The Lotus Eaters


The Lotus Eaters of Homer and Tennyson were intoxicated by the fruit they consumed. As Webster's Dictionary describes it, they experienced dreamy contentment. This is a group for those who enjoy the contentment of reading creative writing, and better yet, writing it. I know, that fits everyone here. What I hope to do is provide the seeds for you to produce the fruit of. Each week I will provide a writing exercise, poetry primarily, but I think they will apply to any creative writing form. I hope you'll add the pieces that result. And the writings to add are not limited to the exercises. I also hope you'll take time to review the others posted.

Also, I would like to include a variety of exercises from the members of the group too. I realize I have certain interests, and so will tend to suggest certain subjects. So this is a solicitation for your ideas. At this point I would ask you send a message to me so I can post one a week, and you will be credited with it. This way, we will space them out at one per week. Pacing is important.

Use the forum to discuss writing too. I have some ideas of my own, of course, but would also like to read those of others. For instance, "I don't get postmodernism. Is it a bird?" (A little take-off of a Mystery Science Theater quote.)

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Boise and the surrounding bits, ID

Inspiration has to be worked for.



February 23, 2008 - May 2, 2008