Four + Ways

Four + Ways

A Chapter by Allison

Forward, Backward, Left, or Right?

"Hey, Roy, can I be the Count?" Ethan asked nonchalantly, while approaching them.
Emerald tensed with fear that they would switch.
"Don't you want to be the sexy vampire?" Roy questioned with a hint of defense to keep his position.
Ethan paused. "Hm, fine," he replied thoughtfully. "So ready to practice our lines?" he asked both of them but looked at Emerald specifically.
"Yeah," Emerald replied with the urge to say something rude but kept quiet.
"Let's go take a seat," Roy said with excitement.
Everyone in the play took a seat on the floor in a big circle. Roy looked around at the others as they sat on each side of Emerald. Emerald felt awkward with both of the popular boys beside her. She was tempted to make all the envious girls stop looking at her, but she held her power back.
They started going over their lines, while their director Cole explained what they would be doing during the play. The scene where Roy falls for Emerald was read over, and Cole pointed toward the two and said flatly, "You two are supposed to kiss after that."
Emerald slowly took in what he said. When she finally understood it, she went wide-eyed. She looked toward Roy to see if he was also shocked, but he kept his cool by nodding.
The romantic lines were quite cheesy to Roy but still sweet, while the small funny lines impressed everyone even Emerald. Emerald would laugh and cover her mouth afraid everyone will see her laughing, but everyone already noticed.
"I've never heard you laugh this loud before," Roy said, recovering from his own laughter.
"I don't like laughing this loud, because I feel dumb when I do," Emerald mumbled through her teeth.
"I think it's cute," Ethan said with a wink, while Emerald cocked her head at him with a light blush.
"Hey, watch it, vampire!" Roy said, acting defensive.
"Relax, human," Ethan chuckled, reaching around Emerald and punching Roy's shoulder playfully.
They smiled to each other, while Emerald did not understand the situation.
After reading another set of lines between other people, it was the scene where Emerald meets the vampire. When Cole mentioned how they encounter each other, Ethan moved to sit cross-legged in front of her. She looked at him calmly, trying not to show any idea of what she could be thinking through her face.
"Okay, go ahead," Cole ordered.
"Hello, Veronica," Ethan said his line using a luring voice, that pricked at Emerald's ears.
She hesitated then said her line aloud, "Who-? How do you know my name?"
"I get around. What are you doing wandering in the gardens so late?"
"I like to stroll and enjoy the beauty of the flowers and lightning bugs. Why else would I be out here?"
"To meet that Count in secret?"
"I'm not planning to meet him," Emerald huffed.
"That's good, because I wanted to meet you alone," Ethan leaned into Emerald's face like the script says.
Emerald blushed and said her line, "Why would you want to meet me? And who are you anyway?"
"I have heard people criticizing you for not being the beauty that they expected you to be. They say you do not deserve the Count. I have come to take you away from here."
"What does that even mean-?" Emerald said her line, knowing she was supposed to be cut off but not knowing that Ethan would actually cut her off.
Ethan grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him so she was leaning closer. "All you need to do is forget about everyone else. They judge you only by your appearance. Come with me, I do not judge you like they do," Ethan said this line and pulled her so fiercely, that Emerald expressed her shock with a gasp.
"Why would I go with a complete stranger?" Emerald asked, switching her expression to a glare.
"I am not so much a stranger to you than you think. You probably don't remember me anyway."
Emerald looked at Ethan to see him with an upset face. "Wow, he's good," she thought. "Well, I am sorry I forget you. Now, if you please, let me go." Emerald started to pull at his hand around her wrist, but he tightened his grip. "Why is he acting so much right now?" Emerald wondered with small panic. "Is he just showing off? I will not be used!"
"Then I guess I'll have to convince you to come with me," he murmured angrily. Ethan stretched his head toward Emerald and kissed her forehead lightly.
Emerald's face automatically turned red from intense heat to her cheeks. She heard most of the cast gasp in disbelief. One girl giggled, and Emerald looked around to see all the other girls glaring daggers at her.
Once Ethan pulled away, Emerald lost control over herself and slapped him. Noticing what she did, she gasped and held her hands in front of her mouth in horror.
"Okay! That's enough for today! You guys can go home. See you tomorrow!" Cole shouted to release the tension from the room. He stood up and left, shaking his head with a small smile.
Everyone left quickly except for Roy, Emerald, and Ethan. They were still lingering in their positions. Ethan turned his head to Emerald and smiled warmly, "Sorry."
"No, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have slapped you!" Emerald said quickly with her words falling over each other.
"Well, you are supposed to slap him in the play anyway," Roy stated calmly, shrugging.
Ethan rubbed his cheek and chin. "You're good," was all he said, before standing up and walking out of the room.
Emerald watched him and was unsure if he meant her acting or her slapping was good. Once he was far from sight, she turned to look at Roy. Roy gave her a stern look, "Why don't you just make him forget?"
"I already told you, I'm not messing with people's lives for my own wants," Emerald replied, returning his stern look with her own.
Roy shrugged with a smile. "Well, let's go somewhere to eat!" Roy grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto her feet.
"Where?" she asked.
"I don't know," he pondered. "Let's go to that Chinese restaurant in town!"
Emerald smiled brightly and said excitedly, "Okay!"
Then Roy lead the way.

"That was really cool! You guys were awesome!" Roy complimented excitedly, while they ate their delicious Chinese food.
"Pfft! I thought it was embarrassing!" Emerald said with a huff.
Roy chuckled, "Everything embarrasses you, ya silly!" He ruffled her bangs playfully.
Emerald pursed her lips together and glared through her now messed up bangs. "You're just lucky I can't control you!" She attempted to fix her bangs.
"Ha! What would you make me do if you suddenly could control me?"
Emerald thought through some ideas. "I would make you kiss Ethan!" Emerald smirked slyly.
Roy gasped, "You wouldn't!!"
"Oh, yes, I would."
"To embarrass you!"
"But you could make me do so much more than that!"
"You want me to?"
Roy stared blankly and realized what he said. "No! actually just kissing Ethan is fine!" He scratched his forehead with a smile of surrender.
"Then go kiss him!" Emerald giggled.
"You can't control me! So why would I?"
"I could make Ethan kiss you," she started giggling some more.
"You do realize you'd be embarrassing him, too?"
"Yeah, but I can always make everyone forget," she smiled evilly.
Roy smiled back, "Naughty, naughty! But wait! I would still remember!"
"That's the point: to haunt you with the memory!!"
"You are an evil witch!" he glared.
Roy started laughing, and Emerald joined in.

© 2013 Allison

Author's Note

Please, tell me what you think!! :)

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I liked it very much just like the chapters before this one.100

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thank you so much!!! ^^

8 Years Ago

Your Welcome!!! I think this is my fave book out of o=all the books I have read.
I think that you whould write another one just for your #1 fan!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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OOOOOOoooooooooooo!!! I want more writing!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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