Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Cant think of a good summary :P But this will be the only chapter till i can finish Blind Love


          “Jason please put your head up” a voice called out

 The young teenager force his head and propped it with his arm up to look at the teacher she was about 30ish, had her blonde hair in a bun, and in her hand was a marker and in her other hand was a math book, she stop mid-way writing a math problem

            “Thank you” she said then she went back to writing on the white board

The young teenager was about was about sixteen years old, his hair was pure black with green tips which went down to his shoulder, he was wearing a pure black shirt, with skinny black jeans. He had the emo looked down to a T, he turned his head to look out the window and stared off into space “Why am I here” he thought then he heard the final bell ring which cause him to grab his backpack and head out the door then pulling out his IPod, placed the ear bud in his ears and selected a random song then last he pulled his hood up and got lost into the music. When all of a sudden he ran into someone causing me to fall over and hit the floor


            “Oh I am sorry” the voice apologizes

He looked up to see it was Tray his boyfriend he was caption of the baseball team, he has light blond hair, had hazel eyes he get lost in, he had a medium frame but he hid it because it draw unwanted attention, he was 6’6. They started dating around freshmen year when groups of bully were beating Jason up ever since then no one dared to mess with him but still does not mean they still talk about him

            “It was my fault babe I am sorry” He said getting myself up and patting me down then he pulled me into his arm and placed his chin on top of my head

            “Any plans this weekend” Tray asked not letting me go

            “It is my birthday this weekend unless you forgot” he replied looking up with a smile


            “Oh yeah” the jock replied with a light smile on his face


Jason just shrugged not knowing what he was going to do even thought it was his birthday this weekend he just had no idea what he was going to do, he was able to get out of Tray grip

            “I got to go” he said planting a kiss on his check as he was running away Jason saw Tray was waving good bye

As Jason got to the exit of the school he looked around for my parents car he looked for about for a minute then he heard a car horn honking it was his parents van, he flagged them down and ran over to them, as Jason got into their car he could feel something was in the air because they both had huge smiles on their faces

            “Okay what’s up” he asked hoping to get an answer


His mom turned around she was in the mid-30s but she looked younger, she had teeth that looked like pearls, her hair was a dirty blonde that went down to her neck, she had her earpiece with pearls in each ear and she was about 5’5 she still gets people hitting on her even though she is married.

            “Nothing what would make you think something is wrong” she said still smiling

            “Okay you guys are giving me the creeps” he said crossing his arms 

The ride home was still in pure silence but Jason was trying to figure out what they were smiling about, he ran out of the car and ran into the two story houses; he ran up the stairs and into his room but when Jason got into his room there was a medium size package on his bed. He tossed his backpack somewhere and went over to the package it was covered in green wrapping paper he ripped the paper open which was covering a medium size box he quickly open the box to reveal a necklace with a medium size ruby diamond in the shape of a tear on a silver chain.

Screaming at the top of his lungs he ran down stairs to hug his parents not notching the card slipping out of it.

Mom was in the kitchen cooking steak with ramen in it, he gave her a hug then he ran over to his dad who was watching the football game

            “Thank thank thank” Jason said a million times over giving him a hug from behind the chair


            “You’re welcome we are glad you like it” his dad spoke patting my head not

 He ran back into his room it was not very large or very small it was just right, he had posters of certain bands he liked, his bed was right below the window staring out into the world also his walls are covered with his random drawing  which was mostly dragons. He went over to his desk and pulled out one of his many notebooks then he sat down desk and started drawing a picture he’s been working on but for some reason it felt familiar to him but he could not place where he seen this dragon before. It was bright red dragon with scales red as rubies, teeth sharp as daggers, his eyes were bright red but they were not full of fire but passion, his wings were folded onto its back it looked like your typical flying dragon it seemed to be flying towards a cave but also the dragon looked like he was hurt   

            “I promise I will take you from here” a voice said near his window

Jason thought he heard something then he looked out his window and he saw nothing but the open sky ‘Weird” he thought then

            “Jason foods ready” his mom yelled from downstairs

Jason put away his notebook and ran downstairs into the kitchen and sat down at the table

            “How was school today Jason” dad asked sitting down at the table

His dad use to be a pro body build before he had to join the military now he is a private trainer at the local gym, he was close to his 40s but he still look younger, he had a tribal tattoo down his left arm while he has scars down his right arm. He still keeps his hair cut like he was in the military; he still wears his dog’s tags

            “It was okay the lunch lady’s gave me some free pudding because of my birthday” he replied slowly eating the steak ramen

            “Did you say thank you” my mother said with a stern face

            “Yes mom I do have manners” Jason replied looking at her

            “Okay just making sure’ she said with a sweet smile

All throughout lunch he kept placing his hand on the necklace that his parents gave me and for some reason he felt right with it on him


            ‘So this Saturday we are going to throw your birthday party and Sunday you earn the house for yourself’ my mother said looking at me with a huge smile on her face

 Jason gasps because he gets to have his mother famous white chocolate cake and he get to invite Tray over this Sunday

            “Thank mom do I get to have your famous cake” he asked with hope and giving her his best puppy dog face

            ‘Maybe’ she replied good thing she can’t lie to save her life causing all three of us to laugh their butts off

            “Okay mister just because it is your birthday does not mean you can ignore all of the rules” dad said picking up his places and putting them in the sink

he just simply nodded picking up his dishes putting them in the sink kissing dad and mom good night and headed to his room when he enter the room he notice a piece of paper on the floor

 Happy Birthday please be careful everything you know is a lie I don’t want to lose you again

Jason was speechless because he did not know the hand writing which kind of scared him a bit so he went to his bed and just tried to go to sleep but those words kept echoing in his mind, so he open his window so he could let some cold air into the room but he had this weird feeling that he was being watch which Jason kind of like knowing someone is protecting him. He went back to bed then all of a sudden a rush of air blew into his room and run across his cheek, he felt like it kissed him he placed his hand there with a small blush on my face then he went back into the cover.

Around mid-night a shadowy figure come thought the window and sat down right next to Jason when all of a sudden his jade necklace started glowing and Jason necklace was glowing too. He placed his hand on top of Jason head and started rubbing his head gently so not to wake him


          “Soon my love we will be together again” a voice said holding the medium size jade gem in the shape of a tear then he just vanish

© 2012 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Please let me kow what you think, ideas, comments etc.

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It's alright, I suggest you take your time an add details, again to keep the reader hooked and understanding it. It is good, but slightly rushed, slow down and explain what is going on. At the beginning and end I was confused and you keep switching from first to third person, so watch that...

Posted 11 Years Ago

Jonathan Biswell

11 Years Ago

Thanks for letting me know

11 Years Ago

Welcome :)
Eerie. It's a good setup thats gonna take a lot of explanation later on.
Question: Is Jason gonna go back in time or stay in the present?

Posted 11 Years Ago

Jonathan Biswell

11 Years Ago

He is going to stay in the present but he will get to view the past in his mind

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Jonathan Biswell

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