Recounting Romance

Recounting Romance

A Lesson by Camille Corbett

Because seducing your audience is more than wearing bunny ears and licking off condiments.


Romance, Romance, Romance. How very sweet you are capable of being. You can get even the most prudent broad to wish she was getting nailed by her garbage man in a dark alley and well, get the faster females to liken their sexual appetites to Hussein Bolt on the Olympian track. So embrace your inner Harlequin and let's begin your quest to seduction! 

1.) Similar to scary stories in their ability to seem easy, these have a tendency to be a tad difficult. But their main similarity is the use of striking words that catch the audiences emotions so you can drag them into your world of sensuality more easily.

2.) BE SENSUAL NOT SEXY. You must remember that your target audience is women and they are usually not into cheap visuals of hookers grinding against poles. They are into the subtleness of romance-the breath of your shoulder, whispers of love, fleeting touches. Remember that in sexually tense moments/ when they're getting down in the nasty.

3.) USE ALL 5 SENSES- Again, your target audience is women, and they want a to feel a literary orgasm from each sense. Women want to smell sexy, hear sexy, see sexy, taste sexy, and most of all bloody touch sexy! Make it happen! I know you can do it.

4.) Please oh please, make your characters believable. A major problem with romances is that one character is far too perfect, making them unrelatable or intangible to their audience. Make your characters realistic and make them sexy for their flaws and for goodness sake make their flaws realistic and not to frisking glamorized.

For some horrid reason people usually have problems with tenses when writing Romance novels. PLEASE be sure to pay attention to them. And if you're a newbie, just write the story completely in past tense, it makes it so much easier. In addition to that helpful snidbit, remember to try and keep most of your nonsexual moments between lovers tense, it just adds to the story and keeps your reader hooked.

Okay, now it was great doing this lesson as you can see, when writing romance, you have to be a crowd pleaser. It's the audience who matters :D 
This is the last monthly genre lesson for next month it will be the first year anniversary of this course and it will be celebrated by allowing the winner of the master of writing contest to do the course. So shalom! Until next time!

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Loved it, and totally agree with what you said. I, apparently, have a very feminine sense of writing when it comes to romance (when I choose to use it ;p)

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank you for the amazing advise ! I will keep all of these amazing ideas and suggestions in use !! Wonderful !
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Camille Corbett

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