Five + Kisses

Five + Kisses

A Chapter by Allison

Count them as they go.

A few weeks later, a weekend came up, and they were free of school. They had a longer play practice on that Saturday. It was time for them to practice walking around the stage and act their parts normally. Emerald was standing by Roy, observing the slightly set-up stage.
Quickly, she grabbed Roy by the arm and pulled him out into the hallway near a set of stairs. When she stopped and let go of him, she started fidgeting her fingers uncontrollably.
"What's wrong, Emerald?" Roy asked with concern on his face.
At the question, she blushed.
"I-" she hesitated.
He waited.
"I have never kissed anyone!" she broke out quickly.
Roy eyed her calmly as she looked to the ground in embarrassment. He put his hand to his chin and thought to himself. "I've never kissed anyone either."
"You're lying," Emerald retorted, looking up at him with a glare.
"I'm not."
"Are to!"
"How would you know! You saw me kissing people before?"
"I-" Emerald stopped. "No, I haven't actually."
Roy stuck his tongue out.
"But it's not like I watched you before anyway!"
Roy gave a straight face, "You never looked at me before we first met?"
"Um, no . . . I wouldn't be watching people kissing people!!"
"I never kissed anyone! I may be handsome, and girls like me, but I never kissed any of them!" he shouted silently at her. "Besides, they were all annoying," he mumbled at the end, crossing his arms angrily.
Emerald giggled, "Okay, fine! You never kissed anyone!"
"If you want to, we could kiss now before we have to do the acting kiss. It could both be our first kiss," Roy winked playfully.
Emerald stopped giggling and looked up at him with surprise. "You're kidding," she said after a pause.
"I'm not."
They stared at each other carefully.
Emerald felt herself blushing and thought she saw Roy trying to hold in his own blush.
Quickly, Roy pulled Emerald to him and kissed her on the lips.
Then they parted, both blushing.
"There . . . that's over and done with," Roy said, trying to cover his whole blushing face.
"Yeah . . . "
"Let's go back to the stage now," Roy said and changed to a quick smile.

Everyone needed in the scene were standing around on the stage. Emerald and Roy were in their spots and Ethan was chilling in a chair with a mask on his face. The blonde girl, who tried asking Roy out, is Holly and is playing Madeline for the play. 
"Go!" Cole ordered.

Elric: [Chatting calmly with the guests of the party, then looks up and sees Veronica sitting alone at a table] Who is that woman? [Points toward her]

Woman #1: [Looks] That girl? [Scoffs] She's the daughter of Mayweather, that crazy drunkard over there. [Points toward Mayweather, who is obviously drunk]

Elric: Why is she sitting alone? It's unusual for this town.

Madeline: I'm not too sure. Maybe because she never wears makeup.

Elric: [Befuddled] What does makeup have to do with talking to people?

Madeline: Who wants to talk to an ugly person? [Walks away]

Elric: I don't see her as ugly.

Woman #2: Go talk to her then. [Nudges his arm]

[Elric walks over to Veronica at the table]

Elric: Uh . . . hello, Miss.

Veronica: [Snaps out of her gaze and looks at him] Oh, hello, Count Elric. How are you this fine day?

Elric: I'm fine, thank you. May I know your name, Miss?

Veronica: [Baffled] I-I'm Veronica Mayweather.

Elric: Nice to meet you, Miss Veronica. Would you like to join my table? [Holding out his hand to her]

Veronica: [Suddenly nervous] Y-yes. [Takes his hand]

[Elric pulls her to his table, and they sit, while he chats lightly with the others at the table. Veronica is too shy and doesn't speak often.]

After this part, Cole stops them. "Okay, kids, let's skip to more important parts. That was perfect."

He makes them do part of a scene where Holly is gossiping about Emerald and acting rude to her. Then Cole made them do the first kiss scene. Emerald and Roy were less awkward now that they have already kissed once.

"Well, they aren't professional, but since when is kissing professional?" Cole thought to himself, after watching their kiss.

Ethan's part was done again, but on stage this time. They repeated the lines, and Emerald was actually acting this time. Instead of the forehead like last time, he kissed her lips. That was how it was supposed to be anyway. Emerald was glad she could slap him . . . again. She thought it was funny, but she had to keep her giggles to herself.
Then there was another scene with Roy where they had to kiss again. Emerald was starting to get used to them.

Next was the infecting scene. Ethan had to say new lines to try and convince Emerald to come with him. She refused again of course. So he forced another kiss on her. With her resisting his words and kiss, he bit her and infected her. He didn't really bite her like she and Roy thought he would. She had to go with him now, in fear that everyone would be scared of her.

Once again, they skipped scenes and went to where Roy finds her to take her back. He grabbed her. She shouted at him that she cannot go, but he forced her to go back anyway.

Lastly, they went through the scene where Holly stabbed Emerald and the fight between Ethan and Roy ensues. It was not much of a fight, more of Roy and Ethan goofing off than fighting. It gave all the cast something to laugh about for a bit. After the fight, Roy shared a victory kiss with Emerald. The rest of the cast went crazy then, because Cole announced the practice over.

"Ah! That was so fun!" Ethan said to Roy and Emerald.
"Yeah! That was an awesome fight, man!" Roy said excitedly, punching Ethan playfully.
Ethan and Roy started playfully attacking each other again as Emerald watched, giggling.
"This is what happens when we practice too much of a play in one day!" Emerald said with a grin. "By the way, Roy, you need to give your kiss," she whispered to Roy with a smirk, after they stopped messing around.
He glared at her, "Can't I just kiss you again?"
Emerald gave a gasp. "You kissed me enough!"
"He's going to have to kiss you more. Oh, and I do, too!" Ethan listened into their whispers.
Emerald sighed. "Can I make him leave?"
"Why are you asking me for permission?" Roy asked, arching an eyebrow in question.
"Right . . . "
"Make me leave?" Ethan asked with confusion.
"Yeah, please leave, Ethan," Emerald ordered.
Ethan spun around to walk away, but he stopped and turned right back around with his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. "Why did I just do that?"
Emerald and Roy stared at him in shock then to each other.

© 2012 Allison

Author's Note

Sorry, if the acting parts seem odd. I wanted to put what the play would look like in a script then just explain what other scenes they did.
Please feel free to tell me what you think!! ^^

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