"Summer Assortment in Wicker Hamper"

With a volley of other eye words like aye aye capitan
we shall plot the demise of all rhyming silliness
and make a point west, or east, or at least
apply the principle of parsimony.
After all, one without the other? Absurd like a star
without a toe turned pebbleward and if I was less
than imitable I would not deserve your attentions
my darling, I shall spend my days concocting
drunken cartographers from whom we can expect
an endless source of unique ridiculousnesses
carefully arranged in wicker hampers
specifically designed to conflate integrity, pastry and influence.
And whilst I rue the lack of subtlety, tis true,
a perfect tune, these babble of voices, instigation,
echo, interpolation, lull, anticipation and reflection
cannot help but sing your praise and praise your song
and leave us unconditional.

"seeing you"

i am contained inside my smile
cheshire cat style
it is all of me
like a s(i)mile

i become a metaphor
though i’m not sure
quite what for

just a stand-in
for some other thing
whose wild heart’s
still singing

"sunonheads exits"

sunonhead is always happy
he thinks tummyful by the riverbank
how does he do that then is distracted
by a flash of silver just beneath the surface

somewhere in the world a monk is happy
and his song carries the river forward
follows the shadow of the sparrow
as her hair cascades down mountainsides
and rivers unfurl
into the sea

there she is thinks sunonhead
and slips beneath the silken surface
ripples radiating behind him
and flattening, smoothing into
the surface of the still lake,

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May 15, 2010 - May 15, 2011

No "I"s or Adjectives Poem


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