Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Sorry for taking so long life likes to pick on me


Jason walked into school the next day with a dark cloud over his head, his eyes were blood shot, his cheek were puffy. His eyes were on the ground he did not want to lift his head up then he heard a familiar laugh he somehow manages to lift up his head to see Tray with the girl from Dairy Queen, he could feel more tears escaping his eyes as he ran away from them


“Jason was sitting in bed working on the same picture from Friday when all of a sudden he got a text from Tray


            “We are done”


That cause Jason to spend the rest of the day in his room with the door close and lights off he did not even come out to eat lunch or dinner. He manage to cry himself to sleep but he felt something being placed something on his bed he notice it was box he slowly crawled to the box he slowly removed the lip there was napkin and under the napkin was a note. He used the napkin to dry his eyes and to blow his nose he picked up the note


Please don’t cry it pains me to see tears shed from your emerald eyes I promise I will never make you cry  


That made his feel better in a weird way he placed the letter near his heart and went back to asleep  


He still manage to get to his classes but he could not focus on any of the lessons, but for some reason he thought he felt like he was being watch. Then all of a sudden the phone broke his focus the teacher went over to answer it


            “Jason the principle wants to see you” the teacher said hanging up the phone then going back to the lesson, he gather his stuff and slowly headed to the principle office while on the way there he was thinking about a Alex and they kill they had at the mall his hand went for his lips he could still remember how they felt so soft and full of love and kindness. He would be lying if he said that he did not miss the red head teenager like crazy, he also remembers what his looked like they were so red but full of passion “No I should not be thinking about dating someone else for right now since I just got my heart broken” Jason thought as he was slowly walking when he got to the door he was about to knock on the door


            “Come in Jason” a voice called from behind the door “Okay…that was creepy” Jason then open the door and walked right in, the office was simple desk in the middle of the room, a chair right in the middle of the room, a few awards hanging on the walls along with some new clippings.


            “You wanted to see me Mr. Michel” Jason asked sitting down in the chair


            “Yes I wanted to ask you if you knew anything about…dragons” Mr. Michel playing with a silver ring on his hand


Jason looked at him like he was crazy


            “Yes Jason dragons do exist” he said in a stern voice


            “10,000 years ago there was a great war between the dragons and the human the result of this war was a group called The Protectors who soul duty it to destroy all of the remaining dragons…” he stop to let Jason take in the information


“But they manage to vanish into thin air but they did make one mistake they left behind a special egg…” now looking out the window while watching Jason reaction in the mirror he young teenager looked to be in shock


            “Now this special egg is a prince now this is no ordinary prince he is a prince of the Jade dragons now the Jade dragons can special they have the power to heal any injury, fix any broken bone, cure any dieses within reason…” 


            “The egg hatched under the protection of the Protectors now it is time for him to know the truth…” he said starting right at Jason


            ‘Sir…who is the prince I doubt I would know him” that cause Mr. Michel to laugh a little


            “We already know who it is…” he walked over to Jason and leans in and whispered into his ear


            “It is you”


That cause Jason brain to shut down him prince of dragons there is in way in hell he could be a prince


            “We are sure that the other dragons know this and they have been watching you if they get you they will force you to help destroy mankind…we would like to offer you protection and in return you sway the Jade dragons to join our cause…surely they would have to listen to their own prince” he slowly walked back towards his desk


But just right before Jason open his mouth the large glass door shattered and a flash of red hair came to Jason side


            “That’s not nice Mike…you are not telling him everything” Alex said with a grin while placing his arms around Jason


            “I told him all he needs to know” Mike shouted trying to get up


Alex just laughed and quickly picked up Jason bridal style and jumped right out the window then bolt away towards the school he looked down to see Jason out “Hope he remember everything I miss holding him in my arms” Alex thought he was on a rooftop of a local club he open the rooftop door and slowly walked down to his loft. He gently placed Jason on his bed he then moved a few strain of hair away from his flawless face then place his hand on Jason cheek, he quickly notice that he was wearing the bracelet “He remembers” Alex placed a gentle kiss on Jason cheek


            “Soon my Jade we will be together again” 


16 year old Jason was running away from a group of teenagers in the forest while it was raining like crazy, Jason cloths were soaked to the bones on his wrist was a simple silver bracelet his hair was sticking to his skin,


            “Come back here” the leader they shouted


Jason was running faster but he was out of breath, afraid of what would happen if they caught them he kept thinking someone please save me when all of a sudden he manage to trip on a branch and fall face down. All of a sudden he saw four shadow figures standing over him


            “We will teach you for being so high and mighty” one of them growled while the others started cracking there knuckles


He felt them started to kick and punch them all over they also called him names


            “You are not so special now are you, this is what you get for acting so high and mighty well get this no one cares about you, no one will ever choose you for a mate, you will die alone” the boss of them cried out then two of them help Jason up by the his arms the leader of the group help a steel dagger in his hands


            “We are going to give you a haircut” he said with an evil smile


That cause Jason to start freaking out he tried to break free but they were too strong he felt someone pull his hair out then in a flash the leader cut his long hair he saw as the cut hair was slowly falling down to the ground then they went back to beating me he started crying like crazy then all of a sudden he heard all four of them groan and a few screams he look up beside being in pain and saw Alex with a menacing look on his face and his hands made into a fists


            “Touch him again and you will die a swift painfully death” in a really angry tone his eyes turn blood red and his pupils became slits, little sparks of fire was escaping from his mouth


They all got up and ran away from Alex, and then he quickly went to check on Jason. Alex gasped to see what they have done to him: his flawless skin now covered in bruises, his cheek was bruised, had black eye, his nose was bleeding, and he was unsure of what the internal damage was he also notice that his long jet black hair was cut now it reach his ears


            “Jason…your hair “Alex whispered he loved Jason hair he told him he was never allowed to cut it


            “Alex are you okay” he asked in a worry tone trying to get up


            “I am okay but I am more worried about you” Jason replied with a hurt tone


Jason lost his balance but Alex manage to catch him and hold him tightly against his wet chest


            “I am sorry…I was not here to protect you” Alex said in a hush tone tear start escaping his eyes


            “It is okay Alex I you are here now” he replied in a hush tone he hated to see Alex like this so…weak


Rudy meet emerald


            “I promise you I will now and forever protect you” Alex said in a stern voice


Jason just simple brought there forehead together and there they stay not saying anything just enjoying their partners presence both did not care that it was still raining as long as they had each other they were happy


            “I am going to pick you up now please let me know if I hurt you I don’t want to make it worst” Alex said in a whisper Jason just nodded


Alex pick him up bridal style and slowly carried him to the local healer while in Alex’s arms Jason manage to fall asleep due to the warmth emitting from Alex body then thought it was raining cats and dogs    

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Sorry for it being short next chapter will get more into the action

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