Eight + Fight

Eight + Fight

A Chapter by Allison

Fight for what you think is right, but don't deny everyone's opinions too quickly.

Emerald and Roy walked to their homeroom to see a crowd of people surrounding something and blocking the door. Roy raised an eyebrow and walked over to look over the group of heads. Instantly, he pushed through the crowd angrily to reach whatever it was he saw. Emerald watched in curiosity and thought up reasons for what was going on. Nothing came to her mind, so she quickly followed where Roy went. She pushed through the crowd of mostly tall boys and eventually reached the end. In the front of the group was the room, but the desks and things were strewed about. Finally, Emerald saw what everyone was watching. They were all watching a fight. Why Roy rushed to get closer became clear: the fight was between a boy and Ethan.
"What's going on?" she asked Roy as she walked over to him.
"I don't know," he answered.
The boy and Ethan were standing apart, panting. Ethan had a bloody nose, while the boy's lips were split open and bleeding. The boy charged at Ethan, but Ethan grabbed his arms and stopped him. The boy head-butted Ethan in the nose, making a gruesome sound. People gasped but did nothing. Quickly, Roy ran over, threw the boy off Ethan, and lifted Ethan off his knees.
"Why are you doing this, George?!" Roy shouted to the boy.
"Ethan freaking led on my sister! Then he rejected her coldly!" George shouted back angrily.
"I did not!" Ethan shouted then grunted in pain for the effort.
"Explain what you did then!" George ordered.
"Yesterday, I was just talking to her and being nice! I was not at all trying to lead her on!" he paused to wince at his nose. "Then she asked if I liked her more than a friend, and I just said, 'No, sorry,'" Ethan said calmly. "Then she started crying and bugging me if I liked someone else, so I said yes. She got angry then and started yelling at me to tell her who it was. I just told her sorry and walked to my next class at the time."
"Yeah, right!" George retorted.
"What did she do, George? Lie to you?" Roy asked, glaring.
"Shut it, Brinzveld! He's lying!"
"Just leave, you're being unreasonable!" Emerald shouted but realized what she said and covered her mouth in shock.
"Fine," George answered dazedly and left through the crowd, who stared at him in shock that he would listen to a random girl. After he left, the crowd looked at Emerald in question, while Ethan and Roy looked at her in shock.
"Don't control now, don't control now," Emerald whispered to herself through her hand.
"Nice job, girl!" a boy behind her said, slapping her in the back softly. "He's all brawn and no brain!"
Emerald chuckled bashfully, regaining herself. "Yeah."
Roy and Ethan sighed in relief.
"Well, I'm glad that's over!" a random boy exclaimed, stretching.
The rest of the students either went back to their homerooms or were already in their homeroom and sat down.
Emerald walked over to Ethan and Roy. "Are you all right, Ethan? Do you want to go to the nurse?" she asked kindly.
Ethan let out a deep sigh. "I think I should."
Roy led Ethan to a seat and helped him in it, while Emerald grabbed a few tissues. Roy sat in a seat next to Ethan, and Emerald went to Ethan and started carefully wiping the blood off his face.
"Thanks, guys," Ethan whispered, trying to ignore the pain.
"Good thing we have a long homeroom time today. And you're lucky we teleported, or else we would have been too late," Emerald stated.
"Pft, it's not like I would have died-wait! 'Teleported'?" Ethan said with surprise.
"I teleported us here today!" Roy exclaimed, over-excited.
"Wow, so you can also teleport others. Sweet!"
"Your nose is still bleeding out," Emerald stated cautiously.
"Ah! My poor face! My nose is probably broken!" Ethan pouted.
"Then you need to go to the nurse, stupid!" Emerald shouted, pulling at his arm to stand.
Ethan grunted and closed his eyes lazily with a faint smile on his lips.
"Are you trying to sleep?" Emerald asked, getting annoyed.
"I only slept for five hours, because I knew his sister was going to make him do this. So much for trying to plan ahead," Ethan answered silently.
"So you knew this would happen, tried to plan ahead, but ended up failing anyway," Emerald replied.
"Roy, why don't you-" Emerald started to ask but saw him napping in his seat. "Well, Ethan, let's get you to the nurse."

The two walked through the school halls filled with chattering away students. Emerald was thinking and guiding Ethan to the nurse.
"What are you thinking about?" Ethan asked.
"You would like to know, huh, Mr. Mindreader?" she asked with a smirk.
"Well, you're one of the two I can't read," he stated calmly, adjusting the tissues on his nose.
"You don't want to read my mind though," Emerald said as a fact.
"Yeah, I hate reading minds, but I want to hear you say what you think."
"I'm just wondering how Roy fell asleep that quickly. So much for getting used to his teleporting," Emerald said, rolling her eyes.
"He'll probably get so used to it, that he will be able to teleport quickly from and to anywhere! Ow!" Ethan exclaimed, grunting at his nose.
Emerald giggled. "He'll have to teleport you somewhere, so you can try it."
"What if our powers get better over time?" Ethan asked quickly.
"I don't see how my powers can get any better, but yours could."
"Yeah, maybe I can talk to people through mind-reading-"
"Hey, Ethan, I heard you were really harsh to Jessica," a boy said, leaning against some lockers.
"I was not harsh. She was just being over-dramatic," Ethan stated, sighing and taking the tissues away from his face.
"George sure gave you a beating."
"Yeah, he had real fun with that," Ethan remarked sarcastically.
"You deserved it!" a girl shouted, angrily stomping toward them. She stopped in front of Ethan and glared at him. "Can't you just give me a chance?"
"A chance of what, Jessica?"
"Try dating me! Maybe you'll like me after time," she demanded.
"No, you don't understand. I like someone else, so why should I try dating you?" Ethan argued.
"You could make her jealous then, and see if she really likes you back."
"I know she doesn't like me, so it'd be useless. This is ridiculous. Why can't you go find some other guy to date?"
"Because you're handsome and extremely popular," Emerald answered out of the blue, rolling her eyes.
"He's nice, too-wait!" Jessica said. "You! You must be the girl he likes!" she shouted, pointing at Emerald fiercely.
"I don't think so-" Emerald started to say.
"Why not? You're a girl he's always hanging out with and talking to, and he kisses you a lot in the play!"
Emerald remembered her face as one of the glaring girls.
"Jessica, just leave her alone," Ethan ordered, getting annoyed.
"You're like a little girl, wanting a boyfriend like he's needed for your survival," Emerald stated strictly.
"What did you say?!" Jessica demanded.
"You heard me," Emerald said, sighing angrily. Then she saw it coming: a furious hand ready to slap her in the face. She readied herself for the impact, but it never came. When she opened her eyes and moved her arms, she saw Jessica's arm grabbed by Ethan. Emerald sucked in a surprised breath as Ethan pushed Jessica's arm back to her side.
"I told you to leave her alone. She's good, but you got on her bad side," he said with a cold glare.
"Hmph! Whatever, I'm leaving," Jessica said and ran off down the hall.
"Ugh! Why is she so annoying?!" Ethan whined, putting his tissues back on his nose.
"Like I said, 'little girl,'" Emerald answered, sighing.
"Why would you do that? Why didn't you just order her to leave? Instead, you make her have a reason to be more angry at you," Ethan rambled on at Emerald.
"I don't want to control people. I should have never met you and Roy. This is too hard," Emerald said, lowering her eyes in thought.
Ethan thought over her words. "Oh. Don't worry about it! You obviously managed to not control Jessica."
Emerald stayed silent.
"Okay, let's get to the nurse!" Ethan exclaimed, lightly pulling her hair for her to follow.
With that, Emerald gave a small smile and started to follow him.

© 2012 Allison

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Author's Note

Based on observing many over-dramatic girls. Haha!
Anyway, please tell me what you think.
Thoughts are appreciated!

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