Niggling Nouns

Niggling Nouns

A Lesson by Camille Corbett

Because naming s**t can be some seriously sexy business.


Hello! I'm back! With a vengeance! Well perhaps not a vengeance, but I have very fiery feelings towards me coming back to teach my fellow writers more fun things about their craft. So...let's begin!

Today we will be covering nouns. I know you're thinking, " This girl is so silly we have already went over nouns." Well you're wrong. We may have gleaned over them, but now we're going deep into te world of nouns and we're going to learn how to work those sons of b*****s!

First, let's define what a noun is: 


  [noun]  Show IPA Grammar
any member of a class of words that can function as the main oronly elements of subjects of verbs
Fancy, Huh? To simplify this, a noun is something that identifies persons, places or things. In short, nouns names stuff.

Now let's look at the different types of nouns there are and explain their function! Fun, I know! 

Common Nouns: Words used to describe a type of person, place or thing. 
Example: water, poop, cereal, kidney, child

Proper Noun: The specific name of a person, place or thing. Capitalize these!
Example: Mary, England, Golden Gate Bridge, Treaty of Paris, Aunt Peggy

Collective Noun: A word that is used for a group of people or things.
Example: choir, team, jury

Pronoun: a smaller word that is used to replace a noun. 
Example: him, she, it

Verbal Noun: nouns formed from verbs
Example: Swimming, Thinking 

Now that we know our nouns, let's talk about mastering them. A good writer know how to use nouns in a way that will engage and entrance the reader. In sort, if you desire to be a powerful writer, one must use striking, and precise nouns. I cannot stress how important that is. You must not bog down your reader witha sea of words when one or two can suffice. I see this happen a lot of younger writers. They will a load of words and try to disperse them in a rapid succession. It is important that you must learn that less is more and if you don't believe me, read some Hemingway and you will see what I say is true. 

Don’t say: A tree was situated in between the two dwellings and she couldn’t see the front door.
Do say: The hibiscus blocked Sarah’s view of the cottage entrance from the house. 
( I got this nifty example from a nifty blog on tumblr called Amandaonwriting, if you are a writer and on tumblr you should support this blog because it's wonderful and filled with wonderful advice)

Remember, every word is important, especially, nouns, do not waste them by using them as a building block towards a picture, make each noun a picture by using striking diction!

I am done for now, but expect more lessons soon! 
Also, try and make an example yourself below, with one sentence that you don't utilize your nouns to describe a situation, and one where you do! I bet it will be far easier to make the one with striking diction! So give it a go and have a lovely day! 

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hi. I am very worried about the grammatical errors I may be making in my work. Help! So...if I understood your lesson...
don't say... Emily didn't realize how much she enjoyed the cinema until she produced a film of her own.
Do say... Emily's film production heightened her love for cinema.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

paragraph 2, first line: "This girl is so silly we have already went over nouns."

remove blank between quote and "This"

"already went" is incorrect. It should read, "already gone" ...the sentence can be simplified to show the error. "we have went" is what you've written. The sentence can be altered to read, "we have gone", or "we went" but not a combination.

"gleaned" isn't the word you want to use. Gleaning is a process or action and a very concentrated effort. I think you may be looking for a more passive word here such as "Touched on" or "skimmed" The word "glean" originally meant coming into a field after it had been harvested and getting the last bits and pieces left behind by the regular workers or machines.

I'm not critiquing the whole thing, just glanced at the page and saw these out of the corner of my eye.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

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