Rhetoric: Allowing Argument

Rhetoric: Allowing Argument

A Lesson by Camille Corbett

Because anything you can say I can say better.


Every. single. little. minute. insignificant. claim. is argument. Trust me. Or don't. In which that case, why the hell are you even on this course? Get the hell out and take your contention with you! Now, let's get down to business. Argument. Yum, isn't that word divine? Doesn't it make you want to hop out your knickers and start singing Negro spirituals in the shower? No? Well it should. Because it's beautiful. And everywhere! What more can you possibly want? World Peace? 

Let's tip our rhetoric toes into the sea of argument with the viewing of this Monty Python video about argument and how almost everything concerning language can be consider an argument:
 shorter version-

longer version-
Let's define Argument: 

Argument-An attempt to find a truth using evidence and reason.

Excellent, let's now look at the six purposes of argument!

1. To win 
2. To inform
3. To convince 
4. To explore 
5. To make decisions
6. To meditate or pray

Okay. So there are 3 main forms of argument. And here they are. Complete with helpful links so you know how to form them properly.

1. Classical 
2. Rogerian 
3. Toulmin 

Remember, the key to writing a good argument is to think of your audience! And to do that, you must use your old friends ethos, logos and pathos to assist you. 
Here is a great article on argument: 

Also, here are the methods of argumentation, these should help you greatly in knowing the technical names of things concerning argument: 
 Well, this was great! I hope you have a great day! Message me if you want a specific lesson on rhetoric.

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