the counter. Mendez was now sitting across from him.

Mendez cocked the pistol and stared down the site aligning it to perfection. He could see that Cellophane was nervous and nudged him with his elbow nearly making Cellophane jump out of his skin.

                "Kid, you ok?"

Cellophane nodded, Mario's revolver in his hand. Mendez looked at the gun that his dear friend had carried since before he was even in the gang.  He exhaled and put his hand over the revolver barrel making Cellophane lower the weapon.

                "You don’t have to stay; these pendejos won’t stay over there for long. Think it is just me over here. You have a chance to run I am not going to make you stay."

Cellophane didn’t understand why Mendez was giving him this chance. He shook his head and raised the gun; he looked at the inscription on the barrel and handed it to Mendez.

                "What does 'Imperecedero Serpiente’ mean?" he asked still fearful for his life.

                "Everlasting Snake. The tattoo you see of the dragon or snake on everyone in the  

Gangs arm, it’s the Symbol for the gang. The Oroboros, the symbol for eternity." as Mendez spoke Cellophane was taken aback, suddenly the cold gang leader spoke as if he were a seasoned philosopher.

                "I am not leaving. You still need to pay me. You die I go home empty handed." Mendez saw through Cellophane's bullshit. Cellophane didn’t want him to know he actually cared about him.

                "Your life will flash before your eyes one day boy… ensure that it will be worth watching." Mendez said this as Cellophane handed him the revolver and took out both of his knives. Mendez smiled and said "Gringo es un vaquero" under his breath.

        Mendez quickly stood and began firing at the armed men, as they began shooting in Mendez's direction; Cellophane sprinted over towards the men and stabbed the first shooter in the throat. Before the body even hit the ground he dropped to his knees sliding across the beer drenched wood floor and slammed both of his knives into the kneecaps of the next shooter, the man fell to the ground and Cellophane slashed open his neck. The last two men fell to the ground as Mendez shot them.

                Mendez was obviously shot in the left shoulder and had a bullet graze his ribcage on the right side. Cellophane helped him to a barstool. He could see that the bullet was still in Mendez's shoulder causing him great pain. He grabbed Ice tongs which he sterilized in vodka, without warning Mendez of it he splashed some on the bullet wound and then handed him the bottle as he shouted in agony,

                "Jesucristo! Que mierda daño!"  He shouted more and more Spanish phrases that Cellophane had no understanding of, he then proceeded to jam the ice tongs into the wound and attempted to pull the bullet out. A simple idea that turned out to be much harder than he thought it would. The bullet was stuck in there like it was super glued in. he pulled and pulled and the bullet would slowly move out, then wiggle back in like a nail being sucked through wood.

                "Don’t be gentle boy; the muscle around the bullet is tensed up, GET IT OUT!" Mendez shouted as if the English had been switched back on.

"We need to get you to the E.R. I have never done this before." Mendez laughed in response and said,

                "No s**t. But we can’t have the boys in blue poking around now can we? You can do this boy." he was now clearly drunk as the bottle of vodka was empty.

Cellophane took a deep breath and once again shoved the ice tongs into the wound, pulled as hard as he could and in a third and final attempt, pulled the bullet out. As Cellophane backed up Mendez began to breathe again and started to laugh in relief. Cellophane dropped into a bar chair and laid the tongs on the table with the bullet. Mendez stood and sat in the chair across the small square table from Cellophane. They both looked around the bar at the dead bodies of a bartender, a gang member, Mario and then the bodies of the four shooters. They looked at each other and began to laugh. Cellophane handed two of his pain killers to Mendez who without question took them.

                "So who do you think did this?" Cellophane asked as Mendez walked to Mario's body and closed his eyes that had been wide open from the moment he had died. Mendez stood and said,

                "Go home Cell. I won’t forget how you stood by and saved my a*s but you don’t want to be a part of this gang. You should not have had to go through this. Take two thousand out of the register."  Cellophane walked to the Register and did so, as he did Mendez took out his cellphone and began calling several other members who were not at the bar.

                "Why was no one else here?" Cellophane asked as he grabbed his jacket and helmet. Mendez then said,

"It was Tony's daughters seventeenth birthday, there was a big party. They will be here in no time. Just go kid." Cellophane then left the bar.


Riding home Cellophane began to think about everything that had transpired in this one day. Sepia now knew about his feelings for Throttle, Diamond ’s fears where very plainly realized and He had now taken the lives of two more men... as the final realization crept into his mind he had pulled into the driveway. The lights where still on inside. As he entered he could see Diamond  and Crash playing a video game in the living room. Crash was more Sepia and Diamond s friend but Cellophane knew her pretty well. She was a frequent guest.

“Hey Cell!” they both said not turning their heads from the game. Cellophane did not respond and walked to the couch, he sat down and tears began to roll down his face, he was not crying out loud but he could not stop the visual obviousness of his crying and pain, Diamond  saw this and immediately stopped the game walking over to Cellophane’s side.

“Cell? What’s wrong? What happened?” she asked as she sat down next to him, Crash was now standing next to them just as curious and concerned. Cellophane opened his eyes tried to wipe his face, as he looked at his hands he noticed that they were covered in blood. Diamond  had chills all over as she saw the smear of blood on his face as he turned to her and quickly grabbed her in a tight hug burying his face in her shoulder.

‘I am a monster…’ he thought to himself as he cried.

© 2013 ShaneBerry

Author's Note

end of 'Act Two: The Guns The Glory The Pain'
next act, 'Act Three: Confessions'

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