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How to create a world you wish to live in.......or not


Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a girl who wished more than anything, to assist her fellow writers.Everyday she would read and think about ways to help her pupil's improve, and everyday she would write herself, to make sure that she was always improving as well.

When I think of imagery, I always tend to think of those  "once upon a time" stories that was read to me in my younger years. The sweeping hills, the looming castles, the beautiful princesses, all came alive to me in those stories, because of it's imagery. Oh glorious, crisp, imagery, with your hold on that naughty dame, language, I love you.

WARNING:If you a reading this lesson, please have a good understanding of what your voice is, if not, please look at the voice development series, then return to this lesson

First, let's define imagery.
Imagery:creates a mental picture through sensory launguage words or phrases that appeal to the five senses.

Now let's look at the five types of imagery:

Visual Imagery: You guys probably use this one the most in your writing, I know I do :D


The boring way: Sandra was pretty.

The beautiful way: Sandra's dark, tumbling curls, illuminated her rosy face, allowing the world to take her her soft prettiness.

Auditory Imagery: Dealing with sound.


The boring way: The music was too loud.

The orgasmic way: The music coming from the house sent cascades of noise into Aaron'sear drums, causing them to ring, which created a vibrating pain throughout his entire head.

Olfactory Imagery: Pertaining to smell


The boring way: The sock smelled bad.

The cool-attractive people way: As Katlin raised the yellowed sock to her face, her nose was attacked with the repugnant smell of sweat and citrus-like foot odor that seemed to reverberate in her dainty nostrils.

Gustatory Imagery: Can you taste it?


The insipid-loser-fail way: The food was yummy.

The tantalizing-intellectual way: The chicken soup was filled with spices that intensified the natural flavor causing imaginary particles of richness to dance on Daniel's tongue.

Tactile Imagery: Touch it!


The person who picks their nose in the back of the class way: The glass was cold.

The cool, intellectual, popular, most-likely-to-succeed person way: Ayn's fingers stuck to the frosty glass and as she pried them away, she began to feel the harsh pain of frost bite on her reddening fingers.

Now, I want you to write below, your 5 examples for each of the types of imagery. Or write a short work using good imagery. Continue writing my sweets! I love you!

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Posted 5 Years Ago

1. Chloe's thick, luscious waves fell down her back just above her round, bubble butt that jiggles as she walks.
2. The music is blasting from inside, shaking the glass of the windows, the blinds rattling violently.
3. I decide to smell the whisky before attempting it, the smell sends a shock to my system, vomit attacking the back of my throat.
4. My alfredo sauce came out just right, the perfect balance of mouth watering creamy goodness, seasoned with a touch of garlic and parsley.
5. An E-book can never quite compare to the feeling I experience when I hold a book in my hands, the feel of paper between my fingers, turning page by page, running my finger over each word satisfyingly.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

VISUAL: A glint of moon's light sparked off of the paper sharp knife blade, a deep red trail of blood rolled off the tip creating a small pool on the floor.
AUDITORY: Pressure build in her ears as the silence thickened around them, even the sound of her heart was fading.
OLFACTORY: Mouth watering scent of cinnamon and chocolate waft throughout the kitchen blending with the scent of the wood stove.
GUSTATORY: Salt stung his tongue, drying his throat, the ocean's water was hundred times worse than the plain soothing sensation of rain water.
TACTILE: Soft, delicate and gentle feel of the puppy's fur brought tears to her eyes, once the owner comes to pick him up she was never going to pat him again or receive his warm wet kisses.

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Visual imagery: jaces short, dirty blonde hair that was soft to the touch from using his shampoo was combed to combed to the left and was spiked carefully with gel.
Auditory imagery: the music coming from his ipad sent soft waves of noise throughout the room causing a state of peace from its soft melodic waves.
Olfactory imagery: taking the pan out of the oven, jace raised it to his face; inhaling the mouth watering smell of homemade cookies that came right out of the oven.
Gustatory imagery: the cookies filled with chocolate chips mixed with the warmness of cinnamon and the taste of vanilla that was mixed into the batter that also held a firm yet soft form.
Tactile imagery: holding the recently made cookie, jace felt the soft but firm form of the cook as his fingers went over the bumps of chocolate chips and the soft stickiness of the cinnamon sprinkled over the cook as soon felt the slowing burn of the heat as he gasped and dropped the cookie back onto the pan. Sucking on his slightly red fingers to numb the light burn that touched them.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Can I give YOU a challenge? Use imagery without the word "seemed," "began to," or "causing." It's much more casual this way.

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Clouds cloaked the world below as the thunder clapped its dreary applase. A small figure walking the streets below shuttered thinking back to the last storm, and how they never ended well. He felt a chill cascading down his spine. Hiking up his dark collar he picked up the pace to escape the never ending sheets of rain falling down on the city that had taken his life from him.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

I prefer descriptions that are vivid (when appropriate) without using excess wordage. And Birdy is right about the punctuation.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Eh. I'm not crazy about this one. The "good" descriptions just seem wordy and overly descriptive. Purple prose.

"Sandra's dark, tumbling curls, illuminated her rosy face, allowing the world to take her her soft prettiness." would work just as well as, "Sandra's dark curls framed her pretty face."
Not only that, but your example is punctuated incorrectly and has what looks like a typo.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Sometimes simplicity works too you know.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

I appreciate your advice, I really do, but you need to stop calling us your pupils, or students. It makes us seem lesser than you, like you are the high and mighty teacher, perched on your pedestal of gold; whereas we are stupid, lowly peasants, running around living meaningless lives underneath your great and educated gaze. I'm sorry if it makes you feel better about failing to become an english teacher, but I beg you, please do not call us students. Here, we are all equals. We are not students, but classmates. We are not pupils, but peers.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Elieazer watched everything slow down as the Molotov's flew through the air. The bombs shattering on the floor of the bar in a blaze.

"aw s**t"

The whole world sped up again when Elieazer saw the security guard run outside. He was franticly trying to pat out the fire that was going to cook off the bullets in his gun. The other unfortunates staggered outside shaken and gasping for air. The chemical smoke had cut out their air.

Elieazer turned to Mogolevsky with a questioning look stuck in his eye's
"damn man"
"yup i hear you bro"

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