All Mixed Up

All Mixed Up

A Chapter by vintageromance96

Chapter 5

All Mixed Up

I looked around for a sign that said where the school was. Just as I thought it would be, the driver of the taxicab was hoping that I would be so annoyed with him that I would get off the taxi, when I was so angry; that when he said that I was here I believed him. What a fool I am now. I believed him, the robot that I thought was William Henderson, and the angel that said that I would be alone in the beginning, but the quest was practically over.

By the way who was saving my cat at the moment? I screamed for another taxi to take me to The Alley Hotel, and thank the lucky stars and God that is was not the same guy that kicked me out of his taxicab. By the way, who are the lucky stars? I had no time for worrying about that; I had a kitten dying of loss of magic; a family lost in time; an aunt supposedly dead; and a stalker trying to stop me from the quest I need to complete.

I was so worried about Angel that I forgot about the prophesies that the angel said to me in my head when I was in the hospital. She had said that in the beginning I would be alone, but later on in the quest I would have someone with me. I looked around and sure enough not one but two people were with me.

It was William Henderson and Marie. I was never so thankful in my whole entire life before; I had my friends with me when I thought I would never see them again. Never ever in my life. I hugged my friends, but then William Henderson pulled me aside and said "Happy birthday Sara." And kissed my cheek. I just about fainted again. I never thought he loved me but I had loved him ever since we had been friends for a couple months. Maybe he was shy. I had been shy all my life but then again I was out going to all people. I loved him. It happened so quickly, he pulled me close to him, and whispered in my ear these three little words. "I love you." We just stood there hugging each other but I was crying all that time. I then had the guts to say….

"I thought you didn't love me so I didn't say I loved you too." I sobbed a happy one and when it came to a yield I saw that Marie was standing with me too.

"All William Henderson talked about in the time machine ride coming here was you. He loves you very much and…"

"She means... I love you." And yes, you are all I ever talked about in the ride here, but not only here, but always."

He was hiding something from me, and I wanted to know what it was but I didn't want to ask just yet.

William Henderson was nervous and relieved, Marie was happy, and I was happy but at the same time in shock. He loved me and I loved him, I then thought about what he was hiding from me but then I blurted something out to them.

"Marie, you go to the Alley Hotel and take the key for the room I am staying in, oh, and take care of Angel. She is dying. Hug her and make her purr. William Henderson stay with Marie."

"NO! I want to go with you. Who is going to save you if you need help? I want to go not with you for that and that only, but I need to ask you and your parents something." William Henderson said offended.

"That's fine with me. Come on, let's go!" "Marie, please save Angel, please! Oh, call me if she seems strange to you." I said to William Henderson and Marie.

'O.K." She replied.

I wanted for William Henderson to stay away from me now for the adventure, but that only. I couldn't concentrate now with him loving me the way he did and still do the Adventures of Love. "Hey that should be a book title." I said without thinking.

"What should be a book title?" William Henderson asked.

Of course he asks.

"Oh, nothing." I lied.

I felt so bad saying a lie to a person I love. Although my un-happiness I felt a sigh of relief off my shoulders when I felt the urge to look up and see that we were here at the prison, and that the school was just around the corner. I sighed, and threw my arms around his head.

"You're awesome William Henderson." I cried.

"Thank you, very, very, much." He cried back.

© 2012 vintageromance96

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