Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Jason hangs out with his boy friend and meets a stranger person



“Please Jason you need to go” a voice called out with his arm right in front of him


Jason could see a teenager who looked 18 but he had a feeling he was older then he looked, his hair was pure red on top it was short but he had a hair tail that reach down to his back. He was wearing a just leather pants and his face was fill with fear and around his neck was a simple ruby necklace. His upper body was covered with scars and scratches and his face was covered with dirt and ash but the dirt just showed his muscles more


            “No I won’t leave you” Jason yelled as he felt someone try and tear him away from the red head teen he turn to see the person who dare to drag him away ,but he could not see his face it was covered with shadow


The sky was filled with dragon fighting against each other, the air was filled with death, fire the ground was litter with the body of humans and dragons alike. No was safe women, children, man human or dragon like it was a fight to the death, the red head teen main concern was to protect his mate


The red headed cupped Justin face with his hands and looked him straight in his eyes, his pure red eyes pierced through his soul


            “Don’t worry I will find you” in a tone that made Jason believe him then placing a gentle kiss on his lips


He let go of Jason face then he reach behind his neck for the ruby necklace he took it off and placed it around Jason neck which cause him to gasp then Jason felt that someone drag him away then he saw the red head teen run away from them  


            “Wait” he roared breaking out of his grip


He ran back over to him then all of a sudden Jason removed his emerald necklace and place it around the red headed teen neck he then place his hand over the necklace


            “No matter what happen know that I love you and I know you will find me” Jason said crying into his chest then he felt someone take him away from the red head teen then all of a sudden his body become engulfed in flames and Jason heard a deaf roar but he was afraid to look back he did not want to see his mate flying away. Jason notices he was being brought to a cave but as the cave got closer he had a bad feeling about this place when we enter the cave…



            “Damn clock” Jason thought as he slammed the snooze button he then looked up at the ceiling


            “What a strange dream…it felt almost real”  


He just shrugged and went for his notebook right below his bed and looked at the picture “Now I know where I’ve seen that dragon before it was in my dreams but who was that guy” but the smell of breakfast broke his train of thought so he ran down to the kitchen to see his mom made all of his favorite things0. There were cinnamon rolls right out of the oven, fresh pancakes right out of the pan, freshly made sausages, biscuits too. Jason could feel his mouth drooling over all of the food when he heard


“You better stop staring and come join us before I eat it all”


His dad said with a huge grin on his face so Jason gave his dad his best death glare then he ran in and started filling his plate up with his mom famous cooking, they took our time eating the food


            “Jason why don’t you hang out with Tray today me and your father have to clean the house today” my mom said with a small smile on her face but he knew she was lying her nose would turn red


            “Awesome that sounds great and maybe I will run by the art store I need more color pencils” he said before placing the last cinnamon roll in his mouth also choosing not to say anything about her lying


Then he place his dishes in the sink and ran upstairs to change his cloths he went to the closet and looked at his t shirts, he picked a dark blue shirt with huge claw marks on the front he tossed the shirt onto his bed then he headed back of the closet to pick out a pair of pants, Jason pulled out a pair of skin tight jeans. After he put his clothes on he went to his jewel box and pulled out the ruby necklace he got yesterday, he then ran downstairs and made a bee line towards the door but fail to notice that someone was at the door causing him to run right into them and fall down


            “Jason you are such a klutz you know that right” the person said while laughing


            “Ah now you done and broke my heart” acting like he was about to cry

Then all of a sudden I felt two arms wrap around him and a small kiss on the top of his head


            “Okay you are forgiven” Jason replied with a small smile on his face that causes Tray to just laughing then we head out the door and down to his car. He was taking me to the mall so we can spend sometimes alone together; after he parked his car we both got out of the car and made our way to the double door with our hands entangled. We spend a few minutes walking around just windowing shopping there not that many people at the mall today but Jason did notice someone with bright red hair with an unusual hair style “Could that be…no way” Jason thought


            “So how is my birthday boy doing today” he asking looking at me with a small smile on his face


            “Well let’s see I am at the mall with the hottest guy on the planet…” Jason said leading off seeing if Tray could play the game


            “Really where he is so I can kick his a*s because you belong to me” acting like he was angry and looking around just to get me to laughing


            “You know I love it when you laugh right” he whispered in Jason ear causing him to blush like a little baby


            “Hey want to get some ice cream my treat” Tray ask looking at a Dairy Queen

He quickly nodded and they both ran over there when we got inside there was hardly anyone there except the employee there was a girl with blonde hair tied into a pony tail, she was wearing a Dairy Queen hat, and she had a green shirt with light which was showing her breasts, brown khaki pants. We just walked into the store and she already had her eyes locked onto Tray


            “So find us a seat and I will get some ice cream” he said already half way there


So Jason picked a random spot and waited for Tray to come back “Wish I brought my sketchpad” Jason thought as he tapping his finger on the table 


            “What is a precious gem like you doing here?” a familiar voice said behind his back he quickly turned around to see the guy He was about 6’6- 6’7, his hair was bright red on top of his head was short hair but behind him it looks like he had a tail made of hair, he had that punk look to him he was wearing a shirt with no sleeves but showed his medium frame, he was wearing leather pants that showed the curves in his legs, he had a jade necklace around his neck which looked familiar. His eyes were bright red and they seemed to look right through a person barriers, his smile made my legs feel like jelly for a moment he forgot how to speak


            “Oh…” why was he waiting again then it hit him


            “I am waiting for my boyfriend to come back” with a fake smile on his face


The stranger smile turned into a scowl hearing the word boyfriend leaving his mouth he quickly turned around to see the boyfriend talking to the girl at the counter  


            “I will be right back my precious Jade” his smile returning that sent a chill down Jason spin “Why does he look so familiar”


He quickly walked over to the counter and quickly got the girl’s attention who was pissed because someone was ruining a great flirt moment and order something she quickly made the order and shoved it back into the red head teen’s arms thanking her for making the ice cream he walked over to Jason and handed him a medium size Oreo blizzard with two spoons, causing Jason to have a confused look on his face


            “Your boyfriend seem tied up at the moment so I thought I would sit here and keep you company Jade” the red head teen said with a smile on his face Jason could feel his heart beating like crazy


            “Oh thank you” Jason said softly he already knew why his boyfriend was late some girl was flirting with him


            “By the way how did you know I like Oreo blizzard” Jason asked with a curious look on his face while taking a spoon full of ice cream the red head teen just shrugged


            “Lucky guess” as he took another bite of ice-cream


They just sat there eating ice-cream and making small talk Jason for some reason felt like he belongs with the red head teenager but his contraction was broke when they heard someone clear there throat he turned around to see it was Tray


            “Oh hey Tray” Jason smile at the teen holding a large milkshake and he was looking at the red head teenager


            “You what do you think you are doing hitting on someone boyfriend” trying to sound threatening and stared at him with pure malice in his eyes


The red teenager just got up


            “Give it up you don’t scare me” the red teen replied with a smirk on his face then he just walked away


Jason could see there was about to be a fight so he got in front of Tray and looked him right into his eyes


            “Tray please calm down you know you scare me when you are angry” Jason pled in a hush tone


That seems to snap Tray out of his rage fit and place a tender kiss on Jason cheek

            “I am sorry” he whispered


While they were eating ice cream Tray phone seem to come alive as soon as they say down in truth it did annoy Jason but he knew Tray was a popular man still his mind went back to the note he got saying everything he knew was a lie and then this strange teenager


            “Hello Jason anyone home” Tray snapping his finger in front of Jason face

            “Oh sorry guess I got lose looking at your face” he quickly lied that cause Tray to smile a little and he felt a little relieved


They left Dairy Queen and started walking around the mall they passed a pet store and in the window was a Siberian husky puppy playing with other puppy’s, it was Jason dream to own a Siberian husky one day


            “Jason didn’t you need more color pencils” Tray trying to get his boyfriend attention back knowing he could stay there all day staring at the puppy’s


            “Oh that right” a little annoyed at Tray for not letting him look a little longer


They headed to the art store and found a huge packet of color pencils on sale which made Jason do a little happy dance inside then all of a sudden Tray phone rang he quickly answered it Jason chose to ignore that conversation and went to pay for his pencils


            “That will be $7.50 sweetie” the old lady said with a huge smile on her face as Jason was about to pull out his wallet


            “Please allow me” a familiar voice called out


It was the red head teen from before who manage to appear right next to Jason side he gave the old lady the money then went to the register


            “You did not have to do that you know” Jason asked wondering why a complete stranger would do something like that


            “But I wanted too besides seeing you smile in payment enough my precious Jade” with a smile on his face again another chill went down his spin


            “You two make a cute couple” the old lady said with a warm smile on her face giving the change back to the red head teen and the small bag back to Jason


That causes Jason to blush and get a small laugh from the red head teen


            “By the way I never got your name” Jason quickly asked receiving a small bag from the old lady


The red head teenager leaned in and whispered


            “My names Alex”


Jason face lit up like a charismas tree then he notices the Alex quickly looking around for someone




He was quickly interrupted by Alex who placed a quick kiss on his lips Jason quickly brought his hand to his lips he could his heart beating like crazy


            “W-w-why d-d-did y-y-you d-d-do t-t-that” Jason stuttered hands over his mouth


Alex just shrugged


            “I don’t know just felt like it” with a smile on his face


            “Jason come on I need to get you home” Tray appeared out of no where

Jason quickly looked around to see Alex had just vanished


            “Hey are you okay” he asked noticing Jason red face  


            “Yeah I am fine just felt a little weak from a moment but I am okay now” he quickly replied


Tray just shrugged then he latched onto Jason arm and they ran to his car on the while ride there Jason could not get Alex out of his mind and he could still his lips on his “Why is my heart still beating like a drum” he thought. When they got to Jason house the light were turn off and not a single car in the drive way “Weird”. They got inside the house Jason was looking for a light switch when all of a sudden the light came back on




It was his mom and dad and right in the middle of them was his birthday cake he quickly ran over to hug his parents


            “We don’t deserve all of the it was Tray idea” his mom said with a huge smile on his face


Jason quickly turns around to see Tray leaning against the door with a huge smile on his face


            “So that is who you were calling and texting too” he quickly asked




Jason just ran over and gave him a huge hug the rest of the night was filled with games, birthday cake and more ice cream and let’s not forget presents he got a new cell phone for his dad, some more sketch pads from his mom, and Tray got gave him 50 dollars sadly the party died around 11.


            “See you at school Monday Jason” giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and shutting the door


            “Happy birthday Jason” his parents said one last time before going to their rooms


Jason was tried too so he walked to his room when he got to his room there was a small package on his bed he quickly ran over to it he remove the top it was a bracelet with small ruby all around it “Wow who got me this” he quickly put it on and it fit then he notice a card right under where the bracelet was 


This is my gift to you this bracelet was the very first gift I ever got you, please be careful I don’t want to lose you again


“Weird it is the same handwriting what does he mean this bracelet was the first thing he ever got me” but Jason was to tried to try and figure out what that note meant


  “A small boy was sitting near a lake crying his eyes out he was hugging his legs and resting his head on his knees he was wearing a simple shirt and simple pants and sandals


            “What’s wrong” a voice called out from behind him


The small boy quickly looked up to see another small boy but with bright red hair but he was a little taller he was wearing tattered shorts and no shirt also he was bare footed and on his wrist was a silver bracelets with small ruby around it


            “The other kids called me ugly” he small boy said still crying

The red head boy walked over to the crying kid and places his arm over his shoulder pulling him closer


            “Hey don’t cry your face is more beautiful without the tears” the red head teen whispered causeing the small boy head to jerk up and look that the red head kid dead in his eyes


            “You…think…I…am beautiful” in shock that someone called him beautiful then the red head kid gently wipe away his tears with his thumb he was about to speak but the red head teen was quickly interrupted by a another group of small boy


            “Hey cry baby don’t believe what he says you are the ugliest kid here no one will ever want you as a mate” one of them yelled out causing his gang to start laughing  


The small boy started crying into his knees again the red headed teen wanted to do nothing more than punch that kid in the face but he knew that would cause more tears to be shed


            “Hey Alex leave the ugly one alone and come play with us” the leader said crossing his arms


That causes Alex to laugh


            “Why would I do a stupid thing like that” he replied his arm still around the crying kid not even bothering to turn his head to face the group


His gang let out a huge gasp and he could hear his gang say “is he crazy” or “never thought I would see someone defy the boss”


            “Whatever you will come to your senses” the leader muttered motioning the rest of his gang to go


Alex got up and got behind the crying kid and wrapped his arm around him protectively


            “Shhh stop crying you don’t want your beautiful face ruin do you” he whispered in his ear wanting him to stop crying


Again the crying teen head jerk up and looked at the Alex, the small boy felt safe in his arms and he could see in his eye that he was telling the truth

            “You…really…think…I…am…beautiful” gasping for air as he was still crying


Alex started wiping away his tears with this thumbs he notice the crying teen had hair black as night  with green tips, his eyes looked like two perfectly cut emeralds, his skin felt like silk, his teeth looked like polish pearls,

            “Those other boy are just jealous because they don’t have you beauty” still whispering


The crying kid did not know what to say but he like the fact someone called him beautiful


            “That why I have chosen you to be my mate…when you’re old enough of course” Alex said playing with the kids hair who was now speechless but for some reason he did not mind so he leaned his head against Alex chest, he felt like nothing could hurt him


            “Can I know the name of my future name” he whispered as he placed his silver bracelet on the crying teen’s wrist 


            “Jason…” the name echoes

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Sorry took so long had major case of writer block but here is chapter two if you can confused please let me know. Please enjoy comment and review / (^.^)

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Again, ya, I got a little confused. Maybe it is just me, but it is a little fast paced. Slow down and re-read your work. I do like it though, just wish I understood it a little better, haha :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Jonathan Biswell

11 Years Ago

kk thanks for letting me know i will look ever this chap and see i can add to make it easy to unders.. read more

11 Years Ago

Welcome and it might just be me. Haha.

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