A Chapter by Shiro-sama

‘I can’t believe we ended up in a situation like this!’

Ace was surrounded by five goblins. Just few minutes ago, he was running for his life while these little demons are chasing him.



“What a terrible luck! Why did these goblins keep chasing me?”

“It’s master’s fault for shouting that loud”

A thumb-sized beautiful maiden with wings answered. This maiden was Ace’s personal sprite, Laila. Laila was graciously floating around; the mesmerizing figure of Laila accompanied by the fairy dust that her wings emitted that can steal any man’s heart.

“S--sorry” Ace apologetically said.

‘I’m still not accustomed to the master thing, I tried to persuade her not to call me master but she greatly refuses me, she said that this is own wish so I already let her do what she want’

“Master let’s just fight are way through! With your current strength we can kick their asses until they kiss the floor and eat dust”

Laila said with a face full of pride while putting her hands on her waist. Ace looks at the floating Laila with a shocked expression and some tinge of fear.

“Oy! Oy! Do you want me to die!? That’s five you know it’s not the number that I can challenge!”

“I’m just basing it with your current abilities master; right now you can probably challenge five goblins. Goblins are monster with low intelligence even a normal person can kill it”

“Even though you said it like that it is still impossible for me challenging five goblins at the same time I almost died killing one goblin let alone five!” he remembered a few hours ago, he almost see the other side (heaven).

“Enough talk master we are already surrounded, if we don’t kill are way out most likely we will the one who will die and master you aren’t a normal person anymore just few hours ago you already turn into a <<Eliminator>>, trust me master I won’t bring you harm”

Laila looks at Ace with her gorgeous eyes, seeing the sincerity in Laila’s eyes, Ace decided to trust her words.

‘it looks like you’re the master here’ Ace secretly whispered.

“Okay fine I’ll fight and also there is no other choice because they already block all escape routes”

Ace unsheathed the short sword he took from the goblin; the sword emitted a faint white light that was caused by the skill <<Enchanted blade>>

‘This sword almost weightless for me thanks to the skill <<War God’s Arms>>’

Ace took a stance preparing to fight. He still not accustomed in using a sword, this is his first time using a sword in fighting. Ace dashed forward randomly swung his sword at the nearest goblin but it was easily dodged and ace stumbled. While Ace was fixing his stance, Laila started to fly at him and said.

“Master you just can’t randomly swing your sword at them you need to watch their movements; you must think and learn while fighting”

“It’s hard you know” Ace disagreed while pouting his lips.

“Keep focus, Master! here they come”


The goblin started to move, Ace focused his mind, and prepared his stance. One goblin started swinging its sword at him. The goblin slash the sword diagonally aimed at Ace’s body, ace noticed that diagonal slash was not a random slash unlike his. He carefully watched the goblin as he dodged the incoming attacks.

‘So this is learning from your opponents’

“Master, block it!” Laila shouted with concerned face. After hearing Laila, Ace readied his sword and parried the incoming sword.

Clang! The sound of two swords clashing was heard.

While still on a lock on, Ace felt that the blow of goblin was too light he didn’t even bulge when the goblin’s sword hit his.

‘Is the sword blow too weak? Or is it just that I became stronger since I fought the goblin last time’

Ace tried to breakthrough to the lock on and forcefully swung his sword, with no resistance at all the goblin was thrown away and heavily smash on the wall.

“keeeEEEK!!” the goblin shrieked in  pain and turned into ashes.

Then another goblin charge at him.

“Master use <<Bind>>” Laila shouted.

After hearing this, Ace remembered that he have the skill <<bind>> that entangles the enemy and restricts its movement.

“<<Bind>>” Ace casted it on the goblin that is charging at him, the incoming goblin stopped and white chain entangled its body seizing its freedom. Ace charged at the goblin and lifts his sword upward.

‘Let’s try the diagonal slash that the other goblin uses’

While his sword was still raised, Ace tried to imitate the movements of the other goblin and swung his sword downwards, slicing the goblin in half. The pitiful thing didn’t even have a time to cry as it turned to ashes.

“Wow! So this is power!” Ace face was filled with excitement his blood was boiling; this was the most exciting thing he felt so far. Becoming strong he felt great feeling of contentment.

“Master, dodge it!” Laila shouted.

‘S**t I loss focused’

Ace jumped back but the tip of the sword was still able to reach him and causes a small wound.

“Master, don’t lose focus or you will die!!” Laila angrily shouted at Ace with tears in her eyes. Ace was startled in Laila’s expression.

‘Why does she worry too much for me? ’

“S-sorry, I’m just lose in thoughts”

Ace apologetically said as he tried to regain his posture and charged at the goblin. Ace uses <<bind>> to seal the goblin’s movement and slash the goblin with his sword. The goblin let out a howl and turned into ashes. After that Ace changed his direction towards the other goblin, the goblin tried to run but Ace was faster to react and again uses <<bind>> then stabbed the goblin to death.  The last goblin trembled and ran away from Ace.

“So you also know fear! But sorry you’re not going anywhere”

Ace dashed while the goblin was still running away for its life but Ace was faster than the goblin so in no time Ace already catch up to the goblin and slash its back. The goblin struggled on the ground and started to crawl away in fear.

“You still struggle? You really do act like a human but I’m sorry you tried to kill me so I’m going to kill you. Only the strong survive that’s the new rules of this world”

Ace looked at the goblin with pity in his eyes as he stabbed the goblin and turn to ashes.

© 2016 Shiro-sama

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Added on August 6, 2016
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