A Chapter by Shiro-sama

Ace Riveral F class Level 1

Life regeneration rate: Slow

Mana regeneration rate: Slow

Damage reduction: low

Resistance: none


<<Enchanted blade>>, a passive skill that increase the sharpness of a bladed weapon, it will cause greater piercing and slashing effect. (passive skill)

<<nature’s body>>, it absorb energy from the surrounding and heals life and reduce damage taken by 10 %.(passive skill)

<<Bind>>, a skill that bind the enemy unable to move from its place for 3 seconds it uses mana (the enemy must be in 2 meter

<<War God’s arms>>, a blessing receive from the war god, it reduces the weapons weight by half and raises your arm strength by half. (Passive skill)

Can only be level up with the war god’s blessing.


“<<War God’s arms>> can’t be upgraded but its effect was really surprising, if I carry a weapon that is 10 kilos its weight will be reduced to 5 kilos and also I can feel my arms are stronger. So this is 50% raise in strength huh, let’s try the short sword”

Ace picked up the short sword in the floor and tried to feel if there are any changes. When he was holding it the sword illuminated faint white aura and almost weightless, it’s almost felt like a barbecue stick in his arms. He was shock to the effect of the skill started to swing the sword from left to right like a child who just got his new toy.(the white aura was from the skill <<Enchanted blade>>)

‘Wow so this is the effect of <<War God’s arms>>it’s unbelievable, very good very good, now that my fighting capabilities increase I can fight my way out here. The mysterious voice said ‘only the strong will live’ so I need to raise my strength quickly but carefully, I know that it will have many risk but I have to do this to survive, and let’s just call that mysterious voice, war god for now because his the one who give me the skill <<War God’s arms>>’

“Right! Right! There is another credit. What is the name? Is it fairy stone?”

Ace suddenly remembered about the other thing that the war god gave him. The crystal in Ace’s right hand began to shine and a small stone appeared.

“Is this the fairy stone it so small, what’s the use of this thing? Do I need to swallow it?”

Ace was checking the stone then he suddenly remembered what the war god said.

“I need to transfer some mana but how??”

Ace started thinking on how to transfer mana in the stone but he suddenly felt that mana was like a part of his body that he can control according on his will. He started to pour mana to the stone he felt like the stone was sucking him dry, sucking his soul out. Drops of sweat can be seen in Ace’s face.

“What a glutton how much energy are you going to suck out”

Continuously absorbed his mana, the stone started to emit light, as time pass the light became brighter until the whole place was filled with light. The monster outside became attracted by the light and turned all their attentions to where the light was coming from, the gym’s store room.

The monster became aggroed and started to walk to the store room. Ten goblins were only meters away from the store room. The light begun to die down and the attention of the goblins to the store room also diverted.

As the light became weaker, a small being started to form from the stone.

A small human like figure with wings appeared, it was a girl. Ace was mesmerized. Words can’t describe how angelic the figure was. This thing was like a goddess her face was most likely carved by the gods itself, her long blue hair that partner her hair perfectly, her porcelain-like skin and the perfect curvatures of her body that can make any man drop their jaws. While Ace was still in dazed, the small girl her cherry colored lips started to open.

“Hello master, my name is Laila, I’m your personal sprite. I’m really blessed that I can finally talk to you”

“S-sprite? Like fairies? Y-you’re a true to life Fairy? W-wow I can’t believe it!”

Ace happily exclaimed as he poked Laila.

“Master, don’t! It’s embarrassing!”

Laila bow her head down but the redness of her face can be seen in her face.


Laila’s face became redder as she heard what Ace said then began to flap her wings and flew towards Ace’s shoulder and sat comfortably.

“ahm Laila what do you mean by personal sprite? ”

“Let’s see! Personal sprite in gaming terms it means like assist pixies”

Ace expression changed to shock. Assist pixies? That was not a new word for him, Assist pixies were words for gamers like him.

“So Sprites know how to play online game too”

“Not really Master, I just learn it from my experiences; you can say that I’m a really experienced sprite”

“You’re have many experience huh”

Ace started to have weird thoughts as he threw his glance at Laila’s body. Laila noticed that Ace was misunderstands what she was saying and her face again started to turn red from embarrassment while pouting.

“Master is a pervert”

“Oy! Oy! What did you say?” Ace was shocked

“I said you’re a pervert M-A-S-ter”

“I’m not a pervert!!” Ace exclaimed.


© 2016 Shiro-sama

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Added on August 6, 2016
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