What's your flavor?

What's your flavor?

A Lesson by Camille Corbett

Every writer has their own style! Let's find and pander to yours.


Okay, I know I have been gone for a long time, but writer's cafe decided to be evil to me and not let me log in for a good while. But I'm back! And ready to teach my favorite little pupils once more!  I hope you guys have been well, eating three square meals and such because you'll need the nourishment!Now, let me cease my ramblings and start telling you about my plans.

I am going to start a new series, that will concentrate on different genres and styles every week .
Using the link below, you can find out your style if you're unsure, so you know which lessons to adhere to.

Just follow the instructions, and I advise you to do it 5 or 6 times, so you are sure of your style. 

Anyways, it's glad to be back. I missed you and I love you!

p.s. On this website I got Poe and James Joyce. I've heard of Poe of course, but I don't think I've read any James Joyce's books. So if anyone has, could you be so kind as to  suggest some of his books in the comment section below.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

i got Rudyard Kipling.... had no idea who he was until i saw that he wrote the jungle book

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Posted 13 Years Ago

hello how are?I am new to this website am trying to figure out how to keep my writing going, i usually write when something appeals to me but now i want to take it further ,wat do i do then to b more on par with writing.....

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Posted 13 Years Ago

I tried this several times a few months ago. It kept listing authors I've never heard of, except for one time it said I write like Asimov - which I don't. Ever. This thing just looks for key words which have nothing to do with actual writing style.

You, for example, seem to be far too straightforward and coherent to be writing like Joyce. :)

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Posted 13 Years Ago

I kept getting Oscar Wilde.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

I do dark comedy, which tends to be a shifty b*****d that lurks between all the other genres. Makes me a bit of a misfit when the label gun comes around.
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Camille Corbett
Camille Corbett

Marietta, GA

I'm a 21 year old Fulbright ETA writing to kill the time and find my sanity. I have been gone for a while. But I have returned, so watch out for some new stories.